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Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf

Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf

During the period 7-14th April 2006 I participated in the 1st edition of the Rheinsteig Erlebnislauf (, a stage-run (8 days) for charity (Duchenne muscle-disease, over the Rheinsteig-hiking-trail ( between Bonn and Wiesbaden (Germany). There were 12 runners for the whole distance and some 40 others ran shorter sections. The running was done group-wise, uphill walking, downhill and flat running. On the way we took our time to look around and enjoy the landscape. The weather was pleasant for running. Most nights we stayed in hotels. The 8 stages:
7th April 2006, Bonn-Unkel, 48 km and +1574 m.
8th April 2006, Unkel-Neuwied, 51 km and +1743 m.
9th April 2006, Neuwied-Koblenz, 52 km and +1780 m.
10th April 2006, Koblenz-Filsen, 37 km and +1360 m.
11th April 2006, Filsen-Loreley, 33 km and +1460 m.
12th April 2006, Loreley-Assmannshausen, 46 km and +1454 m.
13th April 2006, Assmannshausen-Kiedrich, 37 km and +1030 m.
14th April 2006, Kiedrich-Wiesbaden, 35 km and +660 m.
The final amount to be donated to charity was Euro 4910.00. Next year there
will be a 2nd edition of this event. If interested, I suggest you to keep
an eye on the German ultra-calendar for 2007. I also wrote a more
substantial report in Dutch (


Bram van der Bijl

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