Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cosumnes River College 24hr

Cosumnes River College 24 Hour,


I just got back from Norm Klein's new 24-hour
track run at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento.
The race is run on a nice quarter-mile dirt and decomposed
granite track, with burrowing owls flying around for
entertainment much of the race.

It was a fun weekend, and there were several notable
performances.  Conditions were pretty good (low clouds,
cool and windy Saturday morning, probably mid-80's in
the afternoon, 50's or so at night, with a nice clear
Sunday morning finish.)  A lot of people suffered some
from the heat, since the area and most of California
hasn't really warmed up yet this year.  More in a race=20
report later from me (volunteer lap counter) or someone=20
else there, but I wanted to post the preliminary results. =20
Women's results are noted with a * next to the person's name.

Cosumnes River College 24-Hour Track Run

Place  Name, Age, State           Distance (miles)
  1    Charles Blakeney,43,CA     112.00
  2    Relay - CRC,,CA           110.00(1)
  3    Ron Hamilton,60,CA         108.25
  4    Arthur Smith,33,CA         100.25
  5    Gasper Pulizzi,66,CA        96.00
  6   *Nancy Warren,40,CA          94.50
  7    Relay - Gene Weddle,61,CA=20
       and *Famida Hannif-Weddle   94.25(2)
  8   *Eldrith Gosney,64,CA        94.00
  9    Roger Jensen,46,CA          86.00
10    Scott Browar,53,CA          83.50
11    Ron Vertrees,69,CA          81.00
12   *Jean Suyenaga,39,CA         80.75
13    Steve Teal,40,CA            77.25
14    Thomas Collins,43,CA        73.50
15    Stephen Elliott,43,CA       73.25
16    Ray Piva,79,CA              72.50
17   *Gillian Robinson,39,CA      68.00
18   *Lucinda Fisher,64,CA        66.75
19    Dan Marinsik,40,CA          66.25
20    Bill Dickey,66,CA           62.75

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