Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bugger That

24hrs of running for SEAL families

Good luck Geoff

Crewing still needed for Jesper Olsen

If Jesper doesn't have to push the baby jogger of supplies he will make it =
through PA.

All it takes is a reliable vehicle that will carry his supplies and you wil=
l simply stop every 2 or so miles so he can replenish fluids/food along h=
is segment.

Call Connie at (219) 613-0035 and email to the list so that as many people =
as possible see your response and we can coordinate with each other.

If you can't crew but know someone who can, runner or not, please call me.

Connie :)

We have crewing tentatively in place for:
(projected arrival dates in parens)

Pittsburgh to Wilkinsburgh (9/9)=20

Breezewood to McConnellsburg (9/16)

Chambersburg to Gettysburg (9/17)

York to Lancaster (9/22)

Nothing set up for east of New Holland

Still needed:

Minerva to Lisbon (9/5)
Lisbon to E. Liverpool (9/6)
Cross of Hwy 30/18 (9/7)
Cross of Hwy 30/18 to Pittsburgh (9/8)
Wilkinsburg to Irwin (9/10)
Irwin to Greensburg (9/11)
Greensburg to Ligonier (9/12)
Ligonier to Stoystown (9/13)
Stoystown to Bedford (9/14)
McConnellsburg to Chambersburg (9/17)
Gettysburg to Abbotstown (9/20)


Friday, September 02, 2005

Trans Gaulle Daily Updates

New address for South African Ultra Running

Another Photo of the Author

Conquer The Canuck

> (Crabbe Mountain - August 27/28, 2005)
> Event: 50km Trail Ultra
> Pos. Bib Last Name Sex Age City Prov/State Time
> 1 11 Mike Davis M 37 Fredericton NB 04:58:53
> 2 12 Nick Taggart M 27 Fredericton NB 06:44:05
> 3 9 Brad Toms M 25 Havelock ON 07:00:23
> 4 10 Tanya Chisholm F 38 Halifax NS 07:47:58
> 5 1 Steve Scott M 58 Fredericton NB 10:02:36

New race in Utah

Hey all,
Just a short announcement of a new race in Utah next March 18th. The Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25k/50k.
Here's your chance to run where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play (oh, give me a home etc.).
Antelope Island State Park is on the largest island (28,000 acres) in the Great Salt Lake. There are about 45 miles of trails there with 500 head of buffalo to dodge. Sometime they move, sometimes they don't. Anyone in the Salt Lake area who's run these trails enjoy's them. We have a website, but it's not up and running yet.
I'm a trail patrol volunteer out there and a couple of us have thought it would be a great place to have a run. Your entry will include entrance to the island and all the usual race festivities. We will be renting a group campsite that will be available Friday night. We're going to try and have a ranger there for kid's activities as well.
That time of year will be cool, but not necessarily cold and no bugs. I ran all winter out there last year and the vast majority of the time the trails were clear of snow and in great shape.
So mark your calendars for March 18th, 2006.

Jim Skaggs
Layton, UT
RD Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Katrina 12 Hour Relief Run-Was Hotfoot Hamster

After hearing about Tyler's situation in New Orleans and since our run =
is free anyways; I, the host of Hotfoot Hamster (and I hope Geri K & =
Paul Bonnett won't mind since we're still not charging anything anyways) =
have decided that we donate all proceeds that are collected during our =
run to go to the charity of choice for which we'll let Tyler decide =
which is best. We'll have a jar set out for those who wish to donate.

For those that still wanted to run the run I'm sorry to say that it's =
full but feel free to come out and have some fun with us anyways. It'll =
be a fun 12 hour slumber party and hopefully I'll have the webcam set up =
in time to have a 'Pajama Contest'.....the most votes for the best =
pajamas will win a special price. The address for the webcam will be: =

We originally stated that the first 20 entrants will get "free jammies" =
(Patagonia shorts). We're still going to do that but have recently =
decided to buy additional shorts (which are being donated by Nardini =
Manor). In order to receive a pair of these though if you're not one of =
the first 20 that registered, we'll ask that you please donate an amount =
of your choice to the relief fund.=20

The run is this Saturday, September the 3rd in Litchfield Park Arizona = This is going to be a 12 hour through the =
night chip timed run. It is being done to give back to the ultra =
community and to try out new things for our upcoming runs. This run is =
USATF certified and is being sponsored by Nardini Manor, Javelina =
Jundred ( and Across The Years =

Looking forward to seeing everyone,

Rodger Wrublik

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Updated Colac entry list

Make Poverty History


Australians speaking out


With two weeks to go till the UN Millennium Summit your support is more crucial than ever. Your efforts are bearing fruit with signs that the Prime Minister will be attending.

This is yet to be confirmed - so if you haven't emailed him and asked him to go then please do so now.

Australia is increasingly looking the odd one out with no plans to increase aid or better target the Millennium Development Goals it agreed to support in 2000.

But you are helping to put the pressure on. In an amazing effort, tens of thousands have signed postcards which we delivered last week to the Government, courtesy of Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Bruce Bilson. Along with the thousands of emails and the more than 350,000 people wearing white bands, we are starting a rumble.

But it's still only just beginning to be heard.

The UN Summit in New York from 14 - 16 September will focus on progress made towards achieving the Millenium Development Goals, providing a platform for world leaders to take action to improve the lives of more than a billion people living in poverty.

Before they get to that platform we want to have ten days to shake the world.

Here are five things you can do in the next couple of weeks to help make the shake:

1. Wear your white band
2. White band your dog, home, workplace, church.....
3. Join in on, or organise, an event
4. Send flowers to your Coalition MP
5. See Further Actions for more or if you are a Canberran, join in on the "flash mobs"

You'll have even more impact if your friends and family are involved - forward them this email and ask them to subscribe to further updates.

New research (PDF: 235KB) from the campaign has shown that increasing Australian Overseas Aid to an interim 0.5% of Gross National Income, just an extra 1% of our Federal Budget, could bring new opportunities for up to 32 million people in South East Asia alone, including:

40,000 less child deaths per year
Safe drinking water for almost 11 million people
Basic education for 60,000 more children
18,000 less deaths each year from HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis
1,200 less women dying during childbirth each year
Thanks once again for helping to make poverty history.

STOP PRESS: Whitebands can now be bought from your HMV Music store as well as at Oxfam stores or on the web.

Good Walking cartoon

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good page with Ultra Links

Fleet Feet Grand Slam - Huntsville version

Fleet Feet Sports of Huntsville, AL is holding its
Grand Slam again this year, consisting of four

1. Dizzy Fifties Trail Ultra (50K/40M/50M) - Nov 19th

2. Rocket City Marathon - Dec 10th

3. Recover from the Holidays 50k - Dec 31st

4. Mountain Mist 50K - Jan 28th

Dizzy Fifties, Rocket City, and Mountain Mist are all
Huntsville Track Club events, and forms for each can
be found at their website under 'Events':

Recover from the Holidays 50K is a 'Fat Ass' ultra,
and entry forms for it can be obtained from
Fleet Feet Sports of Huntsville - see Suzanne's e-mail

There is a separate entry fee for the Slam - I think it
is $15 before October 1st, and $30 thereafter. The
Dizzy Fifties entry fee goes from $20 to $30 on
October 1st as well, so now's the time to get your
entries in. A Slam finisher award will be given to
all individuals who complete all four events after

The HTC is a non-profit, so other than not wanting
to go in the hole too deep for the club, I have no real
financial interest in the above.