Saturday, November 12, 2005

Media fact Sheet - Australian 6-day race

20th Cliff Young Australian 6-day Race

20-26th Nov 05 , Memorial Square, Colac

Media Fact Sheet

· The 20th Cliff Young Australian 6-Day race is being held at the Memorial Square, Colac from the 20th to the 26th November, 2005.

· There are thirty seven entrants entered for the race. There are thirteen from Victoria, two from NSW, two from Tasmania, one from Queensland, one from the ACT and one from Western Australia. The countries represented are, France, Japan, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Sweden, USA, New Zealand and Brazil.

· Over the years the competitors have completed over 189,563kms around the Memorial Square. One of the runners, Peter Gray from Geelong has completed 9,837kms by himself around the Square.

· The favourite for this year’s race is Yiannis Kouros from Greece. He holds the World Record for the 6-day track at 1023km, World record for the 24hr event at 303km and was a multi-winner of the Sydney to Melbourne Westfield Run.The second favourite for the race will be Claude Hardel from France. Earlier this year, he ran 923km in a 6-day race in Germany and has also won a 303km Desert Race in the Sahara.

· There are three Japanese runners in this year’s race. Aki Inoue who is a former winner of the race and Asian 6-day record holder, has promoted the race back in his Home Country since and has brought them to the race. All three runners have very good ultra results on the board. One of the runners is Kenji Okiyama who earlier this year ran 407km in a 48hr race.

· There are five female runners in the race this year. The favourites would be Dawn Parris from Victoria and Elvira Janosi from Hungary. They have run in fifteen Colac 6-day races between them. Deb DeWilliams from Victoria is back for he second attempt at the race. Deb became the first women to walk around Australia last year and is entering the race this year as a runner.

· The race will see the first indigenous Australian to compete in a 6-day race in Australia. Seventy year old, Alby Clarke from Warrnambool will be entering. Alby is an accomplished bike rider and will be using this event as a warm-up for a bike ride from Adelaide to Darwin.

· There are six runners in the race that are over seventy years old. They are Ken Matchett (83), Stan Miskin (80), Andy Lovy(70), Don McKechnie(72), George Audley(70) and Alby Clarke(70)

· The AURA Australian 6-Day Championship will also be held during the race which is expected to be a very close tussle in the male and female divisions.

· Vlastilav Skvaril from Tasmania will be back for his second start at the race. Skvaril will be raising money and awareness for the Make A Wish Foundation during the event.

· The race can be followed at For further information, please contact, Phil Essam on 0407830263 or email on


Race Number Runner Age Origin
11 Claude HARDEL 46 France
12 Kenji OKIYAMA 40 Japan
13 Muneharu KURODA 56 Japan
14 Katsuhiro TANAKA 34 Japan
15 Vlastik SKVARIL 66 Tas
17 Peter HOSKINSON 42 Tas
18 Jaroslav KOCOUREK 56 Czech Republic
19 Eric WRIGHT 50 RSA
21 Dawn PARRIS 52 Vic
22 Vlastimil DVORACEK 46 Czech Republic
23 George AUDLEY 70 W A
25 David BILLETT 35 S A
26 Elvira JANOSI 50 Hungary
27 Kjell-Ove SKOGLUND 63 Sweden
28 David JONES 64 Vic
29 Peter GRAY 41 Vic
31 Brock McKINLAY 39 A C T
32 Arun BHARDWAIJ 36 India
33 Shaun SCANLON 61 N S W
34 Lindsay PHILLIPS 40 Qld
35 Heather KICK 28 U S A
36 Deborah DeWILLIAMS 35 Altona, Vic
37 Sarah BARNETT 29 Richmond, Vic
38 John REIDY 38 N S W
39 Graeme BEST 53 N Z
41 Stan MISKIN 80 Vic
42 Andy LOVY 70 U S A
43 Jevvan McPHEE 39 Vic
44 Robyn DAVIS 60 N S W
45 Garry WISE 59 Vic
46 Ron McGREGOR 63 Vic
47 Don MACKECHNIE 72 Vic
48 Carlos Alberto MACHADO 36 Brazil
49 Albert CLARKE 70 Vic
51 Brian BLOOMER 64 Vic
52 Ken MATCHETT 83 Vic

Fair Hill PHUNT 50K

Sat Jan6th 06
Elkton, MD 8:30 a.m.
Single loop predominately single track with some cart
road through rolling terrain through woods and
grasslands. Lite version of 28K also available. Fat
ass format, minimal aid. Time limit: none. Field
limit: none. 2nd Annual. Fee-pre $0; Fee-post $0 after
n/a. Amenities: minimal aid, past race soup and carbs.

Sign up forms are on the dawgs site:

or email Phil Nissen at or Hunt
at for a copy.

Haney Harrison 100Km

Saturday, November 5th, 2005
Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Darin Bentley of Surrey, BC, in his first 100Km and only his second
ultra, ran a steady and consistent race for a come from behind win in
this year's Haney Harrison 100Km in a time of 8:18:01 This was the
second year in a row where this race has been won by a top Ironman
triathlete stepping up to the 100Km distance. Second place went to
Richard Webb of Calgary in 8:46:38, who knocked an hour and 12
minutes off his previous year's time. Third place was captured by
early leader Hardial Singh Athwal of North Delta in a very creditable
time of 8:52:49 in his very first ultra.

Wendy Montgomery of Brackendale won the women's race for the third
consecutive year in a time of 9:19:29. Her performance at this race
has been remarkably consistent with all three successive wins being
within a ten minute time window. Second place in the women's race in
a time of 10:29:41 went to Christin Collishaw who also was competing
in her first ultra.

This year saw two runners finish the race for the fifth time. Former
race winner Rob Wall of Courtenay and Leland Wakelin of Surrey,
became the 5th and 6th runners to achieve this milestone.

However, one of the more memorable performances was turned in by 71
year old Roger RouFosse who completed the race in 14:39:34 to become
the oldest finisher in the history of the race. Roger finished the
race in high spirits, telling jokes to the volunteers as he crossed
the finish line. This was also Roger's first 100Km race although he
has been an age group winner at a number of marathons.

The course consists of paved highways following British Columbia's
scenic Sasquatch Drive. Starting just outside Vancouver in Maple
Ridge, the course winds its way over rolling hills, passing through
Mission and into the lush farmlands of the Fraser Valley enroute to
the finish in the idyllic resort community of Harrison Hot
Springs. This year's race weather was almost perfect for running,
with temperatures in the mid 40's and relatively dry conditions
(other than some early rain at the start).

Of course, if it wasn't for the volunteers, nobody would be running
at all. This year, Cheryl Johnson came out to spend her day on the
course helping others, and adventure racers Brett and Kyla Adams
sacrificed a training day to see just how much fun ultrarunners can
have. After all, we do this for fun ... right ? Veteran race
announcer Steve King was on hand for the full day from the very first
finisher to the very last finisher announcing the arrival of each
runner. And of course, I can't forget my own wife, Cathy, who just
loves =:-0 to spend the day standing around in the cold in November
making sure that each of the runners is looked after. The race is
held in conjunction with the Haney Harrison road relay. The efforts
of relay race management made the whole event possible and the
contributions of Jerry Tighe, Greg White and Brian McCalder cannot go

This race was first conceived and started in 1997, because at that
time there were relatively few ultra races on the calendar. In our
first year, we had 14 finishers. That year, a week before the race
we only had 6 people signed up. So, it is very gratifying this year
to have the biggest field ever in the history of the race with 42
starters and 37 finishers. It is also very gratifying to see how
many first time ultra runners have successfully conquered the 100Km
distance, not only this year, but over the 9 year history of the event.

Ron Adams
H2H 100K Ultra Event Co-Ordinator

Ultras in France in 2006

During the year 2006 the French organisation 'Courir et Decouvrir' will
organize the following ultra-running-events:
25/28-05-06: Le Tour du parc r=E9gional du Pilat, 180 km, +5000 m, 4 stages
02-07-06: Le Tour des glaciers de la Vanoise, 72 km, +3800 m
22/23-07-06: Le Tour du massif du Beaufortain, 100 km, +5300 m
27-08/09-09-06: La Grande Travers=E9e des Alpes, 600 km, +30900 m, 14 stages

The most important contact-person [Philippe Delachenal] doesn't understand
English very well. However, both in 2004 and 2005 I participated in La
Grande Travers=E9e
des Alpes so if you have any questions about this run I might be able to
help you out. Just contact me privately!

=46ull contact-information:
Courir et Decouvrir
Philippe Delachenal
3, Chemin de la R=E9clusi=E8re
38200 Vienne
tel. 06-19609309

Thursday, November 10, 2005

6 - Day Race Guessing Competition


If you can guess the winner of the 6 day ultra, and guess closest to their actual kilometers then we have some special prizes for you - a free 'Fit Nations Package', a 2005 Colac t-shirt and a cd of photos from this year's race.

The 'Fit Nations Challenge' is a program designed by 6 day ultra runner John Reidy. The concept is to promote activity amongst the worlds inactive by using the fit as there guide. The object is to commit to at least 100 hours of activity over the next 12 months. Those that take on the challenge and make it win prizes to acknowledge their success.

The 'Fit Nations Package' costs around $130 and if you make the 100hours you win prizes similar to a shirt, jacket, bag and certificate(more info at This is open to all those who support ultra running, so get your guess in now (in kilometres and metres, there can only be one winner). Send your guesses to Phil at Then simply watch the race to see how yourrunner goes!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


With the 20th Cliff Young Australian 6-day race looking like being one of the best multi-day races of all time, the volunteers and committee that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the past six months should be praised for their efforts in bringing the race together for the 20th time, said Phil Essam, Australian Ultrarunning Historian .

"One of the areas that makes the Colac race special are the volunteers. They are generally not runners, but they do so much to understand and meet the needs of the competitors and they realise the value that the race brings to Colac" said Essam, Commentator and Webmaster for this year's race.

One of the volunteers that has been tireless in her contribution towards the race has been the Race treasurer, Pat Heffernan. She has balanced the books for several years, doorknocked local businesses every year for donations and run the souvenir stand during the race each year. "Pat is an example of Aussie volunteering at it's Best" said Essam.

More Volunteers are needed to help out during the race though. People are needed to help lap score (especially on the first day with 37 runners entered), help set up the Memorial Square on the 18th and 19th of Nov, crew for any of the runners and myriad of other duties that need to be done during the week. If you can help volunteer at the race, please call Kay Daniels on 0419341819.

The race starts at midday on the 20th of November 05 and runs thorugh till the 25th of November at Memorial Square in Colac. People are encouraged to come down and support the world class field that has been ensembled or follow it on the internet at .

Phil Essam

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Proposed Commonwealth Championships

George Audley from Australia

Aki Inoue from Japan

Arun Bhardwaij from India

Capitol Peak Ultras for 2006

Please check our upcoming races for 2006 in Capitol Forest:

The 5th annual Mega Fat Ass will be on January 21, 2006 with the same theme and start as last year: no frills, no awards, no t's but a small $3 fee to help pay for permit fees. The course will follow the same 17 mile loop, with 34 miles as the double loop. Donations will be appreciated that will go towards the McQueeney Memorial Fund. The start will be at 8:00 a.m. at Falls Creek campground. Check the website for more details for driving directions and waiver if you are under 18. No pre-registration necessary, just come as you are with your donation and a happy smile for another fun time in the mud in Capitol Forest!
The 2nd annual Capitol Peak 50 mile has been rescheduled for April 15, 2006. This race will have a RELAY option that includes a 2-person (running one 25 mile legs each) and 4-person (running two 8-12 mile legs each) both covering the entire 50 mile course. The start/finish has been changed to the Falls Creek campground and the starting time will be 6:00 a.m. for regular starters and 5:00 a.m. for early starters. Relay start will be at 7:00 a.m. Relay teams may start at the 6:00 a.m. The 50 mile course will follow the same route as last years route but starting approximatly 22 miles into the run, making the 2000 Captitol Peak climb ealier in the race, but the (most likely) muddy 1800 ft climb up from Hells Creek during the latter part of the race. See the website for more details. I'll have the mail in and online entry form all completed in the next couple of weeks. All proceeds will benefit the Evergreen State College cross country team and other Olympia high school cross country teams!

Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering for the 50 mile and Relay!

Looking forward in seeing you all out on the trails soon!

Maybe perhaps some of you at the Autumn Leaves 50/50 which I'll be attempting my first 50 miler since my knee injury.

See you on the trails!

John Pearch
RD-Capitol Peak Ultras

Chicago Lakefront 50/50 - 50 Mile Overall Results

October 29, 2005, Chicago, IL

Place Div Place Time Bib # Last First M/F Age City State
1 1 6:44:45 228 Hlavek Mike M 28 Indianapolis IN
2 1 6:53:41! 201 Heaslett Ann F 41 Madison WI
3 1 7:23:45 266 Dick Jenn F 30 Waterloo Ontario
4 1 7:38:58 206 Schweitzer Dirk M 33 South Bend IN
5 2 7:41:44 225 faul justin M 25 waukegan il
6 2 7:58:47 237 Hagstrom Jay M 37 Chicago IL
7 3 7:59:33 230 Pinilla Camilo M 30 Chicago IL
8 1 8:00:23 255 Dangerfield Mark M 55 Mesa AZ
9 1 8:01:16 262 Bahr James M 62 New Berlin WI
10 1 8:15:23 224 Lewis Roderick M 42 Chicago IL

Chicago Lakefront 50/50 -50km results

October 29, 2005, Chicago, IL
50K Overall Results
Place Div Place Time Bib # Last First M/F Age City State
1 1 3:49:06 2 Anderson Kirk M 34 Mundelein il
2 1 3:49:38! 1 Menninger Lisa F 40 La Grange IL
3 1 4:02:00 141 Bamonte Cosimo M 41 Florence ITALY
4 1 4:12:10 29 Matthews Ross M 29 Chicago IL
5 2 4:14:56 53 Rice Glenn M 45 Glencoe IL
6 3 4:16:55 42 Neumann Jeff M 42 Wildwood MO
7 4 4:19:33 3 Gialanella Tony M 49 Arlington HeightIL
8 1 4:24:52 24 Rutt Megan F 29 chatham nj
9 2 4:29:45 122 Hertell Matt M 39 Manchester MO
10 1 4:31:23 68 Mills Nicole F 30 Naperville IL

Yiannis Kouros website

Centurion USA/Ultracentric

Folks, Centurian USA (November 26-27, near Dallas, Texas) is shaping up.

We have entries ranging from the distinguished (a Nigerian walker from the UK) to the truly pathetic (yours truly) and some inbetween!

There is still time to sign up, but the deadline for entering the Ultracentric race is November the 15'th.

Tells what you need to know.

If you are unsure as to how close you can come to walking 100 miles in 24 hours (the goal of a Centurion race), remember that there is still a 24 hour competition. And, if there is sufficient interest, I'll "medal" anyone who makes 100 km (walking 100% of the time) in a 24 hour period. This might be a good time to see if ultrawalking is for you!

Hope to see some more of you there!