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Team member wanted for Sydney trailwalker


Volcano Running

The Inaugural Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run to Reduce Stigma

On Thursday May 25th, at 3 a.m., I (Paul Kelley) will begin The Inaugural Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run to Reduce Stigma. Approximately 200 miles in 4 days. I will be joined by Jerry Davison and Marvin Doyle May 26th&27th as well as assorted family members and friends as I approach Chicago.

My hope is to attract high school athletes, runners, parents, teachers and other like-minded people to help raise awareness to the stigma associated with mental illness. This is a disease like any other disease but it is not treated as such by the public, insurance companies, school systems, etc…

This many times keeps people from seeking help or being denied the same access as persons with other diseases.

Your participation would improve awareness and initiate discussion about stigma and through open discussion, understanding of people with all diseases. I will be distributing information about Whitney’s Walk (, an event to be held July 29th to “support programs for depression awareness and suicide prevention.”

I do this for all the parents who know the feeling of tears welling in their eyes when they hope and pray for the child each day. I do this for all the kids who have no one who cares enough to shed a tear for them. I do this for my son Ben, who I think is courageous by going to school each day knowing that the next bully he runs into may be the one who teases him to the point that tears run down his cheeks.

God Bless Us For All Of Our Differences!

Contributions may be made to

Whitney’s Walk

c/o Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley

5407 N. University

Peoria, Illinois 61614

Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run to Reduce Stigma -

May 25th

*Begins at 3 a.m., on Campbell’s Island in the Mississippi River, and will be following Route 84 to Colona and then picking up the Hennepin Canal. Need to run this portion solo or with just 1 or 2 people due to traffic.

*Hennepin Canal for 44 miles to Route 6. Water stops at Geneseo, Mineral, Sheffield and Route 6 underpass. Welcome all who want to join. Should be on canal between approximately 5 a.m.-5-6 p.m.

*Route 6 to Princeton, Illinois Econo Lodge. Approximately 11 miles. Need to run this portion solo or with just 1 or 2 people due to traffic.

-63 miles

May 26th

*Begins at 6 a.m. on Route 6 in Princeton to Illinois & Michigan Canal in LaSalle. Approximately 27 miles. I&M Canal to Marseilles. Approx. 22 miles.

Welcome all who want to join. Should be on canal between approximately 1p.m.-5-6 p.m.

*Spend Night in Marseilles

-49 miles

May 27th

*Begins at Marseilles 6 a.m. on I&M Canal towpath. 51 miles to Lockport

Welcome all who want to join. Should be on canal between approximately

6 a.m.-5-6 p.m.

*Spend night in Lockport.

-51 miles

May 28th

*Pick up Archer Ave., in Lockport, and follow all the way to Michigan Ave. North on Michigan Ave. to Grant park and north along lake to Chicago River.

-37 miles

Anyone who runs, walks or joins in may make contributions to the Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley

For more information email

Sri Chinmoy multi-day race update


Day 8 -10 day

With only 48 hours remaining, the final outcome of the race still has a little uncertainty to it. Rimas leads with 540 miles over tough-minded competitor Trishul Cherns, who tallied 527 miles. Both men should go over the 1000km mark(621+ miles) before the race ends.Tagging along in third is Vladimir Balatsky, who ran 674 miles to lead the men for Day 8.

Nataliya Hlushchek is 13 miles head of Sarah Barnett on the distaff side. Karnayati Morison from Canada has moved into third position ever-so-slightly ahead of Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova from Russia. The white-haired Russian has had stomach problems for the last three days or so.

Day 4 - Six Day

Dipali fashioned another 70 mile day to solidify her lead overall in the Six Day race. She has 320 miles to lead all runners. Kaneenika has come within one mile of second place overall, with a solid 65 miles.

Glen Turner has assumed control of the men’s race with a 66 mile day, totalling 287 miles. Bob Oberkehr held on for second place for the men at 266 miles. It rained last night for the first time in the race, a shower lasting about two hours. Warmer weather has moved in, with highs in the 70’s, and breezes have become placid in the park that was a wind tunnel for 6 or 7 days.

Sahishnu Szczesiul

Lansing Brewer - Trans America Runner

About the Run

59 year young Lansing Brewer from Winston-Salem, N.C. will run from Washington State to the coast of N.C. ( Topsail Beach ) beginning July 4th, 2006. He is dedicating his solo run to his daughters, Rachel and Hannah and to our vets, past and present, and to those unsung heroes in life who do the little things that mean so much to our communities. He will be speaking about this in various communities along his route. This is Lansing's second Trans-Am run. along his first route he stopped and played piano in many cities for retirement communtities and assisted living/alzheimers residents. If you would like Lansing to come and speak/play piano please contact him and leave your phone number, address and the date you would like him to speak. You can contact him at

Selling Rucky Chucky 50K entry at a discount

I'm selling my Rucky Chucky 50K entry at a discount of $35 (current price is
$70). The race is June 10 on the Western States Course. Please contact me if
you are interested.

Terri Schneider

_www.terrischneider.net_ (

p.o. box 1826

aptos, ca 95001

office: 831.662.3993

mobile: 831.247.0239

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Sugar and Spice 10 Junn

Sugar & Spice - 10 June

   There are seven runners signed up so far, and several others who plan on being there. Hoping to see many of you for the second running. It should be fun!

Herb (settling into our new home) Hedgecock

2006 TransUSA crossings

2006 Trans-USA crossings

For all your Trans-USA running needs...

2006 Crossings Compilation map:

2006 Individual information:

Tom Walsh (5/15/06; San Diego, CA-Van Buren,
ME, 3,280-3,600 miles)

Daniel P. Isaacson (6/1/06; Portland, OR-NYC,
NY; 2,950 miles)

Paul Staso (6/23/06; Cannon Beach, OR-Lewes, DE;
3,200 miles)

Christian S. McEvoy (7/1/06; San Francisco,
CA-Narragansett, RI; 3,500 miles)

Lansing Brewer (7/4/06; Westport,
WA-Topsail Beach, NC; 3,000+ miles)

Updated Trans-USA crossers with Andrew Skurka (C2C, 7778mi) and Lansing
Brewer (2nd crossing starts 7/4):

John Wallace III

Lake Youngs Ultra

Lake Youngs Ultra in Renton, Washington

If you have not heard about this race, check out our
website @

This race would make for a great training run for
Western States 100 or the White River 50, while still
earning points toward the Trailrunner Trophy Series.

We just secured a massage therapist for after the
race.  She's charging $15 for 15 minutes, and $5 of that goes
to charity.  She has also given us a gift certificate
for a free 1 hour massage, which will be added to our
huge pile of giveaways.  Right now I think I have more
gifts than runners.


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Fatman almost in New York

From website:

Want to walk to NYC with Steve?

This is a general message to everyone that has expressed interest in walking with me into New York City.

If you are interested in walking with me into the city here are the details.

I will be crossing into New York from New Jersey on the George Washington Bridge, May 8th. Because of traffic and safety concerns I will terminate the walk to New York at the Manhattan end of the GWB where there will be a press conference. I will be staying in Manhattan that night and the next morning I will appear on The Today show for the first post walk interview.

If you are planning to walk into NYC please make sure to confirm this by email and I will let you know the time to be there. It is important that I have an idea of the number so that the proper authorities are notified in advance.

Media requests, please call Melinda Cataldo at 330-280-7104

Report from Abichal on New York races

The Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 day races are in full swing and the park is humming. In the 10 day, Rimas is keeping his nose in front of Trishul giving the experienced Canadian hope of an elusive victory in the 10 day. Rimas is still dealing with a knee injury but he is a tough cookie.In the ladies race, Australian Sarah Barnett has closed the gap on last years champion Nataliya Hlushchuk who is averaging over 64 a day. Both runners have made significant improvements on their 2005 performances.

In the 6 day Dipali began the race feeling 100 % for the first time in a few years and has established an overall lead in the race. Bob Oberkehr, also up on last years race, has a little cushion on Mark and Glen Turner.

Walhalla Wound Up

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Zane Grey 50

The results are posted for the 2006 Zane Grey Highline 50 Mile Endurance Run at, _www.zanegrey50.com_ (

Four-year-old boy runs 65km

From correspondents in Bhubaneswar, India03may06

CHEERED by thousands, a four-year-old boy dubbed "India's Forrest Gump" who was nearly sold by his impoverished mother ran 65km to enter the country's foremost record book.Budhia Singh, a slum resident from the eastern state of Orissa whose talent was discovered by a local sports coach, was escorted by doctors and 300 cadets of the Central Reserve Police Force, which plans to sponsor his upbringing.

Budhia had planned to run 70km but doctors stopped him after 65km when he showed signs of extreme exhaustion.

Officials of Limca Book of Records, India's best-known record book, witnessed the run and said it would be included in its 2007 edition, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

"Budhia Singh completed the distance in seven hours and two minutes which is an Indian record. This is perhaps a world record too. No other kid at his age has completed a distance of 65km at one go," said his coach, Biranchi Das.

Zane Grey 50 Report

Zane Grey 50 Report

I enjoyed running the Zane Grey 50 on Saturday.
You can read my report at:=20

Davy Crockett
Saratoga Spring, UT

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bull Run Run Story

Bull Run Run Story

My report on this year's Bull Run Run can be found should one be interested at the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club address below.

Happy Trails,
John Prohira

Cosumnes River College 24hr

Cosumnes River College 24 Hour,


I just got back from Norm Klein's new 24-hour
track run at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento.
The race is run on a nice quarter-mile dirt and decomposed
granite track, with burrowing owls flying around for
entertainment much of the race.

It was a fun weekend, and there were several notable
performances.  Conditions were pretty good (low clouds,
cool and windy Saturday morning, probably mid-80's in
the afternoon, 50's or so at night, with a nice clear
Sunday morning finish.)  A lot of people suffered some
from the heat, since the area and most of California
hasn't really warmed up yet this year.  More in a race=20
report later from me (volunteer lap counter) or someone=20
else there, but I wanted to post the preliminary results. =20
Women's results are noted with a * next to the person's name.

Cosumnes River College 24-Hour Track Run

Place  Name, Age, State           Distance (miles)
  1    Charles Blakeney,43,CA     112.00
  2    Relay - CRC,,CA           110.00(1)
  3    Ron Hamilton,60,CA         108.25
  4    Arthur Smith,33,CA         100.25
  5    Gasper Pulizzi,66,CA        96.00
  6   *Nancy Warren,40,CA          94.50
  7    Relay - Gene Weddle,61,CA=20
       and *Famida Hannif-Weddle   94.25(2)
  8   *Eldrith Gosney,64,CA        94.00
  9    Roger Jensen,46,CA          86.00
10    Scott Browar,53,CA          83.50
11    Ron Vertrees,69,CA          81.00
12   *Jean Suyenaga,39,CA         80.75
13    Steve Teal,40,CA            77.25
14    Thomas Collins,43,CA        73.50
15    Stephen Elliott,43,CA       73.25
16    Ray Piva,79,CA              72.50
17   *Gillian Robinson,39,CA      68.00
18   *Lucinda Fisher,64,CA        66.75
19    Dan Marinsik,40,CA          66.25
20    Bill Dickey,66,CA           62.75

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Comments on Wilson's Promontory Ultras 2006

CoolRunning Messageboards: Wilson's Promontory Ultras 2006

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team - 10 Day Race Day 4

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team - 10 Day Race Day 4

Crowders Mountain Results

Crowders Mountain Results

They came, they ran, they all finished.  22 starters, 22 finishers.
Three no shows, and a race director that got sick leaving Ray K as a last minute replacement co-director to Sam Baucom's great prep (along with Sam's wife Bobbi) The race went off in honor of founder Claude Sinclair, and a great time was had by all, or almost all, or something like that.

Crowders Mountain Results
April 29, 2006

1.   Brian Kistner         4:40:16
2.   Chris Cowart          5:03:59
3.   Richard Lilly         5:05:35
4.   Jonathan Savage       5:08:04
5.   Byron Backer          5:14:30
6.   John Cole             6:03:04
7.   Scott McColloch       6:05:03
8.   Denise Davis          6:05:40 First female
9.   Mike Brannon          6:09:11
10.  Tony Rouse            6:28:01
11.  Travis Cowan          6:31:54
12.  Brian Beduhn          6:37:11
13.  Phillip Webster       6:39:43
14.  Susan Dumar           7:03:28 Second female
15.  Fred Dumar            7:03:29
16.  Larry Hyde            7:04:37
17.  Bill Keane            7:04:38
18.  John Bradley          7:07:11
19.  Keith Wood            7:33:45
20.  Lynn Difiore          7:45:30  Third female
21.  Eric Steen            7:58:34
22.  Don Jans              9:17:16

Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf

Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf

During the period 7-14th April 2006 I participated in the 1st edition of the Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf (, a stage-run (8 days) for charity (Duchenne muscle-disease, over the Rheinsteig-hiking-trail ( between Bonn and Wiesbaden (Germany). There were 12 runners for the whole distance and some 40 others ran shorter sections. The running was done group-wise, uphill walking, downhill and flat running. On the way we took our time to look around and enjoy the landscape. The weather was pleasant for running. Most nights we stayed in hotels. The 8 stages:
7th April 2006, Bonn-Unkel, 48 km and +1574 m.
8th April 2006, Unkel-Neuwied, 51 km and +1743 m.
9th April 2006, Neuwied-Koblenz, 52 km and +1780 m.
10th April 2006, Koblenz-Filsen, 37 km and +1360 m.
11th April 2006, Filsen-Loreley, 33 km and +1460 m.
12th April 2006, Loreley-Assmannshausen, 46 km and +1454 m.
13th April 2006, Assmannshausen-Kiedrich, 37 km and +1030 m.
14th April 2006, Kiedrich-Wiesbaden, 35 km and +660 m.
The final amount to be donated to charity was Euro 4910.00. Next year there
will be a 2nd edition of this event. If interested, I suggest you to keep
an eye on the German ultra-calendar for 2007. I also wrote a more
substantial report in Dutch (


Bram van der Bijl

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sri Chinmoy 6-10 day race update

From the web site:

Would you believe in small miracles? Rimas Jakelaitis, after taking a 10+ hour hiatus from the race with a badly sore knee, returned Friday and plugged on anew. He ran 102 miles to climb atop the ladder in the Ten Day race again, running throuhout the night without any more pain. Rimas reached 225 miles.
Trishul Cherns ran another consistent, solid, 70 mile day to remain in second with 214 miles. Vladimir Balatsky has now moved into third place at 201 miles.
Nataliya Hluschek continues to impress with a three day total of 212 miles. Sarah Barnett from Australia moved ahead of Pratishruti into second place with 190 miles. The elder Russian remains four miles behind her. A logjam remains at fifth place as three ladies - Karnayati Morison, Stela Doni, and Silva Stradalova are all tied. The cool, crisp, dry air should remain another day or so.

Sahishnu Szczesiul


Virginia 24hr Run - for cancer

3rd Annual Cancer Relay Virginia 24-Hour Run


The 2006 edition of the Virginia Cancer Relay 24-hour run was held at Sandy  Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, Virginia on 22-23 April.  For the 3rd year in  a row it was a great success, exceeding all expectations.  The number of individual ultrarunners and relay teams doubled compared to 2005.  We had 24 ultrarunners and 8 relay teams, making a combined total of almost 120 runners.  Seventeen of the relay team runners ran 30 or more miles to qualify as ultrarunners as well.  As of this writing, almost $4000 has been raised, with an expectation of more coming in to reach $5000.  Three runners ran over 100 miles, seven did 75 or more miles, and 18 covered at least 50 miles.

Many great stories emerged from this year’s event.  The winner was Dustin Groff, a young Army soldier who deployed to Iraq a week later.  He finished with 110.75 miles, a new course record by two miles.  Both his parents were there the entire 24 hours supporting him, and another runner joined him at the 12-hour point to pace him the rest of the way.  The second place finisher, Grant Salisbury, took off at a blistering pace, doing over 60 miles at the 12-hour point and 90 miles by 19 hours.  But he took too long of a “middle of the night rest” and let Dustin catch him, before recovering.

  Third place finisher David Huffman ran a smart, slow and steady pace all day long never seeming to be bothered by anything.  The father-son “team” of Lawrence and Samuel Skalak both achieved 75 miles.  It was not clear who had bragging rights as the son finished two hours before the father but immediately stopped.  David Snipes first ran the Promised Land 50K in the morning, drove 4 ½ hours to the race, and then ran another 50 miles with us.

  He got credit for 81.25 miles.  Kimberly Coleman ran 30 miles and then “quit.”  But after going home, cleaning up, watching TV, and trying to sleep, she came back and ran another 20 miles for her first ever 50 mile achievement.  Layne Reibel flew up from Florida and covered 30 miles with a knee brace on the entire time.  She was in the process of doing an ultra in all 50 states plus D.C.  Many of the runners set personal records for the number of miles they had ever run.  Most said they had a good time and hoped to return next year.  Several relay team runners indicated they would probably be back as individual ultrarunners next time.

The weather made it all the more challenging.  It was cloudy and very humid with temps in the low 70s from the start until 3:30 pm.  Then it rained hard for about 1 1/2 hours, putting a damper on many runners’ enthusiasm.  Luckily, from about 5:00 pm until the finish no more rain came down and it cooled off into the low 60s.  As always the support of the Sandy Bottom Nature Park staff was outstanding at all times, and the Peninsula Track Club volunteers who kept track of runners’ mileage were critical to our great success.

George Nelsen
Race Director

Comrades Legend passes away

South African distance running icon Wally Hayward passed away on Friday 28th April, 2006 at the age of 97. Over a 60 year athletic career Wally (Wallace Henry) Hayward became a hero not only of the South African public, but also of athletics aficionado's throughout the world.

Wally attributed his introduction to running to the gold rush years when he was employed to sprint to peg out the claims on behalf of prospectors. It began as a way of putting a few shillings on to the family table but lead to a deep-seated passion for the sport.

This speed for securing the best plots was reflected first on the track and later on South Africa's roads. Although best known in South Africa for his association with the Comrades marathon, he was as adept in the shorter events where he earned national titles in all distances from 3 miles (4.8km) to the marathon.

His debut to Comrades (1930) came at an age of 21 where he became one of the youngest winners, recording a time of 7hours 27 minutes. A return to shorter distances, and active service in North Africa during World War 11, took him out of ultra events for a 20 year period. To Wally, if it was worth doing, it was worth doing well and not surprisingly he was decorated for his war year service

On his return to Comrades in 1950 the 41 year old won in 6 hours 46 minutes, and went on to make it a hat-trick of wins in 1951, setting a new record of 6 hours 14 minutes for the down run.

In 1952 Wally represented South Africa at the Helsinki Olympics in the
marathon, preventing his participation in Comrades, but he returned the
following year, not only to become the first athlete to break 6 hours, but then to record a series of achievements that would stand for years.

In late 1953 Wally went to England where he set a new record for the London to Brighton (approx 90km) race, and then took a World Record breaking 12 hours 26 minutes for the 100miles from The Bear pub on Bath Rd into Hyde Park Corner in London. Yet again under the guidance of the great Arthur Newton, Wally lined up at Motspur Park just a few weeks later, for a 24 hours race where, against the top British ultra runners, Wally set a new 24 hour world record, at the age of 45. Although this open record stood for years, the standard of his run can best be adjudged by the age group record that lasted over 5 decades, eventually being beaten by a small margin by Scot Don Ritchie. Wally was awarded the Helm's Foundation Award for the Outstanding Sportsman of the Year for the African Continent.

His success in these three record-breaking runs was marred by the 1954
decision of the South African Athletic and Cycling Association who declared him a professional for allegedly accepting contributions towards the considerable expenses incurred in competing in England. This ban on participating in athletics lasted 20 years until 1974. There is little doubt that had Wally been able to compete he would have made further impression on world marks in the ultra-distances. This was not only Wally's loss, but a loss to world athletics.

His fifth win in the 1954 Comrades was his final major race prior to the
expenses controversy, and there is little doubt that additional wins would have been on the cards if he had not been banned.

The talent and determination of Wally Hayward's was exemplified in 1988 when he returned to the Durban to Pietermaritzburg road for the sixth time and at the age of 79 beat over half of the field to finish Comrades in 9 hours 44 minutes. One year later the country watched in awe as the octogenarian crossed the finish line in 10 hours 58 minutes and 3 seconds, beating the then 11 hour cut-off.

Each year Wally could be seen at the side of the Korkie 56km route giving his trademark thumbs up and encouraging runners as they passed by. He became a traditional figure at the end of Comrades awarding the cherished green number to those who had completed their 10th run.

In one of those thought provoking twists of timing his passing, has come in a week when it has been announced that the London to Brighton race will no longer be run, and only four days prior to the annual Wally Hayward races (10km, 21km, 42.2), which will be held on Monday May 1 in Gauteng.

Wally was a motivation and inspiration to many runners, he was a legend in his own lifetime and his story will continue to encourage and motivate future runners and Comrades. Born and competing before the emergence of electronic media, the enormity of Wally's achievements was to some extent short-changed. In recent years the exploits and life of Wally Hayward was captured in a biography - Just Call Me Wally (Penprint)

World wide the names of Don Ritchie, Bruce Fordyce, Yiannos Kouros and Wally Hayward head the list in any discussion of the greatest ultra-runners of all time, but for versatility of distance, for longevity and taking account of the 20 year loss due to a controversial banning, Wally Hayward was the greatest of them all.


Received from Ian Champion

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