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Newspaper article about the Susitna 100

Newspaper article on Anne Riddle Lundblad

Podcast interviews with Carpenter and Jurek

Matt Carpenter and Scott Jurek

Canberra 3 day Ultra Tri - Next weekend

Aust races in February and 2005 Points Race results

Roy pIrRUNg - Icing works

Roy pIrRUNg column: When it comes to sports injuries, icing works =

January 27, 2006

If you have ever been to the beaches along Lake Michigan on New Year's Day, you have probably heard the chant of local Polar Bear club members prior to taking the plunge.

"It's not cold enough!" is heard by spectators bundled up, trying to
stay warm, as skimpily clad revelers run into the frigid waters in an
attempt to celebrate the New Year.

Some of us wonder about the sanity of this ritual.

I think I finally have it figured out=97mostly.

As you know, ice is a treatment for injury that reduces inflammation.
In fact, it is one of the most important treatments in an array of
medical methods.

This simple tool, used to reduce swelling, is also one of the simplest methods, not to mention cheapest.

Following an injury, icing the injured body part is your first line of defense and the quickest means to promote healing.

While jumping or at least gently immersing your body into a hot tub
may feel nice, it will not promote healing.

Heat actually will increase the swelling and bleeding associated with
your injury.

However, cold, and more specifically ice, will penetrate the skin and
fat barriers that protect your muscles, tendons and ligaments and
effectively reduce the swelling and bleeding caused by your injury.

Ice works by significantly reducing blood flow to the area you are
applying the ice treatment to.

Blood will be shunted from the area and you will be able to see the
effects of the ice application with the area being treated turning
white because of the decreased blood flow.

The blood supply will increase after several minutes of icing when
your body realizes it has more than enough warmth and, to stave off a
frozen body part, will increase the blood flow to the affected area.

Now, with the increased blood flow to the body part, the body pumps in nutrients and will flush out waste products created by the injury.

You will know this is occurring as your skin begins to turn red when
the blood flow rises to adequate levels in reaction to the stimulation created with ice applications.

Icing can be done several times daily, with applications ranging from
15 to 20 minutes each.

The most important application is the one you do immediately following your injury.

Timing is everything when it comes to a positive response to icing.
The longer you delay treatment the more inflammation will occur.

If the injury allows you to continue your exercise routine without too much pain, continue to ice after your sessions.

Do not ice prior to exercise, as an ice treatment will act as an
anesthetic, thereby reducing your body's alarm system, indicating
further pain. That could allow you to run through an injury, causing
further damage.

One of the most convenient means of performing a treatment is to pack
a towel with ice. Simply wrap the towel around the injured area.

For smaller areas it is recommended that you massage the area using
ice. Place Styrofoam cups filled with water in the freezer. Once
frozen, apply, and peel back portions of the cup as the ice melts.
These cups allow you to hold the ice while the insulated cup protects
your hand from the cold.

Some experts do not recommend ice packs that are usually called "blue =

One reason for this is that they may be too cold and cause a "burning" sensation or possible skin or nerve damage.

The commercial packs may also lose their effect in 5 to 10 minutes,
cutting the required time for effective treatment.

And now, you too know why "Polar Bears" don't use "blue ice"=97it's not cold enough. Hence, the plunge!

Although the "Bears" don't seem to be in too much pain, I do wonder
how so many were injured.

Montrail Footwear sold

Published January 26, 2006 by the Puget Sound Business Journal

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Kuts Run series

Hey all,

     March 25, June 10, and Nov 11 are fast approaching.
Only have about 20 entries for KUTS (March 25):
so might be a few short of the 100 suggested limit.
Sugar & Spice (June 10) for the women still has no entries
and should be small and special again:
Got the first entry for Arches (Nov 11) without officially
announcing the run. Expect there will be 70 (cutoff) by
this summer:

     If you've never run any of these ultras I host,
then KUTS has 30ish and 50ish mile options (best guesstimates
of the distances), probably will be on muddy trails, each year
the course changes, trying to make this one the muddiest this
time, noone sets a PR here. Sugar & Spice is only for women,
so I'm sexist; get over it, it was wonderfully fun last year.
Then there is Arches, would you like to get lost, run about
34 miles, see some of the most spectacular part of KY, have
frog legs at the buffet the night before, and more. Don't
come to any of these runs to race. Everybody gets the same
for running. The chance to run and experience here.
     I host all of these runs and have a financial interest
in them that breaking even and any extra is donated for some
cause. You're running helps. You might enjoy these "runs"

Always KY Bluegrass (we don't smoke it),

Ancient Oak lap splits

Ancient Oaks 100 lap split times are posted here.

Pam Reed -In the News

Arun Bhardwaij - 1000km solo attempt

Hi all friends of Arun,
Arun has completed 250 Kms at 1.00 AM on 27th January, 2006.

The following is the latest information about the race of Arun
25th Jaunary, 2005 at 5.50 PM he has completed 150 KM.
26th January, 2005 at 8.40 PM he has completed 200 Kms
Now on 27th Jaunary, at 1.00 AM , he has completed 250 Kms.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Arun Bhardwaj's 1000km Run

Arun has started running at 2.00 PM on 24th January, 2005
He has completed 135 Km in 24 hours. He is just 40 Km away from Moradabad (UP).

Zane Grey 50 mile

The ZANE GREY HIGHLINE 50 Miler is a great one
for those of you running an early summer 100.
Enter now at:
_www.zanegrey50.com_ (

Bob Redwanc, RD
Zane Grey

John Dick 50K -4 Feb 06

FYI for those in the Midwest. The John "Crusty" Dick 50K is
scheduled for Saturday, February 4 in Wisconsin's Southern Kettle
Moraine, just a few miles from Eagle (between Madison and Milwaukee,
sort of).

It is a very low-key, inexpensive run. The course is generally --
BUT NOT ALWAYS -- done on snowmobile trails. The route is often
decided on just days before the race to take weather and trail
conditions into consideration. Usually the course is looped so you
can opt for a shorter run if you desire.

If you are interested, a form and other info are on the Badgerland
Striders website:

Irish team for World 24hr announced

Irish team for World 24 hour championships in Taiwan:

  Richard Donovan
  Eoin Keith
  Martin Rea
  Tony Mangan.

Posted by Tony Mangan

Antartic Ice marathon

Ice marathon
Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k Completed

Posted by Tony Mangan

11 January 2006 - Clear blue skies, sand-type snow conditions, and katabatic  wind gusts of up to 45 knots greeted competitors in the inaugural Antarctic  Ice Marathon held on January 7th. The 26.2-mile marathon is the only one  held within the Antarctic Circle and took place at an altitude of over 3,000 feet in the scenic foothills of the Ellsworth mountains at 80 degrees south.

Running under a sun that nevers sets at this time of year, Evgeniy Gorkov (RUS) took a commanding lead over the field from the outset. However, John O´Regan (IRL) and Steven Seaton (GBR) worked together over the initial half-marathon and O´Regan eventually succeeded in narrowing the gap to only 4 minutes with six miles remaining. But Gorkov, winner of the Gobi March desert race in 2005, found greater strength in the latter stages and pulled further away in the hushed indomitable surroundings to win in a time of 5.09.38. O´Regan took the runner-up spot with Seaton rounding off the top three.

Scotland´s Wendy MacKinnon was first lady home in a time of 6:33:30 followed by Stevie Matthews in second place.

The marathon race was followed by the frozen continent´s first ever 100km (62.1-miles) event the following day. Poor visibility for the first half gave way to improved conditions and Richard Donovan of Ireland completed the run alone in a time of 15:43:55 hrs. Like the marathon competitors, Donovan negotiated the difficult terrain in a pair of trail running shoes and was covered from head to toe with layers of clothing to protect against the elements. The race distance represented almost 10% of the distance to the South Pole.

The races were organised by Polar Running Adventures, organisers of the annual North Pole Marathon and expertly supported by Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions. The overall first place finishers of the marathon and 100km were rewarded for their efforts with spectacular Polar Surveyor watches from Kobold Watch Co. The second operation of the event is already scheduled for December 10th 2006 and details can be found at the official race website

The complete results are:

Evgeniy Gorkov (RUS)        5:09:38
John O'Regan (IRL)          5:16:31
Steven Seaton (ENG)         5:39:35
Mark Tointon (ENG)          5:43:38
Wendy MacKinnon (SCO)       6:33:30
Stephen Cushing (ENG)       6:41:06
Stevie Matthews (ENG)       6:51:04
Diarmuid Smyth (IRL)        6:54:27
Mike Pierce (USA)           7:10:50

Richard Donovan (IRL)       15.43.55

Race Website -
Race Director - Richard Donovan

World Ultra News Links

I now have sixty one links to do with ultra running and walking on this front page. I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. I would like to add a lot more. If you know any please can you send to my email address or post a comment on this item. There will get to a time when I will have to tidy this up and perhaps use my old Ultraoz links page, but that will come!

Hill Country Trail Runners

Alberta Ultra Series

Races in 2006 will be:
  1. February 4, 2006 Frozen Ass Fifty (52km)

  2. May 27, 2006 Blackfoot Ultra Marathon (100 km, 50 M, 50 km)

  3. June 24, 2006 Hot Ass Fifty (52km)

  4. August 5, 2006 Canadian Death Race (125km)

  5. August 12, 2006 Cross Calgary Ultra (60km)

  6. September 8-9, 2006 Lost Soul (53/100/160km)

San Diego Ultra Running Friends

San Diego Ultra Running Friends (S.U.R.F.) is a group of long distance runners who live in San Diego county, train together, go to races together, and generally have all sorts of fun/adventures. Club members meet at scheduled training sessions on weekdays and weekends and travel to races together.

More information about them at:

Vulture Bait Trail Race

Changes to Western States Course

The changes can be seen on the
WS100 website here:

Here's a description of the course changes from the website:

1.  One mile has been removed from the route of the climb from Squaw
Valley to the Escarpment Aid Station.

2.  After arriving at the Red Star Aid Station, runners will cross the Forest Service Road and continue along the spine of Red Star Ridge. The distance from Red Star to Robinson Flat using the Duncan Canyon route is 13.7 miles. With a difference of 6.1 miles, the mid-pack runner will arrive at Robinson Flat approximately 90 minutes later than last year. You will climb 2,823 feet and descend 2,458 feet using the new route, for a total gain of 365 feet.

3.  The Duncan Canyon aid station will be back in operation for 2006.
It is 7.8 miles from Red Star to the Duncan Canyon aid station and
another 5.9 miles to Robinson Flat.

4.  Upon departing the Robinson Flat aid station, you will climb a new trail to the top of Little Bald Mountain and down the other side to a new aid station, Sierra View Mine. This single-track trail avoids the use of fire roads and presents some stunning views along the way. The trail distance from Robinson Flat to Sierra View Aid Station is 4.7 miles. You will climb 850 feet and descend about 1100 feet using this section of trail.

5.  After leaving the Sierra View Aid Station,you will follow a Forest Service road (FR 43) for 7/10 miles before turning right onto a single-track trail for the remaining 2.9 miles to Dusty Corners. There, the trail rejoins the WS course leading past Pucker Point and onward to the Last Chance Aid Station. When you arrive at Dusty Corners Aid Station, you will have completed all of the 2006 mileage adjustments.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M

Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M

and yes, 100M Registration Now Available

Just a quick note to let those who might be interested to know that
registration for the 2006 Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M and new this year; 100M Endurance Runs is now available.

We received the final "go ahead" this afternoon from the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Parks that we can add the 100-mile distance to our existing event. Our planned 100-mile course will be a double loop of the existing 50-mile course(yes that means you'll have to do the infamous Red House loop twice!).

Start time for the 100-mile event will be 5AM on Saturday morning, July 15th.  There will be a 35 hour cut-off (4PM) at the finish line on Sunday afternoon.

We have been able to increase our event limit to 400 participants combined for all distances. 125 slots (at minimum) are reserved for the 100-mile event until June 17th, 2006. After that date any remaining openings will be first-come, first-served regardless of distance.

Thank you for your patience as we'll be working hard over the next few days to update our event web site with the most up-to-date information. A printable registration form will be available within the next day or two but in the meantime those interested can register online through at:

We're looking forward to hosting many of you at what could become one of the most beautiful 100-mile trail runs in the U.S.

Please feel free to email off list or call if you have questions.

David Cotter
Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M Endurance Runs
"A Glimpse of Heaven, a Taste of Hell" (or should I say "A Double Dose of Hell!)

Kungsleden 450km Race - Sweden

...a 450km non stop race along the classic Swedish hiking
trail "Kungsleden" next summer (or The Kings Trail, see 5.html) which might be of interest for all of you ultra runners!

You need to be self-sufficient, but food is available in every other hut or about every 30 km on the northern half. Water is all over the place and need no purification. Boat shuttles (or rowing boats) at several places.


Kungsleden Running Extreme Adventure Marathon (KREAM), is an extreme
running race which goes along the well-known trail "Kungsleden" all the way from Hemavan to Abisko in the far north of Sweden totally 450 km.

KREAM is the longest and toughest race in Sweden. With its 450 km thru the Swedish highlands you are guaranteed both loads of altitude running and spectacular views.

Who can enter? The race is open to anyone who so wishes but! IT IS AN

The racetime is limited to 10 days or 240 hours, an average of 45 km per day (slightly longer than a marathon and in tough terrain.)

Needless to say that participation without adequate training can and will lead to injuries for witch the organizers can't be held liable.

Kungsleden is mostly easily accessed with very varying surroundings. The running surface changes from nice smooth trails, rocky stages to even more rocky stages. In addition there are plenty of small bridges and some of the way you need to go by boat. Of course you can expect lots of uphill running but if its any consolation you will get almost as much downhill.Along the well marked trail there is little distance between huts and resting areas and the access to water is good. The first half has no huts and very few backpackers.

WHEN? The start will take place at  00:00 (midnight) the 4th of July 2006
and  finish no later than the July 14 11.59pm.

WHERE? From Hemavan to Abisko in the north of Sweden.

HOW? Running/trekking along the Kungsleden (The King's Trail). Three
classes, MEN, WOMEN, AND RELAY 5 runner per team runs 70 - 110 km each.

TIME/DISTANCE? max 10 days / 450 km

WEATHER AND CONDITIONS?  The race runs during the last days of midnight
sun which means that you won't need a flashlight. Any weather could be
possible including snow.

Registration fee: MEN and WOMEN 4000sek (about $500),    RELAY 7500sek
(about $950)

homepage: (will be available in English by December)

Questions e-mail me at

Seattle (Snohomish County) trails booklet

Seattle (Snohomish County) trails booklet

Probably shouldn't tell too many people...

Craig Romano of Seattle has authored a great booklet
title:  "Hiking Snohomish County"

It's about "20 Great Hikes" available (free) through
Snohomish County Tourism Bureau 800-338-0976

Web site:

You can order it online--over on the left somewhere.

Just the pictures will get you out the door--until you
think about how much snow is out (up) there now.

Run gently out there.

John M.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lukhwareni & Others Suspended For Two Years

From David Monti
© 2005 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved
By Riel Hauman
The four South African athletes from the Harmony Gold Athletics Club who tested positive for 19-Norandrosterone in 2005 have all been suspended for two years. Athletics South Africa announced that the four runners, Azwindini (Gladys) Lukhwareni, Edward Kgosimang, Merriam Mooki and Maxwell Zungu, have been found guilty by its discplinary committee, who considered the evidence against the athletes on January 13.
Lukhwareni, 25, was tested at the Cape Town leg of the Spar 10 km Series on September 4 –-a race she won in 32:21.45 seconds better than her previous best. The time, if allowed, would have placed her fourth on the all-time list behind Elana Meyer, Colleen de Reuck and Zola Pieterse.
The suspension means that Lukhwareni, who had admitted taking the drug before the final hearing, will not be able to run in the Two Oceans ultramarathon over Easter – a race in which she finished third and fourth for the last two years (first South African on both occasions).
The other three runners were tested out of competition, Kgosimang on October 5 and Mooki and Zungu both on September 29.
Kgosimang won the Cape Town Marathon on September 11 on his debut in 2:16:06 –-the fastest time in South Africa (on a standard course) for the year. Mooki won the Capital Classic Half Marathon in 86:36 on October 15, while Zungu finished fourth in the Linz Marathon in Austria in April, running 2:21:21.
ASA said in a statement that, should the athletes wish to return to competition after their two-year period of ineligibility, according to the IAAF rules they must make themselves available for out-of-competition testing at any time during the period of ineligibility. The athletes will be required to take a minimum of three such tests, with at least four months between each test. A final test for the full range of prohibited substances will then be conducted immediately prior to the end of the suspension period, according to the statement.

South African Angelina Sephooa Dead At 30

South African Angelina Sephooa Dead At 30
From David Monti
© 2005 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved
By Riel Hauman
Angelina Sephooa, one of Africa's best female ultramarathon runners, died yesterday (Sunday) at the age of 30 in her home country of Lesotho. Sephooa was one of only two women, and the most recent athlete, to score three consecutive victories in the Old Mutual Two Oceans ultramarathon.
According to a family friend, the runner died suddenly and the cause of death has not been determined. She had been struggling with health problems in the course of the past two years, but was training again and said recently that she "wanted to surprise everyone" in the Two Oceans this year, a 56 km race in Cape Town.
Sephooa was born Angelina Pitso on May 25, 1975 and won the Two Oceans in 1997 under her maiden name. The next year she returned after marrying Percy Sephooa, won again and then scored her hat trick in 1999. Only two other runners have achieved this feat: Siphiwe Gqele in 1983-1985 and Monica Drögemöller –-the only runner ever to win four times-– in 1990-1992.
Sephooa had a marathon career best time of 2:40:45, set in 1999 when she was second in the South African Marathon Championship. Her 1999 Two Oceans time of 3:38:09 is still the fifth fastest in the history of the event.
She returned to the Two Oceans in 2003 to finish seventh, while she placed sixth in 2004. Later that year she started complaining of chest pains, but planned to run the Two Oceans in 2005. However, she became ill again and was hospitalised. Tests could not find anything wrong, so she resumed training.
Her last major marathon was the 2004 Mumbai Marathon, in which she placed sixth in 2:52:20. The previous year she had been third in Stockholm in 2:43:28, second in the Soweto Marathon and second in the City to City 50 km (3:24:02). She was 11th in the 2002 Commonwealth Games Marathon and won the South African Marathon title in 1998, the same year in which she was also first the Soweto Marathon.
Sephooa is survived by her husband and an 8-year-old son, Tsepo.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs

The Lost Soul Ultra

September 8-9 2006-01-24

Taken from the web site:

Don't be fooled by them flat lands in Southern Alberta, cause we found a place that'll take care of every flat related word you'd ever thought of ...many a day ago (about 10,000 years to be exact) a great valley was carved right through the heart of the south. And it's in this valley where you are going to experience the toughest prairie ultra this side of them Rocky Mountains! Be prepared for 300' climbs (ya lots of em), cactus, snakes and all sorts of critters - and most of all be prepared for the challenge of your life.

Hagg Lake Trail Run

From the web site:

Welcome to the Hagg Lake Trail run!
Saturday, 25 February 2006
This early season trail run is the kickoff event for the Oregon Trail Ultramarathon Race Series. With a February race date, Hagg Lake doesn't offer the same spectacular scenery as some of the summer alpine runs. What we do try and offer is a fun, well organized, low-key trail run. We also probably offer more mud than any other course in Oregon (ask anyone who ran this race in the past). Hopefully this run will be a chance to run with some friends and see how you stack up in the pack for your trail running season

Antelope Island run

Antelope Island run

A few weeks ago, I joined a group of about ten or so runners to preview
the course for the new Antelope Island Buffalo Run in Utah (March 18).   I really enjoyed the course.   Even though it is not far from the city, you get a very remote feeling running on the mostly undeveloped island in the Great Salt Lake, with spectacular views.   There was enough elevation gain on the course to make it interesting, but it was a fairly easy and fast run.  I ran ahead of the main group and got the treat of literally running upon a herd of about 50 buffalo.   I paused to watch the herd start stampeding away from me, listening to their thundering sounds.  It felt like I was being connected back to the 19th century.  The herd ran toward the south and then turned together and headed straight toward me!   I had no desire to race them, so started to high-tail it away.  They soon saw me again and turned away.  Amazing!  Others running that day told of seeing a herd of about 200 antelope.  Very cool.   Don't miss this new race, it should be a lot of fun.   Visit

Davy Crockett

Review of "The Runner" DVD

Review of "The Runner" DVD

Last night (Sat., Jan. 21), Jim and I attended Journeyfilm's premiere  
screening of JB Benna's new documentary about David Horton and his  recent record-setting Pacific Crest Trail run. A large crowd showed up in  Lynchburg for the showing. We saw about an hour-twenty of the  film. Jim and I haven't seen the entire DVD, which also includes maps,  stats, more footage that JB took, out takes, etc.

We think JB did a great job on his first long documentary film.  He's been chosen to present it next week at the Park City Film Festival.  (JB sent the schedule of screenings to the ultra list last week.) We  recommend you go see it if you're near Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Los  Angeles when it's shown.

We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, lively music, and interesting content  (including footage of David and his pacers on the trail, and interviews  with David, his crew, friends, and family). JB captures some of the  struggles David faced on his journey, such as difficult snow and  stream conditions in the High Sierras. The film is fast-paced, just like  David!

Congratulations, David, on your epic run. We hope your PCT  record stands for several years. You're an inspiration to anyone  with big dreams..

For more information about the DVD, see _http://www.journeyfilm.com_
( .

Happy trails,
Sue Norwood (and Jim O'Neil)
Roanoke,  VA

Carrboro 30 Mile FA Fun Run Results

Carrboro 30 Mile FA Fun Run Results

Hi Folks,
Following are the results from the 30 Mile FA Run that Scott  Brockmeier put on in Carrboro, NC last Saturday, January 21st.  It was a  great day for January, temps in the 50's, light rain to pouring rain, enough mud  to please even the mudder diehards.  Scott had some great Black Bean  and Chicken Noodle soups that were a hit throughout the afternoon.  This  was an elegant FA run for
sure with all the other food and amenities he was  able to conjur up.  The donations received benefited the Friends of  Bolin Creek and far exceeded their wildest expectations.  This was the  largest attendance at this fun run in the time that it has been  held.  It was probably to get more of Scott's homemade soups.

I have splits completed and will post them to our Ultimate Race  Scoring System website shortly.  In the meantime, congratulations to Will  Harlan who just smoked the course.  And to those who drew blood, heal  well.

Joe Lugiano
Umstead and Vermont Race Statistician    

2006 CARRBORO 30M FA FUN RUN --  01/21/2006
Order of Finish

      POS DIST ElapsedTime Pace  Age Sex  Name

        1 30 MI   03:36:26   07:13  30  M  Will  Harlan                (NC)
2 30 MI   03:49:48   07:40  37  M  Eric  Grossman              (VA)
3 30 MI   04:21:45   08:44  24  M  Matt  Kirk                  (NC)
4 30 MI   04:32:59   09:06  26  M  Nick  Whited                (VA)
5 30 MI   04:34:02   09:08  39  M  Simon  Sawyer               (NC)
6 30 MI   04:42:10   09:24  43  F  Alison  Brown               (NC)
7 30 MI   04:43:34   09:27  55  M  David  Kirk                 (NC)
8 30 MI   04:53:22   09:47  27  M  Brad  Smythe                (NC)
9 30 MI   04:58:37   09:57  42  M  John  Marotta               (NC)
10 30 MI   05:05:57   10:12  42  M  John  Hayward               (MD)
11 30 MI   05:08:54   10:18  50  M  Paul  Menser                (NC)
12 30 MI   05:09:11   10:18  28  F  Jaclyn  Greenhill           (NC)
13 30 MI   05:10:50   10:22  58  M  Jeff  Branin                (NC)
14 30 MI   05:14:55   10:30  49  M  Bill  Vanca                 (NC)
15 30 MI   05:17:48   10:36  43  M  Gilly - Wendell  Gilland   (NC)
16 30  MI  05:20:09   10:40  43  M  Kerndog - Robert  Kern     (NC)
17  30 MI  05:22:52   10:46  50  F  Barbara  Mack               (NC)
18 30 MI   05:23:55   10:48  39  M  Bobcat - Jon  Parker        (NC)
19 30 MI   05:36:23   11:13  40  M  David  Wood                 (NC)
19 30 MI   05:36:23   11:13  37  F  Laura  MacLean              (NC)
21 30 MI   05:42:57   11:26  48  M  Rene Paul de la  Varre     (NC)
22  30 MI  05:43:10   11:26  42  M  Kerry  Owens                (DC)
22 30 MI   05:43:10   11:26  45  M  Quatro  Hubbard             (VA)
24 30 MI   05:44:37   11:29  47  M  Mark  Long                  (NC)
24 30 MI   05:44:37   11:29  40  M  Richard  Lassiter           (NC)
26 30 MI   05:54:37   11:49  32  F  Dorothy  Fyock              (NC)
27 30 MI   05:55:43   11:51  41  M  Tony  Rouse                 (NC)
28 30 MI   05:58:59   11:58  46  F  Bea  Kendall                (NC)
29 30 MI   06:13:30   12:27  53  M  Brian  Clark                (NC)
29 30 MI   06:13:30   12:27  53  M  Doug  Dawkins               (NC)
31 30 MI   06:14:26   12:29  35  M  Teddy  Gray                 (NC)
32 30 MI   06:22:21   12:45  52  M  Tom  Kirby                  (NC)
33 30 MI   06:26:01   12:52  53  F  Dru  Sexton                 (VA)
33 30 MI   06:26:01   12:52  57  M  Graham  Zollman             (VA)
35 30 MI   06:32:15   13:04  46  F  Sylvana  Smith              (NC)
36 30 MI   06:38:08   13:16  36  M  Fred  Dummar                (NC)
37 30 MI   06:57:10   13:54  39  F  Anita  Finkle               (VA)
37 30 MI   06:57:10   13:54  42  M  Jay  Finkle                 (VA)
39 30 MI   06:57:34   13:55  64  M  Bob  Calabria               (NC)
40 30 MI   07:40:04   15:20  54  F  Barbara  Hindenach          (NC)
41 22.5 M 04:46:35    12:44  37  F  Amy  Brown                  (NC)
42 22.5 M 05:21:45    14:18  41  F  Susan  Dummar               (NC)
43 15 M    01:59:25   07:58  39  M  Bobby  Biles                (NC)
44 15 M    02:21:51   09:27  43  M  Tom  Gabell                 (NC)
45 15 M    02:22:55   09:32  31  M  Eric  Carpenter             (NC)
46 15 M    02:58:55   11:56  44  M  Mike  Day                   (NC)

Spring Desert Ultra Trail Running Festival

Spring Desert Ultra Trail Running Festival guest speaker

We are sorry to announce that due to a prior commitment David Horton will not be speaking at our Spring Desert Ultra Trail Running Festival, but we are very excited to announce Montrail's Lisa Smith-Batchen as our guest speaker for this year?s festival. With an incredible resume, some of her accomplishments include:
7 Badwater Ultramarathons- 3 first place finishes
Grand Slam of Ultrarunning finisher (2003)- 1st female, 7th overall
2 Marathon des Sables (running desert stage race)- first and only American female to win the event in it?s 18 year history (1999)
100 mile PR of 18:26
50 mile PR of 6:42
3 Eco-Challenge multi sport adventure races
2 Raid Gaulioses multi sport adventure races
7 Hawaiian Ironman Championships: PR 10:33:27
20+ ultramarathons of 50 miles or more
over 90 marathons with a PR of 2:48:52
For more about Lisa you could check out her website at or for more about the Spring Desert Ultra Trail Running Festival you could check out

Monday, January 23, 2006

News at

Abichal has some Great news and information at his web site which is linked above. Some Great news for the sport.

Arun Bhardwaij to run 1000km

Message from Arun Bhardwaij

Dear friends,

Tomorrow , on 24th January, I am starting a solo run of 1000+ Km with a target to finish it under 300 hours. The Run will start from New Delhi (Yojana Bhavan, Parliament Street) and will turn back from Aliganj (Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state in North India). After finishing it will be a record in Indian context as no record is found of this level. The best I found in the Limca Book of Record about 20 Army personnels who did 1553 km in 41 days during 1998.


I will post updates on the web when they become available.

Mansifeld to Mt Buller 50km Results and Photos

1.Tim COCHRANE 4.27.04
2.Drew ARTHURSON 4.47.35
=3.Michael NORDEN 4.51.39
=3.Brent DOWER 4.51.39
5.Stephen CALLAHAN 4.57.57
6.Chris MURPHY 5.12.00
7.Gerry SURRIDGE 5.13.03
8.Kelvin MARSHALL 5.18.14
9.Paul ROBINSON 5.19.45
10.Brian GAWNE 5.29.54
11.Susan OLLEY (1st F)5.43.56
12.Adrian PANOZZO 5.51.29
13.Neil RAMPLING 5.55.26
14.Brian HARRISON 6.12.13
15.Garry WISE 6.21.44
16.Rudi KINSHOFER 6.33.06
=17.Danny COLE 6.45.45
=17.Paul BAN 6.45.45
=17.Robert BOYCE 6.45.45
20.Brian O'FARRELL 7.00.00
21.Richard McCORMICK 7.16.42


Thanks Connie for your Help

This is a public THANKYOU to Connie Karras for the help with my Blog over the last few months. Because of the grief and crap, Connie is continually getting from people on the Ultra listserve, she wont be helping with the Blog anymore. Frankly I dont blame her. Thanks people for doing this to a decent human being. (You know who you are) On what I know of Connie, she is one of the most giving people in this sport and I thank her for her help. I appreciate it.

When I started the Blog it was with the purpose of filling the gap that David Blaikie's magnificent web site use to fill. Fortunately, there have been several other World Ultra web sites that have also stepped up to the plate at the same time and are doing a magnificent job. These include and the iau web site. I may now change my focus and just concentrate on articles that take my interest. Ultrawalking, solo walkers and runners and interesting medical and training articles.

See what happens.


7th World Rogaining Championship -13/14 Oct 06 - NSW Australia.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Australian Alpine 100 mile Ultra Marathon

Go to for full details of this new event. It is scheduled for 22/23 April this year.

The North Face Ultra Trail

Finland International 12hour race


1. Janne Kankaansyrjä Finland 132,708km
2. Peeter Vennikas Estonia 130,167 "
3. Jari Tomppo Finland 128,866 "
4. Peter Polak Slovakia 126,671 "
5. Andrew Dragatis Greece 124,327 "
6. Marios Fournaris Greece 122,502 "
7. Katsuhiro Tanaka Japan 121,101 "
8. Ari Päivinen Finland 118,710 "
9. Seppo Leinonen Finland 116,108 "
10. Atte Björklund Finland 111,674 "


1. Hiroko Okiyama Japan 126,908km
2. Masae Kamura Japan 121,108 "
3. Maria Tähkävuori Finland 114,636 "
4. Anne Heinonen Finland 110,708 "
5. Heleen Vennikas Estonia 101,456 "
6. Pille Vennikas Estonia 90,056 "