Saturday, October 22, 2005

AURA Australian 6-day Championship wide open

This is the current entry list. I notice that Tony Collins and Graeme Watts have withdrawn. This certainly gives the chance to a few of the other Aust runners to step up to the plate and give themselves a chance at a placing in the AURA Australian 6-day Championship.

Race Number Runner Age Origin
11 Claude HARDEL 46 France
12 Kenji OKIYAMA 40 Japan
13 Muneharu KURODA Japan
14 Katsuhiro TANAKA Japan
15 Vlastik SKVARIL 66 Tas
17 Peter HOSKINSON 42 Tas
18 Jaroslav KOCOUREK Czech Republic
19 Eric WRIGHT 50 RSA
21 Dawn PARRIS 52 Vic
22 Vlastimil DVORACEK 46 Czech Republic
23 George AUDLEY 70 W A
24 James RADICH U S A
25 David BILLETT 35 S A
26 Elvira JANOSI Hungary
27 Kjell-Ove SKOGLUND 63 Sweden
28 David JONES 64 Vic
29 Peter GRAY 41 Vic
31 Brock McKINLAY 39 A C T
32 Arun BHARDWAIJ India
33 Shaun SCANLON 61 N S W
34 Lindsay PHILLIPS 40 Qld
35 Heather KICK 28 U S A
36 Deborah DeWILLIAMS 35 Altona, Vic
37 Sarah BARNETT 29 Richmond, Vic
38 John REIDY 38 N S W
39 Graeme BEST N Z
41 Stan MISKIN 80 Vic
42 Andy LOVY 70 U S A
43 Jevvan McPHEE 39 Healesville, Vic
44 Robyn DAVIS 60 N S W
45 Garry WISE 59 Ballarat, Vic
46 Ron McGREGOR 63 Vic
47 Don MACKECHNIE 72 Vic
48 Carlos Alberto MACHADO 36 Brazil
49 Albert CLARKE 70 Warrnambool, Vic
51 Brian BLOOMER 64 Seaford, Vic

World Runner Considers the Impossible

Just as Dane Jesper Olsen is two days away from finishing his incredible journey as the first person to run the circumference of the Earth's land masses, a Welsh woman named Rosie Swale Pope is in the midst of her own journey.

Read about it at
Learn all about Rosie and what inspired this 58-year old woman to run around the world at:

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Constance Karras :)

SC Fat Ass 50k Race Apps - 12/10/05

Race applications are being accepted for the Runner From Hell "SC Fat Ass 50k on Big Butt" Trail Run in Lancaster, SC on 12/10/05.

Go to:
Claude Sinclair, RD

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Friday, October 21, 2005

John Holmes 50k Trail Run 2005 Results

Constance Karras

David Horton's Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) Adventure Record

Read all about David Horton's amazing PCT Adventure, all 2,666 miles, beginning on June 4, 2005 and ending on August 9, 2005 and spanning 66 days, 7 hours and 16 minutes: Trails,

Constance Karras

23rd Annual Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run 2005 Results

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Palo Duro Trail Runs 2005 Results

Palo Duro 20k/50k/50m
Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX
October 15, 2005


Jesper Olsen to Run Final Leg Sunday October 23rd

14 October, 2005, London - This Sunday Jesper Olsen, the Danish
"ultra-runner", will finish a run that started nearly two years and 26,000
kilometres ago. He will complete the final leg of this punishing journey
Sunday at the Greenwich Royal Observatory where his run had started. An
around-the-world run is one of the few remaining challenges that, until
Sunday, has not been conquered by mankind.

Claims from previous runners to have completed a world run are yet to be
substantiated. Jasper was aware of the strict guidelines set out by Guinness
World Records before embarking on his epic journey and has chronicled his
journey on using a combination of technology - GPS
co-ordinates linked to a central server - and hard copy evidence such as
witness journals and a road book. He will be submitting all of his evidence
to the Guinness World Records team upon his return.

Jesper, 34, set off on January 1, 2004 from Greenwich, London and followed a
path through the Netherlands and Nordics, across Russia, down through Japan,
from Sydney to Perth, Los Angeles to Vancouver to Chicago and New York. The
final part of the journey has been across Ireland, then from Holyhead,
through Birmingham to London, where he is due to finish at 14.00 on Sunday
23 October at the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

"Running the world is the ultimate challenge", said Jesper. "It's been
attempted several times, but as yet unconquered, which was part of the drive
for me. There is sadly so much conflict in the world, but the support that
I have seen from all of the countries that I have run through has been
phenomenal. It has been an amazing experience. I have no idea how I'm
going to top this!"

At the finish line with Jesper on Sunday will be a team of accomplished
runners and ultra-runners, including Computershare senior executive Oliver
Niedemaier, who is running the final 85km from Baldock to London.
Computershare has sponsored Jesper throughout his journey, and Oliver is
delighted that Jesper is so close to his goal.

"We're so proud to have been able to sponsor Jesper along his travels. His
determination and spirit have been truly inspiring, and I'm looking forward
to being with him through the final stages."

In 1999, Jesper completed his first 100km run and set a new national record
in the process, which ignited his enthusiasm for running the seemingly
impossible. His progress has been tracked on, and he
accredits part of his success to his sponsors - including sports footwear
manufacturer Asics and jogging stroller providers Chariot Carriers, along
with Computershare - and fellow runners.

"Wendy's Get Your Fat Ass off the Couch" 2005 Results

Originally posted to

Thank you to everyone who came out on what looked like a very wet day to run the Club Fat Ass eent "Wendy's Get Your Fat Ass off the Couch."

The 17 participants were treated to a perfect running day as the rain stopped and the sun came out. It was great to see a number of new faces and all the many returning participants.

The course record remained intact as the first group of runners missed the time by one minute. Congratulations to Sibylle for a fantastic run, beating her last year's time by 26 minutes.

For full results and updated Club Fat Ass standings:
Happy Trails,

Constance Karras

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fundraising Appeal for Cliff Young Australian Six-day race

Dear Friend,

As you are aware the Cliff Young Australian Six Day race is celebrating the twentieth running of the Event this year. The race is being held at the Memorial Square in Colac from the 20th to the 26th of November.

Over the years there have been many volunteers that have helped make the race a success. One of those groups is the fundraising committee. They have worked tirelessly for many years to help raise the much needed funds that are needed year after year.To help make this year's race a success, they now need the help of supporters of the 6-day race outside the Colac community.

Race President, Bill Sutcliffe was quoted as saying "The voluntary committees at Colac have done a tremendous job raising thousands of dollars locally every year to keep the Race going. Most of the Committee Members have not been runners and all their efforts have been for the runners therefore - not themselves. Last year we raised $23.000 - all locally. We have raised $13.000 this year so far, and are about $10.000 short of budget.". He also stated that the promised prizemoney of $5,000 first prizemoney and $5,000 bonus to that runner if he beats 900 kilometres will be honoured.

Ultra running Historian, Phil Essam was quoted as saying "The six-day race is part of the fabric and backbone of ultrarunning in Australia. It is also a living monument to Cliff Young and the legacy he left to the sport and the Otway shire. It is a shame to hear about the fundraising shortfall at this stage a month out from the race. I hope that supporters of the race and the sport around the world will get behind the fundraising committee to help make this year's race a great success."

How can you help as a supporter of the Six-day race?

If you are able to make a financial donation of any amount or would like to establish a direct debit to help the race on a continual basis, please email Bill and Bev Sutcliffe on They can also be contacted on 0408334229. Any help will be greatly appreciated by the 6-day Committee and the participants in this year's race.

Lost Soul Trail Ultramarathon 2005 Results

The "Lost Soul" Trail Run Ultramarathon held on September 16-17th, 2005 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is known to locals as the "Toughest Race in the Prairies." Find results at:
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Constance Karras

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Javelina Jundred 2005 Results

Race report submitted to the Dartmouth Ultra List
Lisa Stranc Bliss, MD

There were 93 started in the JJ100 mile fun run trail party this year. About 50% of the runners completed the race. The temps were in the 90's Saturday, cooler in the evening and into the next morning, perfect for a jaunt in the desert. As is tradition at JJ, most runners went out too fast the first few loops. For many, this cuased trouble later in the race as the temperature continued to rise. However, others like Jeff Riley from OR, held a blistering pace through all 7 loops (and he did it "Stephanie Erhet style" with an ever present smile and giving encouragement to other runners on the trail). Jeff finsihed first in 17:10, followed by Perry Edinger and Justin Lutick, both from AZ. Barbara Elias was the first place woman in 22:23. Some of ultrarunning's most unique awards were presented...and every finisher got the snake.

This year I sat out the race because of an injury. At first I was bummed, but now I'm thinking I may have had even MORE fun this year hanging with the volunteers, pacing, and cheering on the runners.

Place Name Total Time
1 Jeff Riley 17:10:40
2 Perry Edinger 18:15:51
3 Justin Lutick 21:39:22
4 Barbara Elias 22:23:23
5 Jorge Pacheco 22:57:37
6 Larry Hall 23:03:11
7 David Bliss 23:15:10
8 Daniel Brenden 24:22:17
9 M. Graciela Castro 24:43:03
10 Kevin Sayers 24:46:04
11 Angela Sawyer 25:00:30
12 Paul Pomeroy 25:06:40
13 Dale Perry 25:09:03
14 Dan Kasper 25:37:07
15 Jerry Bloom 25:42:39
16 Pete Kosmalski 26:16:23
17 Honey Albrecht 26:16:48
18 Karen Mohr 26:17:43
19 Beth Simpson 26:25:19
20 Maria Lemus 26:25:19
21 John Radich 26:26:53
22 Catra Corbett 26:29:42
23 Douglas Cline 26:43:35
24 Gabor Kozinc 26:46:54
25 Dave Remington 26:48:05
26 Vince Gerber 26:50:48
27 Douglas Thomas 26:51:59
28 Erik Priedkains 26:55:49
29 Terri Spencer 27:13:46
30 Gay Renouf 27:25:27
31 Connie Hayes 27:39:41
32 Mark Jacob 27:39:56
33 Michael Julier 27:43:38
34 Jane Moser-Cox 27:51:46
35 Chris Thornley 27:55:10
36 Adam Danks 28:01:14
37 Paul Grimm 28:19:29
38 Errol Jones 28:19:39
39 Xy Weiss 28:19:40
40 Sarah Spelt 28:31:44
41 William Maas 28:51:12
42 Carol Cuminale 29:11:29
43 Tamara Savage 29:30:05
44 Yen Yguyen 29:52:40
45 David Overstreet 29:53:32
46 Hwaja Andrade 29:59:35
47 Paul Piplani 29:59:38
Gary Cross 31:16:10
Julie Fingar DNF
Steven Funke DNF
Andrei Aroneanu DNF
Michelle Barton DNF
Rick George DNF
Shannon Farir-Griefer DNF
Glen Delman DNF
Gary Culver DNF
Regge Bullman DNF
Fred Pollard DNF
Randy Klassen DNF
Lynn Newton DNF
Andy Roth DNF
John Hellman DNF
Chris Fall DNF
Elise Harrington DNF
Joanie Mork DNF
Clarke Clodfelder DNF
Bob Klapthor DNF
Ruby Dison DNF
Peter Fish DNF
Austin L. Grissom III DNF
Lucinda Fisher DNF
Damon Lease DNF
Aaron Goldman DNF
John Rosmus DNF
Roy Reisinger DNF
Patrick Hinds DNF
Anita Fromm DNF
Jackie Simonsen DNF
Jean-Jaques dAquin DNF
Lorna Tansey DNF
Bob Sitler DNF
Brian Russell Mackenzie DNF
Jesus Cajeme Jimenez DNF
Heath Gosselin DNF
Kirsten Schnacke DNF
Wade R. Lewis DNF
Steven Maas DNF
Les Randazzo DNF
Chris Rios DNF
Jeff Blair DNF
John Smithson DNF
Syndee Randazzo DNF
Debbie Leftwich DNS
Mark R. Sunderland DNS
Kathy Turner DNS
John Miller DNS
Lisa S. Bliss DNS
David Halbeib DNS
Kathy Hamilton DNS
Melody Varner DNS
Hans-Dieter Weisshaar DQ

Monday, October 17, 2005

24th Annual Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Results

Runners post record-setting day at Tussey ultramarathon

By Erin L. Nissley
October 16, 2005

Boalsburg - All things considered, Saturday was a perfect day for a 50-mile run in the woods.

So said Nikki Kimball, a runner from Montana who broke the women's record for the Tussey Mountainback 50-Mile Relay and Ultramarathon by more than 20 minutes with a time of 6:44:15.

"I feel really good," she said just after crossing the finish line. "It was beautiful; it was perfect. The trees blocked most of the wind. It was the right temperature."

The sixth annual ultramarathon, which winds through several state parks in Centre County, is the sixth long race Kimball has run this year. To keep her spirits up during Saturday's race, she said, she thought of "all the great American runners I train with."

Kimball was one of 43 runners to participate in Saturday's race, which organizers say has garnered acclaim across the country for the beautiful views, soft course and stiff competition.

"It's a course people rave about," said one of the founders, Mike Casper.

"Most of it is gravel, and that's easier on the feet than asphalt. And it's beautiful out here. The leaves are turning...and this is the perfect weather."

Ultramarathon runners started the course about 7 a.m. with more than 50 relay teams starting the first leg of the course about an hour later. At the finish line near the go-kart track at Tussey Mountain, a big clock kept time for a handful of families and friends who turned out to cheer the runners.

Geraldine McDowell, of West Chester, and her daughter Kate Smith, of New York, were on hand to support Andrew McDowell, a runner from Downingtown. It's his second race, and his cheering section was happy to see him win.

"He did this last year and came in second," Geraldine McDowell said about her son. "He's been running marathons for several years."

Andrew McDowell didn't let them down, trotting to the finish line first with a time of 6:28:40. Shaking from exhaustion and covered in a sheen of sweat, he promptly sat on the pavement.

"Last year, the leader was so far out in front of me, I was pretty much running my own race," McDowell said. "This is the first time I've won at any long-distance (race). It's a great course. That's why I came back this year."

But his win didn't come without difficulties. His legs began cramping up around mile 41, he said.

"And that hill on mile 41, it wipes you out," he told Casper. But knowing his family was at the finish kept him going, he added.

"We're so proud of him," said sister Kate Smith.

"He has three kids and a full-time job but still finds time to train."

Happy Trails,

Constance Karras

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sri Chinmoy 24hr Final Results - Adelaide

Total kms at 24 hrs

Anyce Kip Melham

Carol Baird

David Billett

Tony Collins

Deryck Skinner

Jerry Zukowski

Prabuddha Nicol

Eric Trad

Peter Anderson

John Timms

Sarah Barnett

Dick Crotty

Stan Miskin

Peter Gray

Richard McCormick

Bruce Salisbury

Mt Feathertop Skyrun - 3rd December 05

23rd Annual Mountain Masochist 50-Mile Trail Run

By Ted Allen
Lynchburg News & Advance
October 15, 2005

Before he ran across America, the length of the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, David Horton helped pioneer ultramarathon running by staging day races such as the Mountain Masochist 50-mile Trail Run.

Today's 23rd annual MMTR starts from the James River Visitor's Center at 6:30am and ends in the small town of Montebello beyond Crab Tree Falls on Virginia 56.

"The course is in great shape," Horton said, noting that last week's rainfall helped. "Leaves are starting to change, finally, with signs of yellow and orange, and the streams have water in them. It looks much more vibrant."

A totall of 283 runners from 28 states and Canada pre-registered for the race, with the winner projected to finish before 2 p.m.

The MMTR serves as the last race in Lynchburg Ultra Series as well as the Montrail Ultra Cup, which has $12,000 in price money at stake.

The final event in the Horton Slam is the Hellgate 100 on November 10th.

Catherine Phillips of Lynchburg has won all three ultras she has run and will have strong competition from Annette Bednowsky of Boone, N.C., and Anne Lundblad, of Asheville, N.C., who placed second overall in the World 100K Championships.

"Cat (Phillips) is very, very good and could give the top ladies a run for their money," Horton said. "(Bednowsky and Lundblad) are two extremely competitive ladies. They're good friends, but very competitive with each other."

In the Men's Division:

Dave Mackey of Colorado, who set the course record of 6:48:31 in 2003, will try to win for the third straight year. He could be challenged by Tom DeWitt, the current points leader in the Montrail Ultra Cup Series, Todd Walker from Massachusetts, and Eric Grossman of Kentucky, who placed third in 2003.

Maryland's Tom Green will run in the MMTR for the 23rd consecutive year. Bernie Davis of Lynchburg will attempt to finish it for the 17th time and Rebekah Trittipoe, a previous winner and female masters favorite from Bedford, will try to become only the second 10-time women's finisher.

(Results will be posted when available).

Happy Feet to Head,

Connie :)