Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fatman almost in New York

From website:

Want to walk to NYC with Steve?

This is a general message to everyone that has expressed interest in walking with me into New York City.

If you are interested in walking with me into the city here are the details.

I will be crossing into New York from New Jersey on the George Washington Bridge, May 8th. Because of traffic and safety concerns I will terminate the walk to New York at the Manhattan end of the GWB where there will be a press conference. I will be staying in Manhattan that night and the next morning I will appear on The Today show for the first post walk interview.

If you are planning to walk into NYC please make sure to confirm this by email and I will let you know the time to be there. It is important that I have an idea of the number so that the proper authorities are notified in advance.

Media requests, please call Melinda Cataldo at 330-280-7104

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