Friday, May 05, 2006

2006 TransUSA crossings

2006 Trans-USA crossings

For all your Trans-USA running needs...

2006 Crossings Compilation map:

2006 Individual information:

Tom Walsh (5/15/06; San Diego, CA-Van Buren,
ME, 3,280-3,600 miles)

Daniel P. Isaacson (6/1/06; Portland, OR-NYC,
NY; 2,950 miles)

Paul Staso (6/23/06; Cannon Beach, OR-Lewes, DE;
3,200 miles)

Christian S. McEvoy (7/1/06; San Francisco,
CA-Narragansett, RI; 3,500 miles)

Lansing Brewer (7/4/06; Westport,
WA-Topsail Beach, NC; 3,000+ miles)

Updated Trans-USA crossers with Andrew Skurka (C2C, 7778mi) and Lansing
Brewer (2nd crossing starts 7/4):

John Wallace III

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