Saturday, April 01, 2006

Overseas Race Director for Indian Multi-Day Race

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the offer from the Indian race promoter, Darshan to be the Race Director for the first Multi-day track race in India. I feel honoured to have been asked and I will try and do the best for ultra running and help to launch our sport into another country.

It's scheduled to be run from the 23rd Sep for ten days and organisers are hoping to get runners and walkers from all around the world. I hope to meet up with a few of you in India, it should be fantastic.

I will guide Darshan over the coming months on what he has to do to bring the race together. We will then work together to make sure that the race is a success and the competitors every needs are looked after. More information will be avialable shortly.

Phil Essam

Solo Ultra Walking sites

I just thought you might be interested in these walking sites for WUN?!

Was also wondering have you still got Jean's walk at listed??
Jean's partner, Luce tells me he is in great form and is about to cross from
Spain to France any moment now.
Also have been mailing who tells me he will be
walking again soon after his winter break.

Take care Tony. Ps I got a phone call from Thomas Wenger today who told me
he just finished his great 600km run from north Ireland to southern Ireland
and is en-route to Dublin and the Guinness brewery for some well earned
pints of the black stuff!! I will be seeing him Saturday night.

Tony Mangan

Friday, March 31, 2006



Paul Arthur led in the classiest men’s field in the fifteen years of the annual Poolside Water World Great Ocean Run while Julie Allen won the women’s race by over 40 minutes. Arthur from the Central Coast stamped his authority on the race by the time he had reached Corindi. At one time his lead over a field which included five previous male winners was estimated at 20 minutes. Despite losing his way a couple of times in the later stages and nearly getting swept out to sea at Moonee the former winner of the prestigious CitytoSurf  still had just under eleven minutes over previous winners Andrew Thompson and Ray Wareham who tied for second.

Two other runners,former winner Michael Smart from Invergowrie and event debutant Matt Bourke, also broke through the four hour barrier in what were sometimes trying conditions. Runners had been greeted by a distinct lack of beach at Red Rock for the 8.00a.m.start making the early kilometres very difficult indeed. As the tide became kinder the breeze became a headwind making the long stretches like Moonee Beach as much a battle as the soft yielding going on Sapphire and Korora beaches. And then there were the creeks, many running strong and deep after the recent rain. Several runners detoured round a couple of the more forbidding crossings trading security for time and distance.

The women’s winner who was holidaying at Korora after completing the equally arduous Six Foot Track trail ultramarathon negotiated the crossings adeptly enough to street the field in her first attempt at the Water World event. Second place went to another first-timer Emma Moylan with previous winner Angie Grattan cruising to third. Grattan who runs in barefeet was coming back from several injuries including two dog bites incurred while pursuing her employment as a postie.

Another barefoot runner was the sprightly Keith Everson from Yamba who completed the full journey this time after sampling a slice of it last year.

First local male was Jim Bennington who reached the Jetty in 4.19.11 to fill seventh place. The female field was down a bit on previous years with no local women starting this time. At least three who have run previously sat out the 45 kms of beach, headland and creek crossings to save themselves for the Australian Ironman Triathlon next week.

As the ‘war stories’ proliferated at the presentation at the Yacht Club thanks was expressed to the volunteers who ‘personned’ the aid stations en route and who dispensed food and drink at the finish. The organisers from the W.R.A.T.S. particularly expressed their gratitude to Eric Markham from the Gold Coast Runners and Dennis French from the Tweed Twin Towns Runners for their organization of the northern invasion each year and to Poolside Water World for its continued sponsorship, now in its tenth year.  
RESULTS (MALE) : Paul Arthur 3.33.52, 1; Ray Wareham & Andrew Thompson  3.44.48, =2; Michael Smart 3.52.27, 4; Matt Bourke 3.57.47, 5; Bruce Cook 4.06.11, 6; Jim Bennington 4.19.11, 7; Peter O’Sullivan 4.40.26, 8; Wayne Gregory 4.40.57, 9; Richard Willis & Bob Beer 4.49.41, =10;  Tony Kean 5.02.16, 12; Rod Ladyman 5.05.01, 13; Peter McKenzie 5.16.44, 14; Ashley Knauth 5.17.01, 15; Paul Cooper 5.21.31, 16; Peter Gardiner 5.24.04, 17; Chris Cohen 5.31.36, 18; Daryl Bancroft 5.40.03, 19; Paul Chamberlain 5.45.08, 20; Steve Tesic 5.54.48, 21; David Casey 5.59.09, 22; Peter Moore 6.00.39, 23; Geoff Kopittke 6.23.56, 24; Ross Donald 6.39.22, 25; Bob Jones 6.45.00, 26; Russell Forrestal & Robert Asher 7.48.29, =27; Peter Gray 7.57.32, 29;  Keith Everson 8.07.41, 30; Tom Holbut 8.27.41, 31; Dennis French 8.45.23, 32; Jason Evans 9.53.45, 33. (FEMALE) : Julie Allen 5.04.24, 1; Emma Moylan 5.45.02, 2; Angie Grattan 6.01.31, 3; Lyn Campbell 7.13.19, 4; Coral Asher 8.05.12, 5; Elly Friend 8.19.32, 6; Robyn Evans 9.53.45, 7.  

Karnazes finds challenges

Karnazes finds challenges, pizza on open roadBy RANDY B. YOUNG, CORRESPONDENT
Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes has taken the road less traveled -- usually for hundreds of miles at a time.
But the legs that have carried him across the scorching desert of Death Valley, up and down mountains and around the South Pole truly went the extra mile last Thursday. Karnazes paid a brief visit to dozens of members of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Pacers Running Club that remained after practice at UNC's Belk Track for the guest speaker's arrival.
These young athletes didn't care that Karnazes had gone on a six-mile run with supporters that morning or that he set off on a five-miler with enthusiasts from UNC's Student Union that afternoon. They didn't care that he is what Men's Fitness magazine called America's fittest man, or that he has appeared on 60 Minutes and The Late Show with David Letterman. Most of the Pacers don't stay up that late. And few of them will read Karnazes' best-selling book Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.
They were more interested in his stories about falling asleep while running. They ate up the lesson on how to devour pizza in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a tidy 262-mile ultramarathon. ("I told the delivery man to roll it up like a big tortilla," Karnazes told the Pacers.)
Practice for the Pacers began with a visit and motivational speech by Chapel Hill's own John Hinton, who at age 43 had been training for the Masters Indoor National Championships.
Missing a world masters record by just two seconds earlier in the season, Hinton earned a Masters Indoor National Championship in Boston this past weekend. His 4:16.23 mile bested all competitors, including those in younger masters brackets, earning him the enviable claim of being the fastest master-class miler in the country. Additionally, Hinton placed second in the 800-meter run with a time of 1:56.36.
After their workouts, the Pacers were treated to the short speech by the 42-year-old Karnazes, who has been running "ultra" races (distances greater than 26.2-mile marathons) since his 30th birthday.
"I was in a bar with some friends," Karnazes told National Public Radio, "it was about 11 o'clock at night, and I think I had a midlife crisis. I excused myself, walked out of the bar, put on some gardening shoes because I didn't have running shoes at the time, and I ran off into the night. I decided to go out and run 30 miles on my 30th birthday, and I lived to tell the tale."
Karnazes has been running ever since. He has run 350 continuous miles, foregoing sleep for three nights, according to his Web site
"He's run across Death Valley in 126-degree temperatures, and he's run a marathon to the South Pole in negative-40 degrees. On seven different occasions, he's run a 200-mile relay race solo, racing alongside teams of 12.
"Dean is a 10-time Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Silver Buckle winner," the site says, "and he is the 2004 champion of the Badwater Ultramarathon, which bills itself as the 'World's Toughest Footrace.'"
Despite the fact that running with Karnazes is what the New York Times compared to "setting up one's easel next to Monet or Picasso." Karnazes does not possess blazing speed. Avid runners had no problem keeping up with the acclaimed athlete on Thursday.
"It depends on the terrain," he said, "but usually I'm averaging between seven- and 10-minute miles. It depends on the heat, the terrain, the climb...."
In addition to the running, the San Francisco resident swam across the San Francisco Bay, scaled Half Dome in Yosemite and surfed the enormous waves off the coast of Hawaii.
A married father of two (Alexandria, 10, and Nicholas, 7), Karnazes works as executive director for Healtheon, managing the health food business' on-line presence. He is actively involved in the development of The North Face running footwear and outdoor apparel. He estimates that training takes an additional 15 to 20 hours a week.
"I'm not just running 20 miles every day," Karnazes said in a radio broadcast transcribed for ""
"I might run 10 miles one day, five miles the next," he added, "and then I might run all night and run 50 or 60 miles. Often, I run (overnight) up to Napa Valley to a spa up there where my family likes to meet me. They drive up from San Francisco the next morning."
For non-ultramarathoners, such a regimen begs the question: "Why?"
"To me, life is about struggle," Karnazes told FHM Magazine. "If I'm not pushing myself, then I'm not happy."
Karnazes warned against confusing comfort and happiness.
"People think if we had every comfort available ... we'd be happy," he said. "I think there's a lot of miserable people out there, and one of the reasons is that there's no struggle."
Karnazes said conquering the pain he feels during longer races is a mental battle.
"(During a 262-mile race), I once touched the tip of my nose, and even that hurt," he said. "But then, I'd think, 'If you quit, that's going to be even more unbearable.'
"After the long runs, I feel bad for a week," he told FHM, "but after two days, this mental euphoria takes over. The pain's still there, but I get this runner's high, which I imagine is like heroin, although I've never tried heroin."
That analogy illuminates one of the criticisms of Karnazes' running -- that it comes dangerously close to addiction. Fueling his obsession is the constant attention paid by a curious public and a hungry media.
Karnazes has graced television shows and networks ranging from CNN to ESPN, and he has also been virtually universal on magazines and newspapers, including: TIME and Newsweek, Gentleman's Quarterly and National Geographic.
"He's a dream," said Katie Ramage, who manages Karnazes' sponsoring North Face's athlete team. "He's smart. He's driven. He's photogenic. We have a category called media darling, and he gets the highest ranking."
The fact that the six-pack-abbed, Adonis-of-endurance has become emblematic of adventure and ultra athletics is not surprising to anyone, but neither is the notion that ubiquity makes for a clear and visible target.
For example, many endurance fans balk at the notion that the ultra world needs a designated spokesperson. Racers joke about Karnazes leaving a mirror at the midway aid stations. After watching Karnazes' interview with David Letterman, one blogger tagged Karnazes as "just another self-promoting huckster."
Karnazes has heard the critics, and he has responded by noting that he has never claimed to be an authority on ultrarunning or even a very good ultrarunner. He points out that his runs have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for leukemia and organ donation, and it has increased the sport's visibility.
As Karnazes continues to ride the crest of the rising popularity of ultrarunning and its emergence into the American zeitgeist, many argue that the ultra community is not in need of any more promotion.
"I find it comical that people are saying you're giving away the Garden of Eden," Karnazes told Outside Magazine. "I can see that about a fishing hole or a secret surfing break, but there's a lot of open road in this country."
Perhaps the biggest critique of Karnazes deals with the misconception that he runs further than anyone else. Ultrarunners point out that others' feats surpass Karnazes'. Yiannis Kouros, for example, is alleged to hold every record from 100 miles to 1,000 miles, from 200K races to 1,600K and from one day to 10 days. The claims of both runners are clouded by myriad questions concerning what constitutes "non-stop" running and what pace literally constitutes running at all.
Whether or not the media cares whether Karnazes is or is not the world's best ultrarunner (though he's clearly a front-runner) may be answered in the relative disregard of female ultrarunner Pam Reed from magazine covers and the talk-show circuit.
Shannon Farar Griefer sees Karnazes' impact as a windfall profit for ultrarunning.
"This sport needs to be a little more mainstream," the double Badwater 292-mile finisher said, "as opposed to (being seen as) so extreme and underground and hidden."
Finally, some wonder about the pressures Karnazes' undertakings put on his family.
While Karnazes acknowledges that running takes him away a good deal, he emphasizes that much of his running is at night to prioritize waking time with his wife and children. Still, he concedes that it can be a challenge that rivals juggling pizza on a lonely dark road, but with dire consequences.
"Finishing one 262-mile run felt like being in a train accident," he told FHM Magazine. "I was destroyed. But it was my son's 7th birthday, so after I finished the event, he said, 'Dad, look, I have tickets to the boardwalk!' So I rallied to celebrate his birthday."
After speaking with the Pacers, Karnazes mused at how he missed his own children when away running or promoting his book. While both of Karnazes' children are running enthusiasts, he said that he is cautious in making sure they don't feel forced into the sport.
"I didn't push running on them," he said, "because I was afraid of the backlash. But they also see how passionate I am about it, and kids listen to their parents. People don't think that they do, but they do. They're smart.
"My daughter's in Girls on the Run," he said, "and I'm on the executive board. She's just had a great experience, but both of my kids love to run."
Karnazes gives the same message to his own children as he does to any group of young athletes regarding running.
"As long as they're happy," he said, "(running is fine) -- if the kids are happy, and they're enjoying it, and they're doing if for themselves. With Girls on the Run, the kids love the celebration ... and the footwear, and they love to immerse themselves in it. My kids just really enjoy the athletic experience, and I encourage that."
Karnazes said such a message might also relate to any athletic endeavor.
"I tell kids, most of all, to have fun -- most of all to enjoy it," he said. "If it's running you love or even if it's some other activity, find out what it is that you love so much that you look forward to it."
While Karnazes participates in a variety of athletic endurance challenges, he's sticking with running in the immediate future by focusing his training on the North Face Endurance 50. Beginning in September, he will attempt to run 50 marathons in the 50 states on 50 consecutive days.
After the current book promotional tour, Karnazes said he'll allow himself a good period of hibernation before tackling that challenge.
"Yeah, I'll 'go dark,' if you will," he said, "and I'll just focus on my training."
While challenges continue to emerge along Karnazes' road less traveled, he said he has no plans to succumb to begin "acting his age" any time soon.
"My joints look like an 18-year-old's," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "The doctors said, 'Oh, you're a runner, and you're just going to (eventually) have to give it up.' But then they got back the x-rays and told me, 'Well, you have the joints of an 18-year-old.'"
But if Karnazes conquered his midlife crisis at age 30 by running 30 miles through the night, what will he do when he actually reaches his mid-life?
"Well, I'm 42 now, but when I hit 40 two years ago, I started going backwards," he said as he left UNC's Belk Track. "My life's an out-and-back."
And while Karnazes may actually catch some shut-eye along that journey, the young Pacers Running Club participants who listened to the ultrarunner speak came away with their eyes and ears wide open. Inspired by both John Hinton and Dean Karnazes, these youngsters should be motivated in the long run.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

South African 6-day race starting this weekend

South African 6-day race lineup

Haw Ridge Trail Run -50km

Haw Ridge Trail Run 50k, Tennessee, April 22, 2006

What: Haw Ridge 50k Trail Run
When: April 22, 2006
Where: Haw Ridge, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
The Details: The second annual Haw Ridge 50k will be run on a eight mile single track course. Runners will make four circuits, passing through the aid station once each circuit.
Fees: This is a "free" race, in that the only fee is a ten dollar donation to the organization that maintains the trails.
Aid: It is BYO, which means we end up with a very loaded and diverse food selection!
Prizes: The gift exchange is a highlight of this run. Each runner brings a outdoor related gift costing no more than $15. You drop your wrapped gift in the box, then at the end of the run you pick a gift left by one of your fellow runners. Too much fun!!

Contact: Ben Kadas at
For More Info and Registration:

Connemara Ultra Marathon

Connemara Ultra Marathon (Galway, Ireland)

Ireland's only ultra-distance race, the Connemara Ultra Marathon over
39.3 miles of mountain roads around the spectacular Connemara
wilderness, took place last Sunday the 26th of March. The ultramarathon
was run in conjunction with a full and half-marathon that saw almost
2,000 brave souls take to the roads in wet and windy weather. =20
Pre-race favourite Attila Vozar from Hungary took off at a brisk pace
and passed through the early miles at roughly 6:20 mins/mile. However
the conditions and terrain were to eventually take their toll on the
young Hungarian's efforts and he faded in the later stages to finish in
fourth place. It was a brave effort however from a talented athlete and
hopefully he'll be back to try again. In the final analysis Irishman
Thomas Maguire from County Fermanagh crossed the line in first position.
Thomas won this event last year and ran superbly well to be only two
minutes slower over the course despite considerably worse conditions.=20

Full results below.=20

Event website at

Pos - No - Name - Gender Pos - Cat Pos - Time

1 39001 Thomas Maguire (M) 1 1 04:30:45
2 39006 Fernando Gutierrez (M) 2 2 04:40:40
3 39076 Brent Teal (M) 3 3 04:41:49
4 39054 Attila Vozar (M) 4 4 04:57:19
5 39029 David Ross (M) 5 5 05:01:22
6 39049 Shane James Whitty (VM40) 6 1 05:15:24
7 39058 Sean McGoldrick (VM40) 7 2 05:27:01
8 39052 Aisling Coppinger (F) 1 1 05:28:33
9 39083 Paul Moran (VM40) 8 3 05:28:33
10 39024 Gary Fegan (M) 9 6 05:30:23
11 39071 Ignas Staskevicius (M) 10 7 05:37:39
12 39010 Jon Bateman (VM50) 11 1 05:40:08
13 39034 Hannah Shields (VF40) 2 1 05:42:16
14 39030 Pascal Moran (M) 12 8 05:44:39
15 39043 David Hawcroft (VM60) 13 1 05:50:33
16 39084 Kevin Grogan (VM50) 14 2 05:51:33
17 39059 Gerard Menihan (M) 15 9 05:55:53
18 39035 Gary Moralee (VM40) 16 4 05:57:13
19 39075 Ernst Daniel (VM50) 17 3 05:59:48
20 39067 Paul O'Rourke (M) 18 10 06:02:16
21 39025 Mark Denham-Smith (M) 19 11 06:03:34
22 39063 Joseph Thomposn (M) 20 12 06:09:17
23 39019 Zach De Beer (VM50) 21 4 06:09:41
24 39021 Damien Mc Stay (VM40) 22 5 06:11:00
25 39032 Neal Johnston (M) 23 13 06:11:32
26 39028 Jim Mundy (VM50) 24 5 06:11:33
27 39026 John Malone (VM40) 25 6 06:16:34
28 39037 Carol Kinsella Frost (VF40) 3 2 06:17:04
29 39053 Noel McInerney (VM60) 26 2 06:18:34
30 39073 Jos Broersen (VM50) 27 6 06:19:32
31 39036 Conal Heatley (M) 28 14 06:21:52
32 39027 Fu Cheung (M) 29 15 06:23:36
33 39065 Tadhg O Laighin (M) 30 16 06:24:16
34 39038 Paddy Weir (M) 31 17 06:26:12
35 39048 Liam O'Riain (VM60) 32 3 06:38:36
36 39085 Paul Brown (VM40) 33 7 06:38:36
37 39047 Tony Kiernan (M) 34 18 06:40:23
38 39070 Joseph Battle (VM40) 35 8 06:41:30
39 39060 David Gerard Mc Kevitt (VM40) 36 9 06:42:29
40 39013 David Palmer (VM40) 37 10 06:43:45
41 39079 Jeff Wald (VM40) 38 11 06:49:17
42 39017 John McBride (VM50) 39 7 06:52:23
43 39023 Heather Bamford (VF40) 4 3 06:53:07
44 39004 Klaus Neumann (M) 40 19 06:55:18
45 39003 Mario Ulbrich (VM40) 41 12 07:04:24
46 39080 Wayne Watkins (VM50) 42 8 07:04:25
47 39009 Ruth Morley (VF50) 5 1 07:13:13
48 39082 Harold Reilly (M) 43 20 07:13:52
49 39069 Peter J. Ferris (M) 44 21 07:13:57
50 39018 Paul Jefferies (M) 45 22 07:16:28
51 39012 Nick Wharton (M) 46 23 07:16:28
52 39005 Karlheinz Kobus (M) 47 24 07:17:32
53 39007 Frederic Blond (VM40) 48 13 07:22:39
54 39002 Lang Franz (M) 49 25 07:27:25
55 39031 Sue Furner (VF40) 6 4 07:36:31
56 39015 Shelley Bennett (VF35) 7 1 07:54:13
57 39011 Carol Ann Plater (VF40) 8 5 07:54:37
58 39020 Susan Denham-Smith (VF35) 9 2 07:57:15
59 39061 Gerard Lowry (VM40) 50 14 08:05:28
60 100 Gerry Forde (MWC) 51 1 08:23:16

PCT 50 Mile Training Run

PCT 50 Mile Training Run April 1

Any So Cal listers or anyone down in San Diego this weekend is  
invited to come join us for a training run on the Pacific Crest Trail  
in the Cleveland National Forest--about an hour's drive outside of  
downtown San Diego.

We'll meet at 7 a.m. on Saturday and head north on the PCT, leaving  
from Boulder Oaks campground.  We'll do 8 miles out, then retrace our  

For directions or more information about the PCT 50 mile run, to be  
held on May 13, visit  This run utilizes part of the  
same route as the San Diego 100, so it's a great way to familiarize  
yourself with the course if you're thinking of doing the 100 in  
October or just a great 50 miles of challenging single track trail.

See you on the trails!

John "El Cubano" Martinez, RD

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Loutraki Ultra Festival Participants

Book by John Reidy - Colac competitor

Mental Health 8Hour Run

8-Hour Run

I'd like to thank all of those who participated or in any way contributed.

Mike Kopfenstein
Dan Gray
Andy Weinberg
Rich Breaux
Richard Cooke
Mike Siltman
Ollie Nanyes
Jim McIntyre
Nick Graner
Chuck Meyer
Dave Tapp
Paul Kelley

Sellers Ltd.-Susan Carter
Margaret Herman
Independence Village
Pete and Jane Kelley
Paul and Laura Kelley
Spon River Home Heath

We raised $370 for the Mental Health Association who will put it towards  good use for stigma reduction and suicide prevention. It also hopefully raised awareness of anyone who visited the website and hit the links.

We had but 15 participants however; by waiting to order anything until registration closed, we were able to have a nice, cozy, warm up for McNaughton run and a good meal afterwards.

All runners were paid a substantial appearance fee ($1) but all generously contributed it back to help a good cause, although several claimed that it was to maintain their amateur status.

Weather was perfect and i was very lucky as we had bad weather both before and after the race.

The course was a beautiful 5.1-6 mile loop but we'll call it 6 for
everyone's logs and egos as it was slow going. I thought the course was well-marked and the fact that some got lost after correctly negotiating the first one or two loops helps substantiate that ultra runners IQ's drop during long events and some of us were "swimming against the current" to begin with.

Next year I'll do less cutesy swag and I will, after 2 events of hats not coming in, get hats.

I'm no Andy Weinberg but I enjoyed doing the event, didn't lose too much money and will do it again next year and maybe limit it to 20 people.

My next run is the Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run. Am also charged with adding a cross-country run to Whitney's Walk which is a local suicide  prevention walk on 7/29/06. I am working on getting Danny Dreyer (Chi Running) to come do a seminar for the cc kids and others who may be


New CR at Stevens Creek 50km

New CR at Stevens Creek 50K

On a day when a rain-engorged Stevens Creek had to be slowly forded at mid-thigh (previous 20 years were ankle deep at worst), Kensington's Lon Freeman set a new course record by eight  minutes with a fine 4:27:25, and Bev Anderson-Abbs became the first repeat winner, edging out Beth Vitalis despite a wrong turn. Adam Ray, Joe Swenson, and Georgia Gibbon rounded out the top three in the Stevens Creek 50K on Saturday.

DNFs took their highest toll in the history of the race, but six runners  - Andy Black, Wally Hesseltine, Jim Magill, Dave Wright, Kap'n Kirk Boisseree, and R.D. Steve Patt - became five time finishers in this fifth running of the race. Kirk did have to start the race 24 hours late in order to accomplish that after mismarking his calendar; fortunately he encountered an understanding R.D.

Full results are here:

Steve Patt, R.D.

Strolling Jim Early entry

Strolling Jim Early Entry

The clock is ticking on the early entry deadline for the Strolling
Jim 40 Mile Run.
Enty fee is $30 until April 1, so get those applications in the mail today!
This year's race will feature a new tshirt design for all finishers.
We're also hoping for a rematch between Laz and Son of Laz.
You don't want to miss the action!

Sarah Tynes

CBRC 24 Hr Run entry

CBRC 24 Hr Run entry fee change after Friday

The reduced early entry fee for the Cornbelt Running Club's 24 Hour Run 6-7MAY2006, 25th Anniversary, is available through 31MAR2006, fees increase after that date.  Race entries will be limited to 60.

Race application available at:
Cornbelt Running Club web site:

This will be the 25th edition of the 24 Hour Run hosted by the Cornbelt Running Club in Eldridge, Iowa.  The race is held on a high school all weather track and uses manual lap counters.  Entry fee includes pre-race dinner, post-race breakfast, post-race showers at a nearby fitness club,and race shirt. Eldridge, Iowa is a short 15 minute drive from the Quad-Cities, (Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and  Moline and Rock Island, Illinois).

Bonnie Busch

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Capital Peak 50 mile and relay

This is a reminder for the Capitol Peak 50 mile and Relay on Saturday, April 15, 2006. If you havent yet signed up, please send in your application before March 31, 2006 to take advantage of the early registration.

Capital Peak Ultra

We will still take entries on day of race or you can
Also sign up at the South Sound Running in Olympia (3409 Capitol Blvd).

If you are not sure about running the entire 50 miles, there is the
Relay option that you can run with a buddy or 3 other buddies in the 2 or 4-person relay. You can still take advantage of getting some good trail miles in prep for the racing season!! This year the race is a benefit for cross country teams in the Olympia area. Some CC runners will be at the aid stations to help out.

Ky Ultra results

Ky Ultra results

Hello everyone,

    We had weather! We had 75 starters, 68 finishers in the 50 km,
and 21 in the 50 mile. Eight runners finished the KY Series by
completing the Love'n The Hills 50 km (Louisville 2-18), Land
Between The Lakes 60 km (Grand Rivers 3-11), and KUTS 80 km.
There names are marked with "***"
    The story involves Nikki Seger being the only runner to have run
in all ten KUTS. My new pup (Sojourn) was a hit. The weather went
from drizzle to snow to rain to windy to sun to ... The mud got good
reviews from most everyone. Many runners did extra miles, at no
extra fee ;-) And the buffet Friday was the best yet. Most everyone
climbed the 240 steps to Tater Knob.

Best to all,

     KUTS 10 25-Mar-06    
         50 mi
      1 Daumer Kathleen f/30 TN 9:51:20
      1 Thomas Tracy f/44 IL 9:51:20
      3 Kuhn Brian m/32 IL 10:11:21
      4 Bour Jason m/37 OH 10:13:15
      5 Purdy Bruce m/49 MI 10:14:24
      6 Nichols John m/42 OH 10:14:50
      7 Durbin Steve m/50 KY 10:20:20 ***
      7 Howard Mike m/52 KY 10:20:20  ***
      9 Parker Dale m/43 KY 10:21:54
      10 Glass David m/38 IN 10:26:17 ***
      10 Vaughn Logan m/21 IN 10:26:17
      12 Thornton Tom m/36 KY 10:32:16 ***
      12 Meagher Robin f/25 OH 10:32:16 ***
      12 Young Brian m/37 OH 10:32:16
      15 Paulus Kurt m/55 OH 10:59:59
      16 Nathaniel Damian m/39 IN 11:14:52
      17 Siculan Kathy f/48 IL 11:58:41 ***
      17 Ward Mike m/48 IL 11:58:41 ***
      19 Kirk Ed m/50 KY 12:01:28 ***
      19 Scandrett Michael m/51 MN 12:01:28
      21 Stone Tom m/45 OH 12:09:25
         50 km
      1 Kuhn Brian m/32 IL 5:40:09
      2 Gregg Wesley m/42 OH 5:40:10
      3 Goodman Russ m/34 IN 5:46:31 ***
      4 Martin Kim f/41 OH 5:55:21
      5 Hughes Melissa f/25 MI 5:56:04
      5 Roche-Wallace Kathy f/44 MI 5:56:04
      7 Daumer Kathleen f/30 TN 5:59:14
      7 Mauger Tom m/47 OH 5:59:14 ***
      7 Thomas Tracy f/44 IL 5:59:14
      10 Barhorst Linda f/43 OH 6:06:56
      11 Corfman David m/43 OH 6:07:27
      12 Durbin Steve m/50 KY 6:07:30
      12 Howard Mike m/52 KY 6:07:30
      14 Parker Dale m/43 KY 6:08:10
      15 Paulus Kurt m/55 OH 6:09:58
      16 Thornton Tom m/36 KY 6:10:16
      17 Glass David m/38 IN 6:11:40
      17 Vaughn Logan m/21 IN 6:11:40
      19 Meagher Robin f/25 OH 6:14:07
      19 Young Brian m/37 OH 6:14:07
      21 Coons Randy m/48 KY 6:16:52
      22 Purdy Bruce m/49 MI 6:18:35
      23 Bour Jason m/37 OH 6:19:11
      24 Durbin John m/49 KY 6:20:28
      24 LeNeave Kelly m/29 KY 6:20:28
      26 Frichtl Don m/49 IL 6:22:34
      26 Rideout Danielle f/27 IL 6:22:34
      28 Nichols John m/42 OH 6:25:14
      29 Kral Steve m/43 KY 6:27:00
      30 Kirk Ed m/50 KY 6:30:00
      31 Nocita Shawn m/43 PA 6:32:50
      32 Engel Bob m/51 OH 6:33:45
      32 Huffman David m/37 WV 6:33:45
      32 Scandrett Michael m/51 MN 6:33:45
      35 Sell Terry m/44 PA 6:34:17
      35 Taylor Mike m/37 OH 6:34:17
      37 Floyd Brenton m/20 TN 6:37:40
      38 Bland Brenda f/46 WI 6:40:08
      39 Nathaniel Damian m/39 IN 6:40:50
      40 Firlotte Kathy f/xx OH 6:45:07
      41 Belluardo Keith m/39 OH 6:45:40
      42 Marten John m/44 OH 6:47:25
      43 Keuneke Linda f/42 IN 6:48:55
      43 Knott Paul m/43 IN 6:48:55
      45 Niemann Ted m/43 OH 6:58:05
      45 Scheper Eric m/32 KY 6:58:05
      47 Halsey Jim m/45 IN 7:11:56
      48 Rochelle JJ m/41 TN 7:13:27
      49 Sexton Dru f/53 VA 7:14:41
      49 Zollman Graham m/57 VA 7:14:41
      51 Santangelo Joe m/32 OH 7:16:01
      52 Gibbs Karen f/xx IL 7:24:24
      53 Aistars Juli f/47 IL 7:38:05
      54 Manhoff Delores f/xx  OH 7:39:06
      55 Siculan Kathy f/48 IL 7:41:19
      55 Ward Mike m/48 IL 7:41:19
      57 Scandrett AnnaLaura f/20 OH 7:41:54
      58 Stone Tom m/45 OH 7:42:41
      59 Moore Art m/68 OH 7:48:57
      60 Mattingly Bruce m/52 KY 7:58:40
      61 Harris Kathleen f/50 IL 7:59:40
      62 Evans Rosie f/52 KY 7:59:45
      63 Drexler Cathy f/45 WI 8:10:50
      63 Seger Nikki f/44 IL 8:10:50
      65 Mazur Tony m/51 MI 8:11:30
      65 Ostafinski Dave m/53 MI 8:11:30
      67 Taylor Gene m/59 WI 8:28:09
      67 Wright Joe m/52 KY 8:28:09

Ran less than 50 km:
       Beaver Melissa f/28 IN  
       Daugherty Dona f/26 KY  
       Ftacnik Michael m/32 OH  
       Ftacnik Nicole f/31 OH  
       Gill Tim    
       Graner Nick m/42 IN  
       Hemmelgarn Gary m/55 OH  
       Wilkinson Ann f/27 KY  

Monday, March 27, 2006

50K HAT Run Results

50K HAT Run Results

The 18th Annual HAT Run.

Rebecca Harman smiled her way to a third victory on Saturday with a  
14 minute margin. Ian Schouten and Barry Lewis ran the first lap  
together comfortably behind the early leaders. On the second lap  
Barry closed a 3 minute gap to claim his fifth HAT Run. First time  
ultra runner Andy Dowin also ran a conservative first lap then  moved  
into third place. It was a partly sunny or cloudy day (depending on  
your mood) with temps in the mid 40's.

Place     Surname     First name     Age     Sex     State     Time
1     Lewis     Barry     46     M     PA     3:48:25
2     Schouten     Ian     40     M     PA     3:52:49
3     Downin     Andy     32     M     WI     3:55:57
4     Powell     Goat     27     M     VA     3:56:24
5     Laino     Tony     32     M     PA     4:00:41
6     Anderson     John     43     M     VA     4:11:56
7     Koch     Kevin     48     M     PA     4:15:13
8     Schuster     Michael     32     M     VA     4:17:13
9     Echols     Nathan     38     M     NJ     4:22:22
9     Thomas     Scott     42     M     PA     4:22:22
11     Cawood     Robert     37     M     MD     4:23:52
12     Noone     Steve     47     M     PA     4:24:07
13     Thomas     Rhys     34     M     MD     4:26:51
14     Curci     Robert     48     M     NJ     4:26:54
15     Hoopes     Rick     51     M     NE     4:26:57
16     Wynn     Jim     38     M     MD     4:27:03
17     Moore     Keith     36     M     DC     4:27:08
18     Jeffs     Stephen     39     M     NJ     4:27:28
19     Harman     Rebecca     36     F     NY     4:29:47
20     Crisman     Mark     42     M     MD     4:30:27
21     Richards     Herman     52     M     NJ     4:31:00
22     Nasuta     Brian     22     M     MD     4:31:39
23     Brown     J.L.     43     M     WV     4:32:02
24     Zaruba     Greg     39     M     MD     4:32:23
25     Kerby     Richard     45     M     VA     4:33:41
26     Peck     Henry     49     M     MD     4:34:38
27     Mortensen     Christopher     24     M     PA     4:35:25
28     Mengel     Don     49     M     PA     4:35:54
29     Winters     Steven     35     M     MD     4:37:22
30     Kleinrock     Nancy     45     F     NY     4:40:35
31     Clapper     Joe     48     M     VA     4:40:51
32     Balestrier     Corinne     39     F     PA     4:42:53
33     Dovin     Paul     49     M     PA     4:43:12
34     Lee     Euihwa     46     M     PA     4:43:58
35     Wysong     Brennen     36     M     NY     4:44:01
36     Marquard     Eric     42     M     NJ     4:44:38
37     Buzby     Tim     39     M     NJ     4:44:56
38     Hendricks     Brian     34     M     PA     4:45:41
39     Deland     Greg     43     M     PA     4:45:49
40     Semanyk     Andrew     35     M     PA     4:46:10
41     Leiter     Frank     33     M     PA     4:46:24
42     Howton     James     31     M     VA     4:47:00
43     Rarer     Garry     33     M     PA     4:47:33
44     Cochran     Mary Beth     37     F     MD     4:47:45
45     Casarez     Ernesto     49     M     MD     4:48:02
46     Gerard     Prasad     47     M     MD     4:50:06
47     Brown     Rande     35     M     PA     4:50:42
48     Smith     Mike     39     M     PA     4:51:45
49     Reilly     Gary     50     M     MD     4:51:47
50     Petley     Dan     42     M     PA     4:51:52
51     Palmer     Rick     36     M     PA     4:52:03
52     Brown     Kari     32     F     PA     4:53:01
53     Ely     Ron     35     M     MD     4:53:35
54     Scales     Steve     46     M     PA     4:53:38
55     Gorrell     Wilson     38     M     MD     4:54:16
55     Green     Robin     29     M     CA     4:54:16
57     Piskorska     Anna     33     F     PA     4:55:16
58     Lechner     Philip     32     M     PA     4:56:01
59     Kruse     Richard     51     M     DE     4:56:34
60     Wancowicz     Stephen     34     M     MD     4:56:40
61     Altemos     Erin     31     M     MD     4:57:17
62     Kinnecome     Susie     42     F     MD     4:58:30
62     Seiberg     Jaret     36     M     MD     4:58:30
64     Neimeyier     Paul     40     M     PA     5:00:23
65     Burnett     Rick     49     M     MD     5:03:15
66     Leitner     Jesse     36     M     MD     5:03:30
67     Francis     John     24     M     DE     5:04:53
68     Ragone     Jennifer     35     F     VA     5:05:05
69     McElroy     Seth     37     M     MD     5:05:55
70     Schaffer     Daniel     32     M     PA     5:06:07
71     Wysong     Patrick     39     M     MD     5:06:17
72     Straw     Keith     51     M     PA     5:07:17
73     Schaffling     Bill     51     M     PA     5:07:56
74     Kent     Michael     42     M     MA     5:08:15
75     Brault     David     54     M     MD     5:08:29
76     Farrah     Steve     60     M     PA     5:08:32
77     Thompson     Eric     27     M     PA     5:09:33
78     Studt     Lenore     41     F     MD     5:09:35
79     Prilutski     Gerard     49     M     PA     5:09:54
80     Dietz     Randy     55     M     PA     5:09:56
81     Mon     Joe     28     M     MD     5:10:32
82     Fahey     Gus     36     M     MD     5:11:11
83     Turrentine     Bill     57     M     VA     5:11:53
84     Semanyk     Heather     36     F     PA     5:11:56
85     Moser     Michael     38     M     MD     5:12:09
86     Graham-Finan     Donna     39     F     NY     5:13:05
86     Cole     Thomas     45     M     NJ     5:13:05
88     Silverman     Alexei     36     M     MD     5:13:16
89     Klessinger     John     31     M     MD     5:13:38
90     Frederick     Drew     20     M     NJ     5:14:09
91     Calloway     Gregory     45     M     MD     5:14:19
92     Rosvold     Eva     32     F     MD     5:14:31
92     Lawrence     Mark     47     M     MD     5:14:31
94     Shepard     John     29     M     VA     5:14:49
95     Weidman     Valerie     39     F     PA     5:15:15
96     Kern     Stuart     43     M     MD     5:17:10
97     Madden     Lisa     32     F     NY     5:17:14
98     Loose     Brian     40     M     CT     5:17:39
99     Small     Steve     39     M     MD     5:18:05
100     Walsh     Thomas     33     M     CT     5:20:32
101     Schiffer     Jacque     41     F     NY     5:20:35

Grasslands 50Mile Results

Grasslands 50-Mile Results

Grasslands Run
March 25, 2006
LBJ National Grasslands; Decatur, TX
Suzi Cope, RD

1      6:42:30      Ryan Loehding     33     M
2      7:39:35      Jack Hase     45     M
3      7:47:32      Bret Sholar     39     M
4      7:48:04      Matt Ellis     42     M
5      7:57:32      Troy Pruett     45     M
6      8:02:36      Steve Shopoff     59     M
7      8:09:20      Matthew Crownover     33     M
8      8:15:50      John Paterson     27     M
9      8:40:30      Lisa Smith-Batchen     45     F
10      8:40:33      Todd Milbert     40     M
11      9:00:02      Brian Minnehan     33     M
12      9:00:41      Doug Ryan     48     M
13      9:03:28      Lori Green     28     F
14      9:03:28      Cindy Melder     44     F
15      9:19:22      Eunsup Kim     53     M
16      9:25:05      Chris McConnell     38     M
17      9:33:21      William Abrams     45     M
18      9:33:35      Collette Haney     40     F
19      9:36:47      Rene Villalobos     47     M
20      9:39:51      Charles Johnston     22     M
21      9:54:50      Jeff Massey     29     M
22      9:55:03      Jeff Dalton     30     M
23      10:01:55      Mario Salinas     45     M
24      10:05:33      Mike Siltman     37     M
25      10:08:03      Bill Rumbaugh     60     M
26      10:13:06      Finlay Woodruff     43     M
27      10:18:00      Jay Freeman     58     M
28      10:20:39      Ed Kopiak     63     M
29      10:21:06      Marty Metzger     44     M
30      10:25:46      Derek Jones     23     M
31      10:25:56      Scott Jacaway     48     M
32      10:37:54      Nick Papafote     42     M
33      10:48:30      Joe Barry     59     M
34      10:49:48      David Billman     51     M
35      10:52:00      Santos Salinas     44     M
36      10:53:34      Terrance Turpin     29     M
37      10:55:44      David Johnson     52     M
38      11:10:48      Thomas Okazaki     49     M
39      11:27:05      Sim Portnoy     39     M
40      11:33:32      Kyle Brown     31     M
41      11:42:45      Rick Carr     49     M
42      12:24:06      Steve Hall     48     M

Results for Buffalo Run

Results for the 25k and 50k are now posted on the website.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


15km or or 36km or 60km walk/run - team event raising funds for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad. Starts at 10 am in Goolwa, South Aust and finishes at Victor Harbor (15km) or Mt Compass (65km, via Heysen Trail). contact: Brad Butler on (08) 8552-2441. email: Visit the website for more details.


34 miler (55km). 7am start corner of Davey St. and Nepean Highway, Frankston. Block of chocolate for every finisher! Own support needed. The oldest established ultra in Australia, first run in 1973. contact: Kev Cassidy by phone 0425-733-336. email: Visit the website for more details.

Jesper Olsen World Run Marathon - Finland

Also, you -and all other American ´´Worldrun runners´´ are invited -and most welcome to take part of the unique JESPER OLSEN WORLDRUN MARATHON to be held on Saturday 5th. August 2006 at Stockfors Marathon Village locating  about 100km east from Helsinki.
More detailed information will be soon available at


Lastly, it is needless to say that in the meantime I have fully enjoyed daily running on snowy trails in the middle of the beautiful Panorama picturesque arctic forest at the Sub ZERO temperatures (Record -43C) called
I wish you all happy running.

Keep in touch!

Best Regards,

The Iceman


Comrades 2006

When it comes to unselfish acts, there are many stories that involve Comrades runners. But few tug at the heart strings like Hennie Loots and Henk Meyer.
This year Loots helped Meyer through to his seventh Comrades finish in 10:31. What makes it so special is that Meyer is so badly mentally retarded that he doesn't now his age, cannot read or spell and has no idea of the distance that he runs every year. He only has 40% use of his left arm and although 34 years of age, has the mental capacity of a four year old. Loots' job during Comrades is to ensure that he finishes, hydrates correctly and does not get lost.
"Henk is my sister's son and he got malaria when he was four which affected half of his brain", the 48-year-old Loots explains. "But we've noticed that with the running, he is starting to improve." Loots, who often travels through from Roodeport to pick up Meyer in Hartebeespoort, does train with Meyer and also assists him in other races. "I've been doing it for 10 years now and it's worth the effort," Loots says. "It's rewarding to see the positive effect it has on him."
Comrades 2003 was a tough one for Meyer, who finished his seventh Comrades and Loots his eleventh. "With 10km to go he started to cry and said that he couldn't continue," Loots said, "but there's an inner strength in him that's unexplainable and he kept going"