Saturday, March 26, 2005

AURA Ultramag Editorial March 2005

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Well here we are with our second edition in our brand new look which contains even further refinement and enhancement. Firstly, can I thank the many people who made me feel like a total impostor by heaping praise upon me when all the improvements were at the hands of the technological and formatting skills of Sue Cook at “The Print Run”

We had a couple of hiccups with our transition and hopefully not to many of you noticed that despite all the reports and glossy colour photos, the actual results from the Gold Coast 24-48 Hour Event seemed to vanish. Many apologies and you will belatedly find them in this issue, such is life.

As is often noted, those who have pioneered our sport in years gone by don’t actually get recognised as pioneers until long after their deeds have been recorded. On the 12th of December 2004, three individuals set off and completed what I believe will be looked upon in years to come as a truly pioneering expedition. Sean Greenhill, Paul Every and Jan Herrmann became the first known individuals to set out at sea level and run the 236 kilometres to Australia’s highest peak on Mount Kosciusko some 2,229 metres in elevation. Sean’s gripping account is compelling stuff indeed.

After achieving such a great result at last year’s 100km World Cup when our team placed fourth overall, hopes are high for a repeat or better at this year’s event in Japan. Applications to be a part of the team for the Lake Saroma race are being accepted and a form can be found in this issue.

Two things that I have been inundated with have been AURA clothing orders and Race Reports from numerous events. I would love to be able to publish all reports but space constraints prevent this. If you have submitted a report/story and it does not make it to print, don’t be discouraged from submitting future reports as I try to mix up the variety of contributors. As for the clothing orders, well the flood has created a longer than expected waiting list which we will deal with as quickly as possible

Kevin Cassidy


100 KM WORLD CUP [Lake Saroma, Japan] APPLICATION FORM 17
A.U.R.A. AWARDS 2004 18
Message from the IAU President 18

Gold Coast 24-48 Hour [Qld]. Results 35
Bruny Island 64km [Tas]. Results 35
Kurrawa Beach [Qld] 50km. Results and report by Ian Cornelius 20
Bogong to Hotham 65km [Vic]. Report by Philip Murphy 22
Coastal Classic 12 Hour Track Race [NSW]. Results and report by Paul Thompson 26
Mansfield to Mount Buller 50km [Vic]. Results and report by Julia Thorn 28
Sri Chinmoy 100km Road Race [ACT]. Results 35
Cradle Mountain Run 85km [Tas]. Results and reports by Julia Thorn and Phil Lawrence 30
Dusk to Dawn 12/6 Hour Events [Qld]. Results 34
Maroondah Dam Trail 50km [Vic]. Results and reports by Kevin Cassidy and Garry Wise 36

Inductee…..”The Flying Pieman”, William King 38

Crewing for Jesper Olsen “The World Runner” by Bob and Anni Fickel 40
Anubha Baird interviews Jesper Olsen 42
Whatever Happened To……….Frank Kelly 48
Questions and Answers About Racing Ultras – by Shawn McDonald 49
Crewing and Preparation – by Phil Essam 50

International Update 52

World Bests 54

AURA 100/200/250/300 CLUB 58

Frankston to Portsea Run - 55km - April 3rd

Just nine more days to the Frankston to Portsea run on Sunday April 3rd.

I have been getting quite a number of phone calls which seems promising. The more the merrier so just turn up on the day and ad yourself to the long continuing tradition and history. All the relevant information is at


Kevin Cassidy

Thursday, March 24, 2005

$10,000 First Prize for this year's Australian 6-Day race

My next Event

It's not an Ultra as such...But it's a 2 day walk thats been occurring in Canberra, Aust for the last few years. Im doing the 30km walk each day and will send a report next Sunday.

Ultra Blog by Carlos (my Canadian Guest Co-Editor)

Ultra photography by Jurgen AKENBRAND (my own site, ready soon) (350 of my images) - search: zzjuaz (images and reports)

Trans Gaulle - 2004 Road Movie

I’ve just seen the Transe Gaule 2004 road-movie, made
by Pascal David with the help of Alastair Forsyth.
It’s fabulous ! One more time, I cried looking at this
beautiful moments of happyness and fraternity, six
month later.
Music by Moby Play, The Doors, Bob Dylan, U2, John Lee
Hooker, etc.
So, buy it right now, make illegal copies, steal it,
do anything you want but JUST SEE IT !!!
Transe Gaule 2002 & 2004 movies are now available as
DVD. Edition 2004 DVD also includes the best-off of
Pascal’s photos and this is not bad.
Contact :

Stevens Creek 50K 2005 - Results

Results and some pictures from Sunday's Stevens Creek 50K are posted here:

Rain, hail, and 40 mph winds made the race especially great training for those who were preparing
for Hardrock; but, with the possible exception of some of the long-suffering (and GREATLY
APPRECIATED!) volunteers, a good time was had by all. A more complete account possibly to
appear in future days.

PowerFM Southern Charity Challenge News Update

e-Newsletter 6

2005 PowerFM Southern Charity Challenge news
How long to go?
T-4 Saturday, 26 March 2005
T-3 Saturday, 2 April 2005
T-2 Saturday, 9 April 2005
T-1 Saturday, 16 April 2005
T Saturday, 23 April 2005

Have a great EASTER .... and take time to go for a walk.
I have a couple of small groups walking the trail with me this long
weekend. So I might even see you out on the trail.


If you have not started your fundraising efforts yet - now is the time
to do it. I have a small number of A3 laminated posters which can be
placed in your office to draw attention to your fundraising efforts.
Please email me if you require one for your office. Remember -
participants must agree to raise funds for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad.
Minimum fundraising obligation
60km Challenge - $100 per person or $400 per team
35km Trek - $100 per person or $300 per team
Half Marathon & Discovery Walk - $25 per individual entry or $50 per
team or family entry The Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Southern Fleurieu
group have agreed to accept all funds donated and to remit them to a
specific OCAA appeal.


Have you just joined our e-news list?
Would you like the last five editions of e-news?
Just email me a request for past copies.


Have a great EASTER!

There's a Russian proverb that says "love and eggs are best when they
are fresh". If you are in training for the Southern Charity Challenge
this little piece of wisdom is worth taking on board.

I am definitely someone who loves chocolate but I still try to remember
that the average small solid Easter egg (6g) contains about 2 grams of
fat. So if I polish off a large, hollow chocolate rabbit (100g), or four
medium-sized eggs, and suddenly we're talking 27.5 grams of fat and 2200
kJ (525 calories). It will take 75 to 95 minutes of brisk walking just
to burn off that one bunny.

So as a confirmed coffee and chocolate addict I could never say avoid
the chocolate entirely this Easter. But I will try to consume in
moderation and make time for physical activity --- or make like a
Russian and give my friends and family a fresh, decorative eggs instead.

Mmmmm? while thinking about fresh eggs which some people avoid eggs like
the plague due to cholesterol concerns. Bodybuilders have been known to
swallow them raw. So what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to

The debate over the nutritional value of eggs was in full swing well
before Sylvester Stallone slurped six down raw after a strenuous
training session in Rocky. The scene sparked a trend amongst my friends
back in 1981 and we all started to down fresh eggs before footy
training. Muscled folk were mixing their protein powders with raw eggs,
tossing their heads back and swallowing the lot in one slippery gulp.
The trouble is, no one thought to ask if the idea had merit.

The reality is eggs are one of nature's most nutritious foods and
definitely fit into a healthy, well-balanced eating plan. They are
relatively cheap, very easy to prepare, convenient, can be eaten on
their own or form the basis of numerous dishes. Let's get one thing
straight though. They should not be eaten raw.


Quote of the week

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure
suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps
the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never
the tormented.

Elie Wiesel, the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner


Queries can be made by return email or by phoning (08) 8552 2411

Brad Butler
14 Coral St
Victor Harbor SA 5211

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Exciting New Ultra for Australia

Calling all Ultra-Marathoners

We are intending to stage a 240 km race from the New South Wales South coast to the summit of Mt. Kosciusko next Summer (sometime between December '05 and March '06). The aim is to provide Australian runners with a high profile, professionally organised UltraMarathon.

To achieve this we will require:

1. Approval from relevant authorities - e.g. National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW Police and local councils

2. Corporate Sponsorship

3. Athletes keen to run from the beach to the top of Australia

This is why we seek your support. If we can demonstrate there is a substantial number of athletes interested in the event, sponsorship and approval from the authorities should prove easier to obtain. If you are interested in being a participant in what we hope to be Australia's premier UltraMarathon could you please reply via email.

Your expression of interest does not bind you to compete in the event. It purely enables us to better plan the race.

Sean Greenhill, Jann Hermann and myself successfully completed a "FatAss" style test event in December 2004.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think may be interested.

Thank you

Paul Every

and here is the link:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dirty Duo 50K 2005

March 5th.
Two loops of 25K on the beautiful wooded trails of the North Shore mountains of Vancouver.
Winning time was 4:24:40 set by my friend Rob Fontaine(36 y/o) of Cambell River B.C.
The womens O/A winner was Elie Greenwood (25 y/o) of Vancouver in 4:39:41 for joint 4th OA.
Full results at (J)
Chuckanut 50K

13th Annual Chuckanut Mountain 50 Km. Trail Run
Saturday, March 19, 2005 - 8:00AM
2005 Race Info!

The largest field ever ran the Chuckanut 50k on Saturday. The weather cooperated by holding off on any serious rain until later in the day. Results and pictures will be posted soon. Dean Taylor has provided the first batch of pictures of the race. Check back, more photos and reports will be posted as they are recieved.

Chuckanut Mountain 50KM Run
Bellingham, WA
Distance 31.05 Miles
March 19, 2005

Top 30
1 3:42:59 1 Uli Steidl 32 M
2 3:53:49 286 Phil Kochik 26 M
3 3:58:16 119 Shawn Miller 25 M
4 4:06:15 115 Brian Morrison 26 M
5 4:06:58 147 Hal Koerner 29 M
6 4:09:18 51 Matt Simms 36 M
7 4:09:50 174 Jacob Hartsoch 30 M
8 4:13:26 222 Bryan Dayton 31 M
9 4:14:08 32 Ian Torrence 32 M
10 4:15:15 88 Todd Pehowski 37 M
11 4:24:05 155 Scott Jurek 31 M
12 4:28:09 105 Sander Nelson 38 M
13 4:30:10 91 Robert Palmquist 21 M
14 4:31:20 30 Scott Tucker 42 M
15 4:31:21 175 Timothy Halder 31 M
16 4:34:05 277 Justin Angle 30 M
17 4:38:54 283 Larry Abraham 55 M
18 4:44:27 136 Ron Linton 43 M
19 4:44:32 63 Eric Sach 36 M
20 4:44:44 238 Sean Clark 36 M
21 4:45:45 75 Craig Ralstin 45 M
22 4:46:26 165 Kevin Holland 39 M
23 4:49:50 21 James Varner 27 M
24 4:49:51 234 Tony Covarrubias 44 M
25 4:49:52 108 Kevin Myers 46 M
26 4:50:31 66 Trish Rosenberg F
27 4:51:33 144 Kendall Kreft 45 M
28 4:54:46 254 Kendra Borgmann 36 F
29 4:55:21 229 Charles Crompton 57 M
30 4:56:14 215 Chuck DNFoley 49 M

Monday, March 21, 2005

Preliminary results - 17th Annual HAT Run

Rebecca Harman repeated as the women's winner and Ian Schouten scored his
second win. There were 409 starters and 355 finishers.

1 Ian Schouten 39 M PA 3:49:49
2 Barry Lewis 45 M PA 3:54:17
3 Michael Wedemeyer 29 M VA 3:57:46
4 Sean Andrish 35 M VA 4:00:38
5 Brian O'Connor 39 M MD 4:03:33
6 Tony Laino 31 M PA 4:03:42
7 Goat Powell 26 M VA 4:03:43
8 John Reynolds 37 M WV 4:05:29
9 Rob Bailey 32 M VA 4:09:44
10 Greg Kotzbauer 34 M NJ 4:12:17

Kentucky Ultra Trail Sojourn 3/19

50 mi results
1 Niemann Ted OH 8:31:02
2 Thornton Tom MI 9:21:06
3 Storrow Alan KY 9:47:24
4 Young Brian OH 10:04:18
5 Chiado James MI 10:07:39
5 Purdy Bruce MI 10:07:39
7 Kuhn Brian IL 10:56:36
8 Holtz Allan MN 11:17:32
8 Rideout Danielle IL 11:17:32
10 Donnelly Susan TN 12:31:00
10 Rochelle JJ TN 12:31:00
10 Seger Nikki IL 12:31:00

50 km results
1 Grossman Eric KY 4:34:01
2 Hemsky John KY 4:45:00
3 Lawhorn David KY 4:46:00
4 Jacobs Cale KY 4:55:00
5 Frichtl Don IL 5:16:00
6 Niemann Ted OH 5:19:16
7 Thornton Tom MI 5:21:32
8 Beaver Melissa IN 5:29:59
9 Daumer Kathleen TN 5:32:42
10 Coons Randy KY 5:34:05

Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Australian Solo Walker

Ultra News Item - 19th Mar 05

Co- Editors?

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in becoming a Co-Editor with this site? It is very easy to operate. I would give you logging rights to the site and when you recieve a story ( results, race story, preview or other ultra news) you put it on the site. Ever so often Im going to be away with work and when this happens there wont be any information on the site. If there are any takers or anyone interested - please email me at ultraoz @ iprimus . com . au (close the gaps)



Very Quiet Weekend


At the moment it's a very quiet weekend and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information coming through on the email. I will post stories when they come to hand.