Saturday, June 04, 2005

Warrumbungle Marathon 2005

Date: 20 May 2005

Contact: Amber Burton Ph 0429 422 570

The ultimate athletic challenge - Warrumbungle Marathon 2005

Entries are now open for the third Warrumbungle National Park Marathon to be held in Coonabarabran on Sunday 31 July. This marathon is gaining a reputation as being one of the few ultimate marathon challenge events in Australia and has even attracted overseas attention.

Races include the Ultra Marathon (50 km), Marathon (42.2km), a Half Marathon (21.1 km), and for those short distance athletes a 10 km and 5 km fun run. Each race ends in Canyon Picnic area in the Warrumbungle National Park, where BBQ's will be operating from the early hours for breakfast and into the day for lunch. The Coonabarabran Volunteer Rescue Association and local Rural Fire Service manage and organise this marathon providing volunteers required for drink stations, first aid and course marshals.

Entry fees start at $5 for under 16's for the fun runs, to $45 for the Ultra Marathon. Early bird rates of $30 for Ultra Marathon, $25 for Marathon and $15 for Half Marathon are available for those wishing to book in early. Early bird deadline is 24 July. This is a rewarding marathon in a spectacular setting - the course utilises designated fire trails in the National Park, and covers a good part of the southern and northern tracks, so you will see some amazing scenery as along the way.

The program kicks off on Saturday evening at 6.00 pm for a carbohydrate boosting dinner, where competitors and supporters can eat all the homemade pasta they want for $15 each. This is also an opportunity for National Park Rangers to explain the map, runners to drop in special drinks or requirements and general catching up with old friends before the challenge. Late entries will be accepted at the Pasta Party.

The Warrumbungle Marathon is in its third year, and it has the reputation of being an extreme event for the ultra marathon to an easier grade for the half marathon. The 10 km and 5 km fun run tracks start from the Canyon Picnic area meandering around the Camp Blackman camping ground. The views are stunning and the wildlife in abundance.

Don't miss this opportunity to run with the roo's for the run of your life! For event and accommodation enquiry's call 1800 242 881 or visit the Warrumbungle Marathon website for a complete program, course map and entry forms.

100+ Mile El Paso Stage Race

Tentatively scheduled for Oct. 21-23, 2005

--Mixture of runnable single-track trails, old jeep roads, some dirt and
paved road.

--Probably a shorter Friday stage, +-18-19 miles (with civilized later
morning start time), followed by longer 40-41+ mile stages on Saturday and Sunday for 100+ mile total.

**You are welcome to come run one day or all three, and will be
included in results. Adjusted entry fees depending on how many stages
you plan to run.

--Altitude 4,200'- 5,200'. No major climbs. Some remote sections. Maps
and detailed typed directions given to all runners, tricky intersections
well-flagged. Still, you should be able to read a map and follow written

--Many self-serve aid stations including all types of fluids-- water,
soda pop, gatorade etc. Limited food-- clif bars, candy, etc.

--In each stage, runners will pass by their vehicle (start/ finish area
for day) at the most at 15 mile intervals.

--Yes, October is a busy month with many interesting ultras around the
USA, but that is the way it goes.

(we will have the 9th annual Sagebrush Stride 8 Hour Run in December,
for someone wanting to visit sunny Greater El Paso in winter). Weather
here late October is usually the best of the whole year (highs +-75F,
lows 50F).

--We will have some "dutch treat" dinners at local restaurants, for
those who are interested (luckily there are good cafes within a few
miles of each daily start/ finish point). Also many motels close to

--We will have entry fees, and all runners must sign a search and rescue
form/ waiver. Optional t-shirt fee. Some door/ raffle prizes.

--I plan to pre-run the course this summer, to get an idea of time
involved. My guess is the 40 mile stages will take a faster runner (7.5
hour road or easy trail runner) <10 hours, a more mid or back-of-pack
runner 12-13 hours. Flashlights are advised for the end of the day.

--This should be a fun, different kind of event, and a chance to enjoy a
wide variety of scenery and terrain.
--Please direct inquiries to:
Mark Dorion

The Goliath Expedition

The Goliath Expedition is like no other world record breaking
attempt. It will take over TEN years to complete and will cover over
36,000 Miles across four continents, 25 countries, crossing a frozen
sea, six deserts, seven mountain ranges in one non-stop journey.