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Dead Sea Ultra Marathon -2006

Dear sir/miss,

I would like to introduce to you our Dead Sea Ultra Marathon DSUM, entitled (run to the lowest point on earth), it's unique and a fun run. It began in 1993 after the Amman Road Runners, a group of Jordanian residents shared the same passion for running, decided to present them selves with the ultimate challenge: the 48.7 km run to the lowest point on earth. The DSUM is annually held on the first or second Friday of April. The run begins at 6:30 am from Amman (the capital of Jordan), at an altitude of 900 m above sea level to the beach at the Dead Sea / 400 m below sea level.

The DSUM is considered the main fund raising event for the Society for Care of Neurological Patients that was established in 1986, and under the presidency of HRH prince Firas Bin Raad. The society is providing neurological patients with medical aid and covering the costs of necessary surgeries for the needy and those unable to pay the high expenses.

Our first goal is to help as many neurological patients that are in need. Your support is highly recommended and appreciated, by joining us in our amazing run we will be able to cover for the surgeries high expenses. You are welcome to be one of our participants and/or sponsor.

If you have any questions about the marathon or our society please be free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

My best regards
Thank you

Maryana Abbas
13th Dead Sea Ultra Marathon
Fundraizing event for the Society for Care Of Neurological Patients
Tel: +962 6 5677660
Telfax: +962 6 5660296
Office hours 9 am to 2pm
P.O.Box: 940222 Ammann 11194

Across the Years

Beautiful Nardini Manor, located in Litchfield Park, AZ,
owned and operated by Rodger Wrublik, is presenting the
twenty-third running of the popular multi-day ultramarathon
"Across the Years", from 9:00am December 29, 2005, until
9:00am January 1, 2006. Paul Bonnett is race director.
Across the Years consists of three races, one each of
duration 72, 48, and 24 hours, starting on December 29th,
30th, and 31st respectively, with all races running their
final day and ending simultaneously.

All three races include the last day of the calendar year
and continue through midnight on New Year's Eve. Thus
runners run "across the years," and also across whatever
other time markers happen to apply. In 1999 we hosted a
six-day race to celebrate the incoming of the new decade,
century, and millennium.

Runners have traveled from most states in the US to
participate in ATY. Runners from Brazil, Canada, England
Germany, Greece Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Scotland,
South Africa, Venezuela, Wales, and Yugoslavia have also
run or are running this year.

The object in fixed-time racing is to go as far as possible
in the time allotted. Distance is measured by counting laps
run on a loop course, in this case, a track built around
Nardini Manor by Rodger Wrublik explicitly for this race.
The length of a single lap at Nardini Manor has been
officially certified as 500 meters by USA Track & Field, the
national governing body for track and field, long-distance
running, and race walking in the United States.

Many elite athletes have participated in Across the Years,
including numerous holders of national and world records in
the sport of ultrarunning. In years past, records have been
set at this event. In 2003, John Geesler set a US national
48-hour record by running exactly 400 meters (248.55 miles).
In 2004, he ran 300.122 miles in the 72-hour race. Geesler
will be returning to this year's race to run the 72-hour
race, in which he hopes to run 350 miles.

Geesler will have stiff competition, as this year the race
is honored to feature the participation of Yiannis Kouros,
widely heralded as the greatest distance runner in history.
In November of this year, Kouros re-set the six-day world
record, in the process passing 368 miles at the 72-hour
point. His goal at Across the Years is to set a world record
for 300 miles and then coast the rest of the race.

Guests are invited to drop by as observers and to cheer on
the athletes, any time of day or night during the running of
Across the Years. Web visitors will be able to enjoy seeing
the race via webcam, and will be able to view regular
results updates throughout the race.

To find out more about the race, please visit our Web site
at or send email to

by LynnDavid Newton

The Great Dane

I think this article sums up in a nutshell the character of Jesper Olsen and what he was trying to achieve.

Friday, December 23, 2005

You know your an Ultrarunner when....


Seeking input for Fixing Your Feet

From - John Vonhof at johnvonhof@COMCAST.NET

I am working on material for the 4th edition of Fixing Your Feet and would
appreciate your input. Anything I use will be credited with your name.
Responding off-list is best. My deadline is January 10. Thanks.

1. For those who have a copy of FYF, what would you like to see added?
2. For everyone else, what are your common feet issues? And finally,
3. I am always on the lookout for personal experience stories, tips, and
solutions you have found work for you.

John Vonhof
Fixing Your Feet Ezine at:
Happy Feet blog:
Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes, 3rd edition

2005 Delaware 100 Report

If anyone is interested my account of the first ever 100-mile race in the state of Delaware can be found on the following websites.

Dave Bursler
Bear, Delaware

Warning about Ads on Yahoo Mail Lists

"Nutrition product" ads are showing up at the bottom of the yahoo
message page for racewalking and ultrawalking. They are selling
illegal anabolic steroids, trying to pass them off as legal
nutritional supplements. Buyer beware: these are dangerous drugs
which cause chronic disease, organ failure and premature death. They
are also banned doping substances and easily detectable in urine.

The links that appear from time to time:

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supplements build muscle fast. Buy D-Bol, Winni-V, Deca, Hgh, Test
and more. Enter now for guaranteed results.
SNAC Sports Nutrition Products - ZMA, our signature product, is used
by athletes worldwide. See our entire selection of advanced sports
performace nutritional products.

Ray Sharp

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Colac Race story written by Vlastik Skvaril

There's a new report about the 2005 Australian 6-day race written by Vlastik Skvaril. It's on the web site at and it's on the front page. Enjoy.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From Everyone at the World Ultra News Team. See you in 2006.

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Huntington, IN Ultra Frigid Fifty (HUFF) 50K Report/Results - 12/17/05

Originally posted to the Dartmouth Ultra List by HUFF RD Mitch Harper
by Brett Hess
December 18, 2005

First-timer and Old-timer Win HUFF 50K Titles

The two overall winners at Saturday's HUFF 50K Trail Run couldn't be more different. The men's winner was Brendon Moody, a 24-year old Buckeye making his first foray into ultramarathoning. The women's winner was veteran Ann Heaslett, a 41 year-old Wisconsin runner with international ultra experience. One thing the two did have in common on Saturday was a solid grip on their victories. Moody won by over 26 minutes; Heaslett's margin of victory was nearly five minutes but she was in control throughout.

"I just decided Monday to come over and do this," Moody said moments after his 3 hour, 55 minute and 49-second performance. I've kind of been on a down-cycle (mileage) but I felt like I could still run strong."

Moody had called race director Mitch Harper to see who else was entered and what the course record was. With the nearly six inches of snow on the course there was little shot at a course record, Harper told Moody, but a win was certainly possible.

Moody wasn't challenged, establishing a 17-minute lead after the first two loops of the three-loop race. He then changed shoes from racing flats to trainers and cruised to victory.

"The course was in decent condition," Moody said of the third loop. "We just needed to pack the snow down. I thought it was getting a little slick, which is why I put my trainers on."

Moody, an assistant cross country coach at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, had run a 2:26 at the Akron Marathon in October.

Runner-up was another cross country coach: Chuck Schlemmer of Ligonier, IN. Schlemmer, 45, finished in 4:18:19. Schlemmer was also making his ultramarathon debut but is a veteran marathoner. He is the girl's cross country coach at West Noble High School.

Heaslett, a member of the United States 100K racing team, won her third HUFF, completing the course in 5:10:39. She overtook Jenn Dick of Ontario around the eight-mile mark and never looked back. Dick eventually finished second in 5:14:33.

Heaslett had a four-minute lead by the end of the second loop and when spotted at various points of her third loop, was in good spirits. "I felt pretty good," a remarkably fresh Heaslett said after finishing. "The course was great. No problems at all."

--Brett Hess


Brendon Moody,M20-24,1,3:55:49 - Winner

Ann Heaslett,F40-44,16,5:10:39 - OAF

For full results:

Check out Mitch Harper's "The HUFF 50K Trail Notes" blog, the place for updates on everything related to the HUFF 50K Trail Run. There will be news for veteran runners, newbies and volunteers. Plus, you can order professional photos of this year's race:

--Constance Karras

Yiannis Kouros talk in Colorado

This is an incredible opportunity to meet one of the greatest athletes in the World! Yiannis Kouros holds nearly every world record in running from 24 hours (300+ km!) up to 1000 miles. Just last month he set a new 6-day WR of 643 miles! Kouros takes a deeply spiritual approach to his running & life.

For more info you could contact Glen Turner at


Who: Yiannis Kouros - Multiple World Record Holder
49 years old
All around great guy
Last month set 6 WRs on the way to
winning the Colac 6-day race running 643 mi
in Australia.
(check out his website:

What: Its a talk about "How to be competitive at any age"
with tips about how to compete beyond your physical training, and his unique training methods. Plus a Q/A.

A reception will follow (with light greek food, drinks & music by Yiannis he wants to share some of his music)

When: 7:00 - 8:30 pm Thursday December 22nd, 2005

Where: Lakeshore Athletic Club Superior/Broomfield behind Bennigan's at the Flatirons mall.

We want to keep it intimate and limit it to 100 people so PLEASE RSVP to 303-729-4300 (Lakeshore's main line)

Cost: Only $15.00 We are raising money to help payfor his expenses in his next WR attempt in Pheonix at the Across the Years Race 12/29 - 1/1

Houston Ultra Weekend

The applications for the Houston Ultra Weekend is now available. The Houston Ultra weekend features 6, 12, 24 and 48 hour competitions, as well as a 100km race. In addition, there will be an opprotuinity for one to become a "Centurion" by walking 100 miles in the 24 hour event.

Details are available at the following updated link:

With the Houston Ultraweekend application available at:

Inaugural Orange Curtain Ultra Runs - 50 & 100K, 2/18/2006

Originally posted to the Dartmouth Ultra List - 12/17/05
Lorraine Gersitz, USATF MUT Running Council Member
Reprinted with permission

New 100K Offers Opportunity to Qualify for 2006 USA 100K Team


Mark February 18, 2006 on your ultra-running calendars and take on a new challenge at the Orange Curtain Ultra Runs. These 50K and 100K road races are newly added to the Southern California Ultra Runners Grand Prix Series.

The course is a fast and flat 10 kilometer out and back (repeated 10 times for the 100K) along a 5 kilometer segment of the asphalt and dirt bike path on the east side of the San Gabriel River in Long Beach, California. For a complete description of the course, visit the rae website at

This event is scheduled prior to the deadline for qualification for the USA 100K national team that will compete at the World Cup 100K in Korea on October 8, 2006. This is an excellent opportunity for athletes attempting to run a qualifying time for the USA 100K team. See the following for more information on qualifying for the USA team:

Start Time: 6:30am (both races); 5:00am early start for 60 and over (100K only)

Start/Finish: El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA

Time Limit: 11:00 cutoff (12:30 for early starters)

Aid: The single aid station is located just north of Spring Street at the middle of the 5 kilometer segment. This allows the runner to pass the aid station every 5 kilometers. In addition, water bottles will be available at the northern and southern ends of the race course. This should allow runners to run without carrying water bottles in all but the hottest conditions.

For more information:

Jay Anderson, RD
6237 Marian Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 225-9349

--Constance Karras

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gary Walkingman Hause

Gary Walkingman Hause is walking around the world in stages. He works as a park ranger in Arizona - while his winters are spent walking around the world on a 5 dollar daily budget.
At present he is in bandit ridden Columbia. The bandits have a cease fire during the month of December. Columbia is the country where the so called " Running Man!! " Robert Garside gave up after 10km due to these bandits.
Click onto the South America link for his weekly updates -

Americans Win World Masters 100K Championship: Team USA Sweeps in the Medals

For Immediate Release
December 16, 2005

USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running Council
Lorraine Gersitz, USATF MUT Council Member/Masters Ultrarunning Representative
E-mail: (714)526-5340

Americans Win World Masters 100K Championship:
Team USA Sweeps in the Medals

Bariloche, Argentina - On the hot and hilly course at the foothills of the Andes, American Mark Godale (35) won the 2005 World Masters Athletics 100-kilometer (62 mile) world championship in Bariloche, Argentina. The Ohioan finished over 9 minutes ahead of silver medalist Morales Jose Antonio. American women team of Amanda McIntosh (40), Tania Pacev (46), and Dee Dee Grafius (56) swept the gold, silver and bronze medals. The USA Track & Field's eight-member powerhouse team scored a total of nine medals, two more than the second place Argentinean team and three times the number of medals awarded to third place Uruguay. The impressive USATF masters team also set four age-group course records at the WMA 100K World Championship contested on December 11, 2005.

This team was the largest team that the United States has sent to a masters world ultra championship and the four returning veteran team members showed their experience against teams from Canada, Columbia, Spain, Uruguay, and host country Argentina. On previewing the scenic race course, veteran USATF 100K team member Pacev said, "The course is very hilly, the part aound the lake and the last 20K has lots of hills...the temperature may be up to 80F. It looks like running in San Francisco."

The four men and four women USATF masters 100K team represented a mix of states and two decades of age groups. The WMA 100K World Championship is an opportunity for American ultrarunners age 35 and over to compete in a world 100K championship exclusively for masters runners. The goal of the 2005 USATF Masters 100K Team is to provide broad American age-group presence at the World Cup 100K demonstrating American support for the masters 100K world competition and to compete for individual world age-group medals.

USATF provides partial funding for the WMA 100K Team and team members are self-funded. Donations to the team are welcome. Contributions to the team are tax-exempt through International Masters Athletics Foundation. To contribute to the 2005 USATF WMA 100K Team, contact Katy Cotton at IMAF, Inc. @ For information about IMAF, go to:

Team USA Results:

Mark Godale, 35, OH, 8:28:10*
Roy Pirrung, 57, WI, 9:09:07*
Chris Frost, 54 CA, 11:57:14
Craig Robertson, 46, TX, 13:56:45
Amanda McIntosh, 40, TX 9:22:49
Tania Pacev, 46, CO, 10:00:08*
Dee Dee Grafius, 56, CA, 11:25:46*
Katy Cotton, 39, WY, 13:06:18*

Rivero Jorge of Argentina set a Masters course record, winning the Gold with a time of 8:51:30*

*Age Group Course Record

For full results, go to the World Masters Athletics website at: or the Mundial Ultramarathon 100K - WMA 2005 website:
Check out the January, 2006 issue of for race coverage/results and for a Calendar of Events.

--Constance Karras