Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Great South West Run

Expressions of interest are invited for - The Great South West Run - Portland to Nelson (inland) returning to Portland (via the coast.)

The run is planned over 5 days as a stage run over 5 days for a total of 250 km.

Day 1 Friday 30 Sept – drive to Portland after work

Day 2 Saturday 1 Oct Portland to Fitzroy Camping (walk in from car) 53.5 km - Trail

Day 3 Sunday 2 Oct Fitzroy – Nelson B & B 74.5 km - Trail

Day 4 Monday 3 Oct Nelson – Swan Lake Camping (car access) 39.8 km – Sand

Day 5 Tuesday 4 Oct Swan Lake – Trewalla Camping (walk in from car) 47 km – Sand and Trail

Day 6 Wed 5 Oct Trawalla – Portland Drive home 31.5 km – Trail / Road

If you are interested in joining this either as a runner or support crew please let me know. At present I am planning a self supporting event with runners carrying all food and equipment. It is possible that with further planning we may be able to shorten it by a day and finish at Portland on Day 5 and overnite their. I have been told that the beach section will be quite tough with medium tides, given that I have erred on shorter run distances for the beach section.

All Overnights are at campsites that have water apart from Nelson – B & B pub dinner, Massage?? – Bed,bliss.

Depending on the level of support will depend if participants carry all their own gear - tents, sleeping bags, food etc or if we can get them carried in a car. Planning is currently on the basis of being totally self sufficient and carrying all overnite gear and food

I am currently researching accomodation in Portland and Nelson

To date 3 other people have expressed interest in joining me.

Once I have more details I will look at organising a planning meeting.

If interested please Paul Ashton on paul.ashton56@bigpond.com

Mt Feathertop Skyrun 50Km Ultra

Saturday 03 December 2005

Updated 1 July 2005

Take part in one of the most amazing high altitude runs that Australia has too offer.
The inaugural short course 50 KM ultra at Mount Hotham in the heart of Victoria’s high country. Experience the thrill of running the famous Razorback ridge to the summit of Mt Feathertop, Victoria’s second highest peak and Australia’s only real mountain, enjoy stunning views from Swindlers Spur and the upper reaches of machinery Spur and enjoy the stunning views from the Alpine Way – al weather permitting.

The Mt Feathertop Sky run will be a totally self supported run, it is not a race. Runners are fully responsible for their own safety and assume full liability for their participation. Participants should offer assistance to other runners in distress and must give way to walkers, especially on the Razorback track. NB. A limit of 35 participants is in place.

No support personnel or equipment is available other than at the accommodation at Mt Hotham. This is an arduous course with 2 major climbs (one short and steep and the other long and steep but both are runable) that take a cumulative toll. The run has been scheduled for Saturday 03 December with the pre race briefing taking place immediately prior to the run at the Mt Hotham accommodation (the start of the run).

The run takes place in an exposed Alpine environment that can be subject to sudden and severe changes in weather. Rain, fog, high winds, sleet and snow as well as hot sunny days can occur during December. Please do not take this run lightly, runners have died in this region. Hypothermia is a serious risk and all runners should be prepared for any weather conditions.

The Mt Feathertop Skyrun should only be attempted by experienced trail runners with good navigation experience. As a minimum, runners attempting the course must have successfully completed at least one 30 km organised trail run in the previous 6 months.

Distance: Two runs will be available on the Saturday 03 December
50 km: start time - 6 am
30 km: start time - 6 am

The early start time is necessary in order to avoid bushwalkers on the Razorback to / from Mt Feathertop

NB a total of 35 runners are able to participate, registrations will be accepted on a first in basis.

Runners will be responsible for recording their own times and a run register (possibly with a volunteer recorder) will be located at race Headquarters at the Mt Hotham accomodation River and the Mt Loch Car Park. Runners must log in at these points as a safety check.

Support: Nil. This a self supported run. Water is available at from creeks and a spring.

Safety Equipment:
All runners must carry with them as a minimum the following safety equipment:-
· Waterproof map of the area, whistle, compass - (recommended is Rooftop’s Mt Feathertop - Hotham 1:30,000 )
· Broad bandage, antiseptic swipes, bandaids, Nuerofen or stronger (6)
· Water proof jacket with hood
· Spare long sleeved polypropylene top and long johns
· Beanie, Hat, gloves
· Torch, spare batteries and bulbs
· Emergency space blanket
· Food
· Emergency food
· Mobile Phone - (highly recommended)
· Disposable camera - (highly recommended) - scenery is fantastic

NB. All runners MUST have sufficient experience/equipment to allow them to either find an alternate route back to run headquarters or wait out the night & complete the run the following day.

Any runner who withdraws or is unable to complete the run back to Mt Hotham by 9pm on the Saturday MUST attempt to contact the run director by mobile phone & advise their status.

Medical Evacuation
Given the nature of the terrain and the distance from the closest hospital participants are encouraged to join Air Ambulance Victoria - any medical evacuations are at participants cost (www.ambulance-vic.com.au Phone 03 9379 9155)
All runners will be provided with emergency contact numbers at the pre run briefing

Entry Fees
AURA Members $20, Non Members $25. It is planned that the event will be covered by the AURA insurance policy. Accommodation charges will be additional

To be confirmed at a lodge on Mt Hotham – an additional charge will apply for accomodation

Pre run Briefing
A pre run briefing will be conducted at the Mt Hotham accommodation immediately prior to the start - This is a mandatory briefing and participants should bring their running kit for checking. No briefing = No start.

Track Etiquette:
Mt Hotham and the Razorback is a major recreational walking/camping area, runners are requested to show consideration to track walkers .

Travel/Camping Arrangements:
Travel to Mt Hotham is by car, runners should arrive on the Friday evening. Driving time from Melbourne is approximately 4.0 - 4.5 hours. I will be aiming to secure accommodation at a ski lodge on a user pays basis.

Support from volunteers at a couple of critical junctions would be of great assistance as would the services of a photographer at the Summit of Mt Feathertop.

Course Description
Available at the pre run briefing

For further information or to register for the Mt Feathertop Skyrun - contact:
Paul Ashton ph: 03 9885 8415 (h) / 0418 136 070 (m)
www.coolrunning.com.au/ultra - To be confirmed
email: paul.ashton56@bigpond.com
Course details:

50 km Ultra Course (NB distances are approximate)
Mt Hotham accommodation to Diamantina Hut 4.0 km
Diamantina Hut to Mt Feathertop Summit 11.0 km (water near the Cross)
Mt Feathertop Summit to Diamantina Hut 11.0 km
Diamantina Hut to Mt Loch Car park 2.0 km (water at carpark)
Mt Loch Car park to Dibbins Hut (via Swindlers Spur) 10.0 km (Cobungra river)
Dibbins Hut to Red Robin Mine (Accomodation) 2.5 km (Springs by road)
Red Robin Mine to Mt Loch Car Park ( via Machinery Spur) 10.0 km (water at carpark)
Mt Loch Car Park to Mt Hotham accommodation (finish) 1.5 km
52.0 km

30 km Short course (NB distances are approximate)
Mt Hotham accommodation to Diamantina Hut 4.0 km
Diamantina Hut to Mt Feathertop Summit 11.0 km (water near the Cross)
Mt Feathertop Summit to Diamantina Hut 11.0 km (water at Loch
Diamantina Hut to Mt Hotham accommodation (finish) 4.0 km carpark)
30 km

Run Headquarters
Run Headquarters will be located at the accommodation venue on Mt Hotham

Mt Feathertop Skyrun Ultra Marathon - Saturday 03 December 2005
Waiver/Registration Form

I, the undersigned, affirm that I participate in this run at my own risk, that there will be no support available except where provided by myself, no route markings, no marshals, and no medical personnel in attendance and I cannot hold my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else, responsible for any accident, injury or death sustained by anyone, anywhere or any property lost, stolen or damaged.

I know that the run may traverse extremely rough and rugged bushland, that is inhabited by the standard Australian wildlife ie snakes, and accept I could get hurt, lost, dehydrated, injured or could even die. I understand that I will be running in an area subject to severe and rapid changes in weather including, high winds, rain and blizzards. I fully accept this on my own behalf.

I understand that even if I am an extremely experienced athlete, I may still not be fit enough to complete the course in daylight and I have the necessary safety equipment for me to complete the run at night. I believe that I am fit enough to start and complete this run, or else have the capabilities to get back to civilisation or my support crew and that I am responsible for myself and the cost of any search and / or rescue if I become lost or suffer any medical problem.

In particular I guarantee that I will not bring any legal action in regard to this run.

I confirm that I have had time to fully read and understand this waiver even if it does limit my legal rights, and that I have not been pressured to sign this. I do so of my own free will, in a sane mind.

Mt Feathertop Skyrun 03 December 2005
Run Distance: (Please Circle appropriate run distance)
50KM 30 KM

Name: Age:
Mailing Address: Suburb: P/C
Email: Phone: (H)
Rego of Vehicle: (M)

Emergency Contact: Name: Phone:

Previous Ultra experience in the last 6 months (for runners attempting 50 km only)

Signature: Date:

Entry fee – AURA Members $20, Non Members $25. Payment of the fee allows non members coverage by the AURA insurance policy for the event.

Post to:- P. Ashton Payment by Cheque made out to P. Ashton
34 Eleanor St
Ashburton 3147

Monday, July 04, 2005

Andy Lovy - Ultrarunner - Vietnam Veteran - 4th July Marshall


Scroll down to the article on Andy and click on the photo on the right hand side. One of life's true Gentleman.

Happy 4th July to all of my American Friends.