Saturday, May 13, 2006

Okiyama opens up 7km lead at 11hr mark

Vlastik's Run for Kids

On 26th May, Vlastilav Skvaril will commence a 5,500km solo run for Camp Quality. This run will take place from Hobart in the southern part of Tasmania to Cape York in the northern part of Queensland.

Camp Quality is giving joy to children and their families living with cancer. The motto says it all: "Laughter is the best medicine."

To raise funds for this worthy cause I will start my "Run For Kids Smiles" on the 24th of May 2006 from the southermost point of Tasmania to the northernmost point of Australia - the top of Cape York finishing on the 28th August - my 67th birthday.

Dates for arrival at major destinations:

Hobart: 26th May

Melbourne 1st June

Sydney 20th June

Brisbane 9th July

Mackay 28th July

Cairns 10th August

Cape York(Top)28th August

I know Vlastik will appreciate anyone joining him for a run on the road or helping out for a day or two. If so, please contact him on: 0438 330652 or 0419 399605

For more information about Vlastik's run go to:

48hr race -Very close on leaderboard


I wouldnt like to predict a winner or distance at this stage.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Indian Multi-day race

Entry form available soon for this exciting new race. Interest is starting to build around the world, with several overseas runners already indicating their desire to compete. If you would like further information, please email me at

23 Sep - 06 Oct 06 - First Indian Multi-Day race

World Harmony Run - 2006

The World Harmony Run is a global relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. As a symbol of harmony, runners carry a flaming torch, passing it from hand to hand between members of thousands of local communities, travelling through over 70 nations around the globe.

The World Harmony Run is a true grassroots event that touches the lives of millions of people along its route. The runners visit schools, community groups, running clubs, and local and national government organizations. At these stops they celebrate the goal of world harmony as well as recognize people in the community who work for harmony in their own special way.

The World Harmony Run does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations and strengthen a sense of international brotherhood and oneness.

Heels on Fire

Ever thought what it would be like to run over 600 km in a month through the Indian state of Kerala that the National Geographic describes as one of the ten paradises on earth? The chronicles of an insane plan and the adventures of Peter Dulvy - a runner, Desmond Roberts - a photographer and Rahul Noble Singh - a writer. They are giving themselves 30 days to complete the route. Peter on his feet and the others capturing the adventure and life along the way through images and words.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Surgeres 48hr starts this weekend -World Class field

Cornelia BULLIG Allemagne 46 ans

Pamela REED Etats-Unis 45 ans

Mette PILGAARD Danemark 45 ans

Edit BERCES Hongrie 41 ans

Sumie INAGAKI Japon 40 ans

Masae KAMURA Japon 48 ans

Michaela DIMITRIADU Rép.T 32 ans

Galina EREMINA Russie 53 ans

Irina KOVAL Russie 47 ans

Irina REUTOVICH Russie 56 ans

Nina MYTROFANOVA Ukraine 49 ans

Christine BODET France 48 ans

Christiane LE CERF France 55 ans

Joëlle SEMUR France 45 ans

Wolfgang SCHWERK All. 50 ans

Jesper OLSEN Danemark 34 ans

Kenji OKIYAMA Japon 40 ans

Vlastimil DVORACEK Rép.T 47 ans

Vladimir TIVIKOV Russie 54 ans

J-Gilles BOUSSIQUET France 61ans

Emmanuel CONRAUX France37 ans

Claude HARDEL France 47 ans

Alain MALLEREAU France 55 ans

Jean-Pierre RENAUD France 46 ans

Gold Coast 100km to offer prizemoney

Gold Coast 100km to offer prizemoneyIan Corneliues, Gold Coast 100km race director, today announced that the Gold Coast 10km0 will be offering prizemoney this year.

The winner of the mens race will receive $1,000 provided the winning time is sub 7hrs 30 and the winner of the womens race will also win $1,000 provided the winning time is sub 9 hours.

There will be a meet the runners function by way of a pasta dinner (user pays) at the Runaway Bay Junior Rugby Club, opposite the Sports Super Centre in Morala Avenue commencing at 6:00 pm on race eve, Saturday 10 June 2006.

This will be followed by a panel discussion at 6:45 pm. He advises that the panel will include three of Australia's greatest 100 km runners, Tim Sloan, Don Wallace and Jonathan Blake.

The first two men and first two women in th erace will gain automatic selection to the team to represent Australia at the World Championships to be held in Korea provided their times are sub 8 and sub 9:30 respectively.

Offical team uniforms will be provided and it is expected that airfares and accommodation will be fully funded this year.

Entries for the Gold Coast 100 are now open, see

Prizegiving will take place at the race venue at 6:00 pm on the day of the race.

Supermarathon Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest

Supermarathon Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest

19-10-06 Vienna - Bratislava 103 km
20-10-06 Bratislava - Gyor 100 km
21-10-06 Gyor - Tata 61 km
22-10-06 Tata - Budakeszi 60 km
23-10-06 Budakeszi - Budapest 21 km

Nice stage-run in Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary).


Bram van der Bijl

Steve Vaught finishes Cross-America walk

Link 1

Link 2

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

6 day race results - Antibes - (France)

1200km Fastpack

1200km solo fastpack, Canadian GDT Calgarian Paula Duncan is planning a 55 day solo hike from US border to Kakwa lake park BC this summer to become the first woman to hike the full 1200 km route on her own & raise funds for Child Haven International. See my article in on her plans and preparations.*art

Monday, May 08, 2006

Student to run three-day Marathon


Capital Peak Ultra 50km

Map and entry form for the epic 50k now available

hello friends

the wait is over you can now print out and mail your entry application for THE EPIC 50k!!

sorry it's taken so long but there was a big snag with the permit but all has been resolved and we've gotten the green light from the forest service/ bureau of land management.

a map with the route highlighted is now also available.

for those of you who didn't already know or have forgotten THE EPIC will be one of the toughest 50k's in the world if not THE toughest! with over 14,000 feet of elevation gain(and another 14,000 feet of loss), an average elevation of over 11,000 feet and very rugged terrain this run will test your limits.

i look forward to seeing you all in colorado soon!

p.s. there's a 100 runner limit and nearly that many have already expressed interest so get those entries in soon so you don't miss out

Strolling Jim 40 Mile

Strolling Jim 40 Mile

Saturday, May 6, 2006

The 28th annual Strolling Jim race was held on Saturday, May 6, 2006 in
Wartrace, TN.

This year brought about some new changes. Long-time race director, Gary Cantrell, handed off his responsibility to a very capable and enthusiastic Philip Gentry and there were aid stations set up providing water, sports drinks, sliced fruit, and veggies.  In past years, aid had consisted of gallon jugs of water placed on the sides of the road.

The morning, for the early start runners at 5 a.m., was a cool 49
degrees with fog. The sky was partly cloudy to cloudy with a cool breeze making it a great day for a race.

There were a total of 69 runners from the early and the regular starts that toed the line.

This year proved to be an exciting race with rivals Dink Taylor and
Dewayne Satterfield of Alabama exchanging first and second places
several times during the race. Dink ultimately won with the time of
4:48:56 with Dewayne coming in at 4:52:28.

The overall winner in the ladies division was Chrissy Ferguson of
Arkansas with a fast time of 6:48:14 with Peggy Wise of Florida
finishing in second place at 7:23:08.

David Jones of Eagleville, TN, running his 18th year, won the Masters
Division for the ninth time clocking in at 5:19:46.  David was racing
with a stress fracture in his foot making this his slowest finish time
at the Strolling Jim. David will be running Badwater 135 Mile Race in
Death Valley, CA this July.

Many thanks and appreciations are given to the race director, the
volunteers and to the sponsors who all worked together in putting on a
superb event.

This 40 mile loop course is not only challenging, but it winds its way
throughout some of the most scenic countryside to be had in this part of the state.  It is a "must do" on any long distance runner's itinerary.

Go to for more information.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Australian Double at New York

Congratulations to Sarah and Dipali


From web page:

Day 10

The Eleventh Annual Self-Transcendence Ten Day race was won by Rimas Jakelaitis,51, from Brooklyn,NY. with 665 miles, his fifth win of the Ten in the history of the race. Hard-charging Vladimir Balatsky took secnd place honors with 653 miles, the farthest he has ever run. Canadian veteran Trishul Cherns placed third with 640 miles.

For the women, Sarah Barnett from Adelaide,Australia won with 611 miles. Defending champion Nataliya Hlushchuk finished second with 600 miles. Fifty-nine year old Karnayati Morison eked out third place by one minute over Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova,62, from Russia with 543 miles.

The 21 runners who stayed for the duration of the race were blessed with good weather which helped performances. Only one runner did not reach at least 400 miles.

Day 6-Six Day

Dipali Cunningham,47, from Melbourne,Australia won the ninth Annual Self-Transcendence Six Day Race overall, with a 458 mile effort. Kaneenika Janakova,36, from Bratislava,Slovakia finished second overall with 422 miles, her personal best and a new national record for women. Friederike Makowka from Geneva,Switzerland took third place with 354 miles.

In the men’s race, Glen Turner,46, from Boulder,Colorado led with 421 miles, followed by Bob Oberkehr with 403 miles, and third place went to Mark Dorion,46, from El Paso,Texas who reached 383 miles, another personal best.

Paul Staso - Run across America

This web site chronicles the running trek of Paul Staso as he aims to complete a solo run across the United States between June 23 and September 27, 2006. The 3,200-mile route includes 15 states: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Latest news is in the Journal.

Coast To Coast Run - Trans USA

Christian McEvoy has accepted the challenge and will be running across the United States from the Pacific to the Atlantic - approximately 3,500 miles - one step at a time to raise awareness and money for cancer survivors. Christian and the Coast to Coast Run Team need your help, support and participation to successfully complete this challenging event.

Christian will start his run in San Francisco, California on July 1, 2006 and hopes to complete it at Narragansett, Rhode Island in December 2006. High School Challenge Participants, as well as College, Corporate and Individual Challenge Participants can join Christian and run with him at various points along the route.