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Artic Crossing

This web site is about two women currently crossing the Arctic
Ocean. Please share it anyone you think might be interested.

Full results from Soochow 24hr - Taiwan

Berces wins in Greece

2005 Knobstone Trail Endurance Runs

shows a rough topo map, and includes detailed directions to the
start at Deam Lake, road crossings, and the finish at Delaney
The Knobstone Trail is located near Salem, Indiana,_indiana.htm
The logistical start/finish is the very lovely Delaney Park

This is a point to point course northbound along the Knobstone
Trail, a singletrack trail running S->N along the Knobstone
Escarpment in middle of southern Indiana's mature mixed hardwood
State Forests. THE COURSE IS EXTREMELY RUGGED, with a total of
~19,400' of rise/fall over it's length -- the equivalent of
climbing up or down one 400' hill per mile. At the same time,
the trail is remarkably free of technical terrain for its entire
distance, running regularly up the ridge, then down through
stream-carved hollows. The trail is blazed with 6"x3" white
paint blazes (in both directions) and demarked with mileposts
for it's entire length. These mileposts correspond to the mile
marks on the KT map provided. WE TAKE THE TRAIL "AS-IS" with
imperfections in blazing, downed trees, dangerous "steps", etc.
Sunset is at ~7:12pm. Timing-wise, the wildflowers in bloom on
this run's date should provide *full* display of nature's spring
Multiple drop bags (up to 3 for 50 milers) will be leapfrogged
to aid stations.
50 mile: 4:00am; Deam Lake; 14-16 hours = 6:00-8:00pm
50 km : 9:00am; New Chapel; 9-11 hours = 6:40pm
26.2 mi: 11:45am; Leota; 7-9 hours = 6:30pm
13.1 mi: 3:00pm; St.Rd. 56 3-5 hours = 6:25pm
10 km : 4:15pm; Spurgeon Hollow 2.0 hours = 6:20pm
coordinated to have all distances' finishers complete at the
same time; with 50 mile runners starting first and arriving
50 MILERS: Tape your name to your FLASHLIGHT so that it may be
reclaimed from the SPURGEON HOLLOW Aid Station (if needed) or
from the drop bucket Saturday evening.

A shuttle van will leave Delaney Park at 3:00am for the 4:00am
start of the 50 mile at Deam Lake Trailhead. This vehicle will
shuttle between the aid stations and Delaney Lake lodge

7 self-service aid stations, an average of 6 miles apart, will
be equipped with small amounts of duct tape, antibiotic
ointment, toilet paper, and paper/permanent marker for emergency
notes. There will be NO NSAIDS provided; BYOibuprofen.
In addition, there will be containers for water, sports drink,
and de-fizzed Mountain Dew (from LEOTA on). THERE WILL BE NO
CUPS, so you must bring your own. Food items will include a
variety of PB&J, boiled potatoes/salt, bananas, cookies, Little
Debbies, crackers/peanut butter, crackers/cheese, potato chips,
pretzels, M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, etc.

Friday/Saturday nites: Delaney Park (url above) offers a
cabin/lodge facility (camp mattress/bunks/showers) which faces
the main road, an open field, and 100 yards beyond it down the
hill, Delaney Lake. The finish line will be directly in front of
the facility, with a front porch and greeting area with an
extended view of the road from where it exits the woods 250
yards to the east. (In the aerial picture on the website (facing
north), the facility is to the right.) Meals will be in the
facility. BUNKS will require sleeping bags; SHOWERS, a towel,

BRIEFING/MEALS: Friday evening, Saturday evening 5pm-9pm: some
combination of Potato Soup, Pizza spaghetti, pizza, stew,
chowder, chili, etc, will be provided for survivors in the
cabin/lodge's full service kitchen. For Sunday morning, there is
a fully-briefed AYCE breakfast buffet in the Boat Loft for

50Mile $30, 50Kilometer $27.50, 26.2 Mile $25,
13.1Mile $20, 10 Kilometer: $15
Finisher Awards include handmade hardwood replicas of Knobstone
Trail mileposts (with a lovely piece of Knobstone Escarpment).

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®

For Further Information Contact:
Chas St.George, Director Public Relations 907.232.0503
NOME, ALASKA – (March 16, 2005)


IDITAROD XXXIII MUSHER Robert Sorlie, (Bib #50) is the first musher to cross the
Burled Arch of Nome. He reached end of the IDITAROD TRAIL at 8:39:31 this morning
(Wednesday, March 16, 2005) with eight dogs. This marks Sorlie’s second IDITAROD
win. He was the first to come down Front Street in 2003. Sorlie made the 1,161 trek
to Nome in nine days, eighteen hours, thirty-nine minutes, and thirty-one seconds.

Interesting New Ultra book!

I believe this has created quite a bit of discussion on the ultra digest? Any comment anyone?

Mississippi 50 Trail Run 50K Results

Last Name First Name SEX AGE STATE Time Place
Melcher Ryne M 26 Ontario 03:34 1 1st Male
Clark Nicholas M 25 GA 03:45 2 2nd Male
Hallows Christopher M 33 GA 03:51 3 3rd Male
Bardwell Max M 26 England 03:58 4
Wilson Matt M 33 AL 03:58 5
Thompson Sam M 24 TX 04:00 6
Kotland Peter M 32 SC 04:11 7
Long Josh M 26 AL 04:13 8
Sheaffer John M 31 GA 04:14 9
Overton Dana F 30 AL 04:30 10 1st Female
Griffin Gary M 55 FL 04:39 11
Jacobson Neal M 22 WA 04:44 12
Boyd Ryan M 21 GA 05:04 13
Drye Leigh Ayn F 35 LA 05:19 14 Switched from 50M
Mayeu Chris M 35 TX 05:27 15
Owensby John M 60 NC 05:28 16
Broussard Donna F 38 LA 05:30 17 2nd Female
Espy Collins M 16 AL 05:38 18
Waller Terry M 46 MS 05:41 19
Johnson Francine F 39 MS 05:41 20 3rd Female (tie)
Johnson Lee F 39 MS 05:41 21 3rd Female (tie)
Varner Mack M 60 MS 05:41 22
Simpson Beth F 46 WI 05:55 23
Barton Todd M 41 AL 05:55 24
Jansen Zachariah M 21 GA 05:56 25
Apple Rob M 43 TN 06:02 26
Glockzin Weldon M 61 TX 06:03 27
Burns Doris F 59 MS 06:07 28
Harman Jim M 63 IL 06:09 29
Files John M 54 MS 06:12 30
McBee Ron M 60 MS 06:12 31
Colee Andrew M 58 FL 06:14 32
Lightsey Iva F 43 MS 06:14 33
Brown Charles M 45 MS 06:17 34
Mayeu Ethan M 33 MS 06:17 35
Harris Michael M 30 LA 06:20 36
Sullivan Jerry M 43 LA 06:20 37
Treloar Alan M 57 FL 06:20 38
Crume Kyle M 21 GA 06:25 39
Wootan Whitney F 34 TN 06:26 40
Ackerman Roger M 58 GA 06:30 41
Velazco Alec M 17 GA 06:31 42
Velazco Andy M 57 GA 06:32 43
Phillips Clark M 38 MS 06:45 44
Friedman Fillis F 52 TX 06:52 45
Armstrong Webb M 41 MS 06:55 46
Hallmark Keith M 49 AL 06:59 47
Smith John M 49 MS 07:01 48
Estridge Raz F 51 TN 07:09 49
Wilkerson Bob M 61 MS 07:13 50
Matthews Bryson M 23 LA 07:17 51
Matthews Clyde M 48 LA 07:17 52
Campbell William M 32 MS 07:19 53
Wolfe Michele F 50 CT 07:21 54
Anderson David M 48 CT 07:21 55
Tellkamp Isabelle F 24 MS 07:47 56
Kleiss Linda F 45 IL 07:48 57
Pollard Wendi F 30 AL 07:49 58
Peters Terry M 61 FL 07:53 59
Harris Richard M 44 FL 07:53 60
Brown Glenn M 46 GA 08:15 61
Thompson Brian M 45 LA 08:24 62 Switched from 50M
McNeil Joseph M 33 MS 08:25 63
Bergin J. Ian M 29 MS 08:25 64
Nethery Randall M 50 LA 08:29 65 Switched from 50M
White Jerry M 60 TN 08:35 66
Varazo Chris M 47 FL 08:39 67
Dill David M 46 MS 08:40 68
Armstrong Paul M 46 MS 08:44 69
Cozart Richard M 75 FL 08:44 70
DeFronzo Eugene M 69 CT 08:52 71
Tremont Jon M 41 TX 08:56 72 Switched from 50M
Tremont Malissa F 39 TX 08:56 73 Switched from 50M
Cheney Russel M 63 CA 09:03 74
Childs Molly F 65 OK 09:25 75
Reibel Layne F 48 FL 09:32 76
DuBois Diane F 53 MI 09:32 77
Gilland Shawn M 30 FL 09:56 78 Switched from 50M
Kulkarni Varsha F 41 IL 10:12 79 Switched from 50M
Velazco Kari F 20 GA DNS

Mississippi 50 Trail Run - 50 mile results

Last Name First NameSex Age State Time Place
Satterfield Dewayne M 40 AL 06:51 1 1st male
Robinson Brian M 30 AL 07:21 2 2nd Male
Heaslett Ann F 41 WI 07:33 3 1st female
Gearhart Greg M 48 MS 07:35 4 3rd male
Hall Larry M 51 IL 07:44 5
Enicks William M 45 TN 07:49 6
Fender Ron M 35 MS 08:23 7
Dorsey Kevin M 34 TN 09:07 8
King Tony M 39 MS 09:08 9
Stansberry Mike M 43 AL 09:10 10
McGath Jerry M 67 MS 09:18 11
Braun Paul M 33 WI 09:42 12
Yanacheck Tim M 57 WI 09:45 13
Kyser Jeff M 43 AL 09:47 14
Smith Mike M 47 IN 09:52 15
Floyd Brenton M 19 TN 09:52 16
Harman William M 56 GA 09:56 17
Benvenutti Nick M 23 MS 09:57 18
Frost Matt M 24 MS 09:57 19
Perron Amanda F 31 LA 09:58 20 2nd Female
Pampo Ricky M 30 LA 09:58 21
Van HooydonkPaul M 39 MS 10:02 22
Espy Isaac M 42 AL 10:12 23
Clark David M 50 MS 10:12 24
Prescott Walt M 51 GA 10:14 25
Dunkling Alan M 41 AL 10:23 26
Baum Ray M 51 MS 10:30 27
Hunt Carl M 54 CT 10:44 28
Kashurba Mary F 48 PA 10:48 29 3rd female
Hopton Mike M 53 AL 10:48 30
Towson Joe M 51 SC 10:54 31
Emig Jim M 58 GA 10:55 32
Braun Kathleen F 40 WI 10:57 33
Smith Chris M 50 VA 11:08 34
Rhodes John M 57 NV 11:10 35
Rhodes Terry F 48 NV 11:10 36
Stephens Matt M 39 MS 11:12 37
Bamsey Anthony M 35 MS 11:12 38
Paquette Ronald M 63 ME 11:17 39
Vish Mary F 55 NJ 11:23 40
Meyers Charley M 49 AL 11:23 41
Galliano Enrico M 47 GA 11:31 42
Murphy Terry M 50 GA 11:33 43
Saxon Randy M 44 MS 11:34 44
Gruys Craig M 44 MS 11:34 45
Limacher Rich M 55 IL 11:39 46
Hookanson Steve M 49 LA 11:43 47
Lewis Duane M 49 LA 11:43 48
Brooks Mike M 59 ME 11:51 49
Wallis John M 68 MI 11:56 50
Weston Eliza F 30 SC DNS
Zadroga Ron M 64 GA DNS
Hamilton kathryn F 27 AL DNS
Lacour Michael M 34 MA DNS
Matthews Kevin M 45 PA DNS
Payne Ben M 42 AL DNS
Scible Gregg M 41 FL DNS
Scible Lynette F 39 FL DNS
Townley Nicole F 28 LA DNS
Ward Brent M 31 AL DNS

List of races happenning in Canada in 2005

1. Shades Mills 25k or 50k
2. Ganaraska 25k or 50k
3. The Toronto Ultra 50k
4. Sulphur Springs 10k, 25k or 50k
6. Niagara 25k or 50k
7. Damn Tuff 25k or 50k
8. Conquer the Canuck 10k, 25k, 42.2k or 50k
9. Iroquoia 32k
10. Haliburton 25k or 50k
12. Seaton Trail 25k or 50k
13. Vulture Bait 25k or 50k

For further information email Sharon on or go to

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Calling all past Colac competitors

This year marks the 20th running of the Colac 6-Day race at Memorial Square in Colac, Victoria. As we all know it is now called the Cliff Young Australian 6-day race.

This year it is being run from the 20th to the 26th Nov.

It has certainly had it's ups and dowsn over the years, but the race has survived and has only got bigger and bigger in the last few years with a number of improvements being instigated over the years.

This year the 6-day Committee is planning on inviting as many past runners back to the race to compete and come to the Re-union that is planned for this year. So if you are a Past runner at Colac please consider taking part or if you know someone that is a past runner please forward this email to them. We are also looking for new runners to take the 6-day challenge at Colac? Are you up to the 6-day challenge?

The main web site for the event is

There will also be information available at or

If you need further information please email myself on or Bill Sutcliffe on

I will be there as Race Commentator this year and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the competitors and see them do there BEST.

Phil Essam

Jesper Olsen has fall. Hand and Chariot pusher hurt


2005-03-15 Good News!
2005-03-15 21:28 CET
15.03.2005. 15-03-2005 Report from Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen, Denmark has just got a short telephone contact with Jesper.Since the accident yesterday he has found a camp where could rest and get his wound cleaned - and above all get a bit of his Viking spirit back.Jesper told that he hope to be able to continue ? and via contact with Jurgen Ankerbrand - get the baby jogger fixed in Eureka.He is now at Red Crest following route 254 to Rio Dell Scotia ? Highway 101 ? Blue Slide Road route 211 and try to reach Eureca.The family part of the World Run support group thank deep fully for the worldwide helpfulness in the last 24 hours!!!"At the moment the high costal mountain and hill range along Highway 1 blocks the mobile phone signal.The reports will be posted as soon as they have phone connection again!?

13-03-2005 Castiglion del Lago 60km

Road. One loop. Finishers160
Route. Tour unique. Arrivè 160
1 Mario Ardemagni ITA 1963 3:51.31
2 Stefano Sartori ITA 1965 4:01.33
3 Ion Turcu ROM 1977 4:15.36
4 Sergio Orsi ITA 1962 4:16.57
5 Valentino Caravaggio ITA 1964 4:17.31
6 Marco Cattaneo ITA 1962 4:19.15
7 Enrico Bartolini ITA 1963 4:20.45
8 Giuseppe Pace ITA 1975 4:22.35
9 Osvaldo Beltramino ITA 1962 4:24.02
10 Flaviano Polinori ITA 1963 4:24.27
11 Andrea Bernabei ITA 1971 4:24.54
12 Mario Pirotta ITA 1957 4:29.00

1 Paola Sanna 1977 ITA 4:34.14
2 Giovanna Cavalli 1959 ITA 4:43.51
3 Laura Durpetti 1967 ITA 4:49.54
4 Natalia Bruniko 1973 ITA 4:50.40
5 Tiziana Nesta 1968 ITA 5:02.44

Mario Ardemagni & Paola Sanna: course record/ record de l’epreuve

27-02-2005 Trapani-Palermo 100km

Road. Rain, cold, adverse wind in the last 50km. Finishers 38
Route. Pluie, froid, vent défavorable dans les derniers 50km

1 Stefano Sartori ITA 1965 8:00.25
2 Pio Malfatti ITA 1962 8:51.32
3 Osvaldo Beltramino ITA 1962 9:00.55
4 Alessandro Giacinto ITA 1973 10:04.20
5 Jan Michael Andersen DEN 10:10.28
6 Marcello Romano ITA 1957 10:47.01
7 Fabio Raccuglia ITA 1965 10:53.04
8 Giuseppe Gaglio ITA 11:09.18
9 Aldo Maffucci ITA 1956 11:30.01
10 Salvatore Verulento ITA 1953 11:30.39

1 Lorena Di Vito ITA 1962 9:53.49
2 Martina Yuda CZE 11:05.42
3 Irene Senfter ITA 1971 11:05.42

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Heartland 50 mile 2004 Race Report

Thanks Marshall

Milton man preps for 50-mile run

By James Diehl, Sussex Post

GEORGETOWN - After running several standard marathons, Milton resident Joe LoBiondo felt he needed a new challenge. He needed to kick it up a notch.

So, at an age when most people are thinking of retiring and enjoying their golden years, the soon to be 60-year-old has set his sights on something else entirely - he's training for a 50-mile "ultramarathon."

"I enjoy running very much and I'll be 60 in August so I want to see how far I can take my body," Mr. LoBiondo said. "I've been in a lot of marathons but to run an ultra you have to take it to another level. It's a whole different world."

With the help of Georgetown-area athletic trainer Roger "Doc" Hunt, Mr. LoBiondo is hoping to run the JFK 50 in November in less than 12 hours.

If successful, he would qualify for a 100-mile race sometime in the future.

"I got through the 50 miler two years ago in 12 hours and 26 minutes, but I suffered for it," Mr. LoBiondo said. "But I made it through and I knew I wanted to do it again because, if you do it and make it in the time limit, it gets into your blood.

"Now that I did it and I know what to expect, there's that challenge to hopefully do it in under 12 hours so I can at least qualify for that next step if I choose to do it."

As a warm-up for the JFK, Mr. LoBiondo will be running in the 50K (31 mile) Hat Run on March 19 in Harford County, Md.

But he won't be alone in that endeavor.

Joining him for the race at Maryland's Susquehanna State Park will be Sussex Central High School English teacher Fran Donoway and her husband, Chuck.

"In the course of training with Joe, he got us running off the road and on the trails," said Mrs. Donoway, who has run several marathons herself in the past. "He's just wonderful to run with because he's so positive.
"I'm not quite as convinced as my husband though. I'm going to reserve judgment until I see how bad this is on the body," Mrs. Donoway continued. "The course at Susquehanna is a bear. It's a very different experience from running a normal marathon on the road. I'm very worried about handling the hills."

Mr. LoBiondo said the one thing that hurt him in the past when attempting the ultramarathons was getting up and down the numerous hills on the course.

Well, there aren't any hills to speak of in Delaware, so Mr. LoBiondo turned to Mr. Hunt, an old friend who trained his son, Jon, to become a state wrestling champion for Cape Henlopen High School in the late 1980s.

"I'm here training with Doc to help me get over that hump, to strengthen my legs to handle the hills," Mr. LoBiondo said. "He helped train my son in the last 1980s to become a state champion wrestler and he taught me then that it's more than just the physical aspect. It's the mental and the emotional too."

Mr. Hunt trained Jon LoBiondo while he was in high school, helping him take home two straight state wrestling championships in 1989 and 1990. Now he's trying to help the senior LoBiondo with one of his life's goals.

"When Joe came to me and told me he was having trouble with the hills, I told him I would train him but he would have to follow everything I told him just like his son did in the '80s," Mr. Hunt said. "And he really has. He's mentally and psychically ready to go. He's in the best shape he's ever been in."

As for the younger LoBiondo, well he's just proud of his dad.

"This is something that he's been working toward since I was in high school," Jon LoBiondo said. "I'm very proud of him. I tell my wife all the time that I hope I can do what he does when I'm his age because it really is amazing."

Ultra Distance Runner - Pam Reed


2005/03/06 18:04:26

Taipei, March 6 (CNA) Ryoichi Sekaya and Naomii Fujita of Japan won the men's and women's events, respectively, of the 2005 Soochow University 24-Hour International Ultramarathon, which ended Sunday. Sekaya, the holder of the Asian record and the world's third-best, defeated his rivals to win first place by finishing 660 laps of the Soochow track, or 264.41 km, in 24 hours. It is the second time he has won the title since 2002. Fujita, 43, won the top spot in the women's division by completing 223.76 km in the endurance contest.

The two winners each won NT$70,000 (US$2,260), according to the organizers. Local runner Chen Chin-tsai finished with 222.81 km, ranking sixth in the men's division, while Chiu Shu-jung, who was taking part for the first time, ranked fourth in the women's division with 195.7 km. This is the sixth year that Soochow University has sponsored the event, which attracts top-notch marathon runners from around the world. (By Luis Huang)

Monday, March 14, 2005

New Zealand Ultrarunners Association

Mohican Trail 100

The Mohican Trail 100 has announced it's monetary awards for the 2005
USA 100 mile National Trail Championship.
Having only a limited prize package, race management decided to
allocated as follows:
Open Male Champion: $1,000
Open Female Champion: $1,000
Master Male Champion: $250
Master Female Champion: $250
The open winners are not eligible for the master prize. Also, the
prizes are only eligible to USA T&F members.
Once a Elite Coordinator has been named, eligible top 100 mile runners
will be determined and given free entry into the race.
There will be some other perks, also.
USA T&F will be providing awards for master AG in 5 year groups.
Look at
Contact: Bob Strong
P.O. Box 7
Loudonville, Ohio 44864

Old Pueblo 50 mile report

A text-only version of the Old Pueblo report is posted to:

From Linda Hurd

Sunday, March 13, 2005

2005 Harriers Elk/Beaver Ultras

50-Mile Canadian Championship

100km, 50km and 25-Mile Divisions plus 10K People's Walk

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Saturday May 7, 2005 6:00 a.m.

The fast and flat 10 kilometre trail circuit around Elk and Beaver Lakes is considered as one of the premiere races of its type in North America. Runners complete 10 laps for the 100K division, 8 laps for 50 Miles and 5 laps for 50K while walkers complete 4 laps for 25 Miles or one lap for the 10K people's walk.For more info:-

Ultra Walking links - Dave - Australian Centurions - Various other links in Yahoo.

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Thanks to Andy Milroy for this comprehensive list.

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