Friday, April 14, 2006

FatMan almost finished Epic Walk

04 10 06

Today is one year since I started walking from San Diego and including today I have walked 2465 miles with 366 remaining to New York City. I have lost 130 hard fought pounds during these months and I have approximately 70 more to go before my ideal weight.

Obviously I will not lose that additional weight within the next 4 weeks but it is well within my reach from where I am today. I am healthier and stronger, mentally, as well as physically and all goals are within my reach from here. One year and I have completely changed my life!

Marathon Des Sables - On Now

PCT 50 Training Run April 15

Any So Cal listers or anyone down in San Diego this weekend is
invited to come join us for a training run on the Pacific Crest Trail
in the Cleveland National Forest--about an hour's drive outside of
downtown San Diego.

We'll meet at 7 a.m. at the Penny Pines pullout on Sunrise Highway (@
mile marker 27.5). We'll head south for about nine miles on the PCT,
then return. 18 miles in total. Water will be provided at miles 6
and 12.

For directions or more information about the PCT 50 mile run, to be
held on May 13, visit This run utilizes part of the
same route as the San Diego 100, so it's a great way to familiarize
yourself with the course if you're thinking of doing the 100 in
October or just a great 50 miles of challenging single track trail.
See you on the trails!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter

To all our readers. Thanks for staying with us. Hope you have got something out of it. Enjoy the Easter break with your families and stay safe. We will be posting more shortly after Easter.

Phil and Keith

Diablo 50 Mile Endurance Run - Rescheduled

Due to the last many weeks of seemingly nonstop rain here in Northern California, we have
rescheduled the Diablo Marathon & 50 Mile Endurance Run for Sunday, May 7th. It's raining
right now and the rain is supposed to continue, at least off and on, all this week and
beyond. The trails on Mt. Diablo are, for the most part, in fine shape. However, the
fireroads have been damaged or are very soft, so the rangers aren't able to reach all
parts of the course by vehicle in case of emergency, making it a safety issue.

We make every effort to avoid conflicting with other trail running events in the area. As
many of you know, the ever-popular Miwok 100K on May 6th is sold out, so we are giving
ultra runners who didn't get in Miwok a comparable option on that same weekend. Also, we
rescheduled Diablo for the next day to give serious runners a unique and challenging
opportunity to run both events back to back. We've had runners comment on the
Miwok/Diablo double and one who has already signed up to run both. We've even created a
separate category for those attempting this challenging double.

For more information, please visit:
Wendell & Sarah

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Ultra email group in Illinois

I have started a yahoogroup whose purpose is to
disseminate information of relevance to ultrarunners
and ultrawalkers in the Midwest-Great Lakes area.
I would see this as an appropriate forum for race
directors to announce races/events, call for
volunteers, and for fellow ultrarunners/ultrawalkers
to discuss topics which might be of local interest (e.
g., training runs or walks, impromptu FATASS type
events, places to train, etc.)
Details are below:

* Your group information:
Group name: illinoisultra
Group home page:
Group email address:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fat Boy Slim

The once-tubby and spotty Jack Osbourne has had an impressive makeover.The TV host and son of madman Ozzy Osbourne is working it hard in the Sahara, Morocco, during the gruelling six-day Marathon des Sables.

Thirty-two nationalities are represented in the 240km endurance race, where competitors' ages range from 19 to 71.

Vlastik's Run for Kids
A worthwhile cause which I will be following and reporting on over the coming months.

2006 Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run

Runner Order -- 100 Mile Finishers 206 Starters
Pos Elapsed Time Name Age ST Sex
1 16:18:01 Linder, Eric 26 MD M
2 17:13:15 Gardner, Connie 42 OH F New Womans Course
3 18:21:00 Sampson, Shane T 42 OH M
4 18:42:46 Cassiday, Doug 39 GA M
5 20:24:00 Worts, Darren 35 NJ M
6 20:27:00 Weightman, Suzanne 42 PA F
7 20:33:09 Vaughan, Doug 47 NJ M
8 20:36:57 Sandstrom, Craig 39 SC M
9 20:54:56 Mercer, Amy 40 NC F
10 20:57:42 Hawn, Kevin 47 PA M

2006 Umstead Endurance Run (50 miles)

Pos Elapsed Time Name Age ST Sex
1 07:32:18 Schlereth, Joe 56 NC M
2 07:53:08 Whited, Nick A 27 VA M
3 08:20:15 Backer, Byron 41 SC M
4 08:20:55 Martin, Kim 41 OH F
5 09:14:15 Mercer, Randy 41 NC M
6 09:25:40 Loomis, Gregory 31 VA M
7 09:26:41 Drye, Leigh Ayn 36 LA F
8 09:28:12 Peek, Tyler 40 NC M
9 09:39:08 MacLean, Laura Wise 37 NC F
10 09:41:56 Lee, David 44 NC M

Wicklow Way results


Race Report - Umstead 100

What a wonderful, although exasperating first 100 mile experience. The
morning started out warm and a bit humid and overcast. Perfect for me. With
reactive airway disorder,the humidity really helps my breathing. I thought, if
this can just stay like this and the rain holds off I'll be fine. With rain
and thunderstorms for 12 hours or more in the forecast, at least starting dry
would be a treat.

The first 12.5 mile loop was awesome. Running with my new friend Shawn
Tenace, we had great conversation and were pacing well together. We came in a
little too fast, under 24 hour pace, but knowing we'd slow down eventually,
we figured we'd capitalize on it while we felt good.

The second loop was just as productive. Shawn and I ran for quite a while
with Doug " The Boogieman" Dawkins for most of that loop. Doug kept the
conversation flowing with many stories from his years of running and directing
ultras. The miles flew by. Looking at my watch, I realize, oops still a
little too fast. Oh well...

We begin the third loop at mile 25 still feeling great. At the top of the
hill after the turn around I see my friends Steve and Ana Blackburn looking
for the parking lot. What a boost! I tell them where the closest parking
lot is and tell them I'll see them at mile 37. Being non-ultrarunners, they
don't realize it will be close to a three hour wait. Ultras are not really a
spectator sport. Shawn and I are still together and running well. All
systems still go. We ran for a while with Rick French and his friend who were
moving a little slower. I thought, perfect, just what I need to keep me in
check. But, when we got to the power line downhill I pulled ahead a little.
Meanwhile, Shawn ran on ahead to get to the start/finish to take care of his
feet. I see my friends Ana and Steve at the start/finish aid station, but I had
to keep moving. No time to chat.

I started the 4th loop alone as Shawn got a little behind at the aid st
ation for foot care. I was still running very strong at this point and chatted
with many people on the fourth loop, a super nice man from Tennessee, my new
friend Bill from Fredericksburg, VA and Lisa from San Francisco who was
running her 100th ultra. What an inspiration! I ran into Marcia who was running
her first 50 miler at, don't kill me Marcia, 61 years young. Marcia has a
ton of experience in endurance sports having raced Ironman Kona and
placing/winning her age group. She turned in a sub-12 hour finish at this race. Kudos
to her. I had mentioned to her that I needed to regroup at the turn around,
get the rocks out of my shoes and fuel up because the race really starts at
50, or so I've been told.

I get to the aid station,rip off my shoes and, lo and behold, no rocks at
all. It was just my feet feeling like there was rocks in my shoes. Uh oh,
was this a glimmer of what was yet to come?

At this point I can have a pacer so my ever supportive husband Fred gets
the nod. We start out running and I think he was amazed at how strong I was
still running. It felt as if that loop just flew by each of us telling
stories of the last 12 hours. I also think Fred couldn't wait to get out there.
He's not used to crewing and had run this race the past 2 years, but this was
my year and I felt great!

At mile 62.5, we arrive at the turn around still under 24 hour pace. My
friend Marie has come out to run a loop and we are ready to go. The weather
is now starting to change, however, with wind, rain, cold and dark and it's
time to put on a long sleeved shirt and some gloves. I'm feeling ok, but my
feet are starting to hurt. By the first aid station, I can feel the blisters
mushing around in my shoes. This is all new to me. Ordinarily, my feet are
invincible. But, I've never gone this far before and I'm starting to get
discouraged. As we continue on, Fred and Marie try hard to keep me motivated,
but now I'm starting to fall apart. I can barely run anymore and the cold and
rain are starting to take their toll. I can't generate enough heat to keep

We get to the aid station STILL sub-24 hour pace, but I'm wrecked up.
Fred starts to work on my feet, but they just HURT SO BAD! The blisters are
under callouses and really can't be popped. He tries everything to keep me
motivated to go back out there including the dreaded "bad cop" act thinking he's
going to make me mad enough to get me back out there, but nothing works. I'm
done. I burst into tears completely defeated. As we start to pack up the
gear to leave, I am really warming up. I think, maybe? I try walking around
the lodge, but my feet are now so swollen, I just can't walk. It's over.
A day has gone by now, and I'm still feeling down. I had the race in my
hands. I HAD THE RACE IN MY HANDS! However, I'm resilient and will come
back. I guess 75 miles is not too bad. I'm going to try some different
anti-blister methods in training and am already planning on coming back next year.
On a positive note, the Umstead 100 mile Endurance Run is a spectacular
event. The aid is outstanding! I told my non-running friends that they could
pay $12.95 and come out and enjoy it as a buffet. The volunteers are
amazing. They are there for your every need. From the pre-race meal, breakfast and
aid stations, you don't need to bring anything. It's eight, 12.5 mile
loops. The running surface is awesome, very forgiving crushed gravel. Nothing
really to trip on and plenty of rolling hills for walk breaks with beautiful
down hills to make up some time. It is a great first timers race as well as
an excellent race to get a PR.

I'd like to thank Blake Norwood, the race director, for making my first
100 mile attempt so great. You will see Blake at the start/finish, taking
pictures out on the course or just riding the course on his bike motivating
people along the way.

Thanks to Hanna and Joe Lugiano, Asst. RD and race statistician, Joey
Anderson, and all my friends who kept me motivated along the way. Trust me you
guys, I'll be back. This is not the end for me!

And to my wonderful husband. You have been a constant source of knowledge
and support. Fred, I love and appreciate everything you do.
Susan Dummar

Chicago Lakefront 50K -- can you say "wind?"

Here are some photos from the race:

Ultra library run

Monday, April 10, 2006

Canberra 50km Ultra Marathon

The Canberra 50km Ultra Marathon was held yesterday in perfect conditions. It was held in conjunction with the Canberra Marathon. Over 77 runners finished the 50km with Mark Hutchinson winning the event in a great time of 3.09.05. Jo Blake was second in a time of 3.11.47. First woman home was Siri Terjesen in a time of 3.35.19. The highlight of the day was witnessing Norma Wallett setting and establishing an Australian W75 50km road record with a time of 6.32.28. This was over 20 minutes faster than her W70 Aust record time that was set in 2004. She was met at the finish by her legion of Coolrunning fans who cheered her great achievement.

iditarod trail - in the news
Local tidbits:
Ma Nature served up a good ol' fashioned Alaskan winter for a couple weeks
along the Iditarod.
Here's the daily reports (not as dramatic after the fact, since we know the
outcomes now)
It was snowing sufficiently hard at the start, that all the bikers had to
walk their bikes across the lake - couldn't get enough traction in the
loose snow on top of ice, but apparently were able to ride once they hit
the trail on the far side. All racers - foot, ski, bike - were in view for
a fairly long time at the start, as all the spectators observed. I did a
little snowshoe running about 30 min after the start, and their tracks were
rapidly being buried in snow. I guess it was an omen of things to come. (A
friend of mine builds the fat-tire bikes and was biking the race, but
turned back at the pass. The RD and his wife are members of one of our
local trail groups and made it to McGrath via bike.)
Local news coverage:
You have to be aware of the avalanche danger in Rainy Pass preceding and
during the race.
Local flavor:
(I think you may need to register for the pictures to appear)

The mushers had a rough time of it also, with the sled dogs starting 1 wk
after this race started.
Rosie Pope Swale also had some unintended adventure
Runner Order -- All Runners AFTER 10 HOURS 41 MINUTES
Pos DIST Elapsed Time Last Name Suffix First Name Middle Age State
1 62.5 09:29:26 Linder Eric 26 MD M
2 62.5 09:48:17 Gardner Connie 42 OH F
3 50 07:32:18 Schlereth Joe 56 NC M
4 50 07:53:08 Whited Nick A 27 VA M
5 50 08:20:15 Backer Byron 41 SC M
6 50 08:20:55 Martin Kim 41 OH F
7 50 08:25:16 Sampson Shane T 42 OH M
8 50 08:46:43 Labrecque Daniel 50 NC M
9 50 08:49:10 Mercer Amy 40 NC F
10 50 08:51:15 Hawn Kevin 47 PA M

Sunday, April 09, 2006

South African 6-day results

Final Results

Pueblo Indians

Pueblo Indians

The Barkley Marathon

Barkley Article

Pictures from Stevens Creek 50K

A full set of pictures of this year's Stevens Creek 50K are now posted on the race website:
Unfortunately race photographer Jim Melton was only stationed at the more accessible spots on the course, but thanks to sweep Christine Miller we do have a few pictures of the mid-thigh
crossing of raging Stevens Creek. No pictures of Charles Stevens complete ly submerged after
falling off the log while trying to cross in the way the race director sternly warned against,
however. Fortunately, there are pictures of Charles later in the day.
Steve Patt, R.D.

Barkley Photos