Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Any New Yorkers out there?

Hi All,

First up I would like to thank everyone for their patience with me over the last few months as I have reported Jesper Olsen's run across America and Canada and his need for crew especially over the last two/three months.

Well, he is almost near his American finish line (New York) and I only have one more favour to ask. From approximately the 27th Sep to his finish in New York between the 7th and the 9th of Oct, he does not have any crew. He is absolutely stuffed and to have to push his jogger now could break him completely! The approximate schedule is below:

25/9 New Holland

26/9 Reading

27/9 Boyertown

28/9 Allentown

29/9 Easton

30/9 Washington

01/10 Long Valley

02/10 Morristown

03/10 Irvington

04/10 New Jersey City

05/10 East Manhattan, New York City.

So if anyone from that area, can help crewing for a day, two days or the week and a half, please email me on . Or if you know anyone that might be help, please forward this email to them.

After New York he has a very short stint in Ireland and then England where he is looking at finishing in London on Oct 22nd.

He is very close to achieving the First Genuine Lap of the World and a fantastic Ultra performance. Let's help get him to the finish! Thanks


Monday, September 19, 2005

Unusual story from India

Olander Park 100 Mile Run


Place Runner City,St Sx Age Dist. Time Pace

1. Steve Peterson Lafayette,CO M 43 100.000 14:28:37 08:41

2. Joseph Gaebler Reserve,NM M 28 100.000 14:33:05 08:44

3. John Nichols Waterville,OH M 41 100.000 15:15:59 09:10

4. John Geesler St Johnsville,NY M 46 100.000 15:28:20 09:17

5. Rebecca Johnson Lafayette,CO F 36 100.000 15:41:50 09:25

6. Roy Pirrung Sheboygan,WI M 57 100.000 16:27:33 09:53

7. Janet Runyan Lafayette,CO F 46 100.000 17:17:47 10:23

8. Glen Turner Boulder,CO M 45 100.000 17:18:31 10:23

9. Gregory Trapp Reynoldsburg,OH M 42 100.000 18:55:22 11:21

10. Steven Escaler New York,NY M 28 100.000 19:12:20 11:31

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ultrarunning News Headlines,1,1182313.story?coll=la-headlines-outdoors&ctrack=1&cset=true

Uncle Joe's 50k results and pictures

The inaugural Uncle Joe's 50k was held this past weekend. It was a low-
keyed, very well run event. There were 27 runners, including 9 ultra
virgins...and every single runner finished!

The day started with a steady drizzle that stayed just long enough to
chill us, but also long enough to keep the dust down on the trails and
fire roads. It warmed up a bit as the race went on and, in the end, the
weather was perfect for running.

The course was a little tougher than I expected because of the relentless
long hills. There were no 'mountains' by any stretch of the word, but
definitely long climbs and a few switchbacks in the trail section. It was
a very runnable trail ultra as evidenced by the overall winners' times.

Brian Vandenburg of Spokane took 1st place in 4:05:17, followed closely by
Sean Meissner in 4:09:56. Marathoner Lori Buratto ran her first ultra and
hung with the the top 2 guys for the entire race. She never wearied and
looked strong all the way to the finish. Her 3rd place overall time was
4:15:45. The rest of the results are posted on the website along with a
few pictures.

The funnest (just kidding dbag!) part of the race was hanging around the
fire at the finish. I think every runner stayed to cheer in the last
ultra virgin, Deanna Brock, who is Uncle Joe's niece.

The awards are beautiful and the Sporthill DriTech shirts perfect for
running. The cool thing about such a small field is that nearly every
received an award!

Beautiful course, relatively fast course if you can stand the long gradual
hills, generous aid stations, and as many volunteers as there were runners!

Lisa Bliss
Spokane, WA

Swiss Jura Marathon 2006

Swiss Jura Marathon 2006
Gen=E8ve - Basel
9. - 15. 07. 2006

Europe longest 7 Days Mountain runs

International footrace, take place in each 1. July half

Number of participants is limited !

Time measurement, with daily rank lists

Category Km 350
- Single runner (Runner K350)
- By team of 2, 2x175 km (Team K350)
- 7 daily stages from 45 to 56 km
- Totally 350 run kilometers
- Daily elevator difference of 1'200 - 2'000 meter
- Totally elevator difference over +/- 11'000 meter

Category Km 175
- Single runner (Runner K175)
- 7 daily part of stage from 20 to 29 km
- Totally 175 run kilometers
- Daily elevator difference of 500 - 1500 meter
- Totally elevator difference over + 5'000 / -8'000 meter

Swiss Jura Marathon clock
Personal certificate
Money- / Gold- / Natural - Prices

=46urther informations in the registration

Swiss Marathon Team
Hutmattweg 6
CH - 4114 Hofstetten

=46ax/Tel: 0041 - 61 - 7215626

2nd Ultra Marathon de la Grande Travers des Alpes Race Report

Last Sunday I arrived home from a visit to the French Alps, where I
participated in the 2nd edition of the Ultra Marathon de la Grande
Travers=E9e des Alpes. In 14 daily stages the participants were supposed to
cover the whole distance between Thonon-les-Bains and Nice, which is about
370 miles, positive elevation: some 103000 feet. In general we were
following the GR5-hiking-track. Course-markings, maps and
course-descriptions were used to navigate from start to finish. Most
running was done on an altitude between 5000 and 8500 feet. 1 (sometimes 2)
aid-station(s) every day. Good weather (in general), good food, nice
company, impressive scenery. Coming from a flat country I had my best days
during some of the more runnable stages, while on the other hand time was
lost on more technical downhill-sections. It took me close to 103 hours to
complete the job. I will write a more detailed report in Dutch. Those of
you, who have questions: please feel free to ask. Keep an eye on , if you interested in participating in
the 3rd edition of this event in 2006.

Transe Gaule 2005: Final results

TRANSE GAULE IV - August 17 - September 3, 2005
1166 K / 18 stages

Final results (cumulative time for 1160 km) :
1 Janne Kankaansyrjā* (FINLAND) 98h 08'52 (11.819km/h)

2 Trond Sj=E5vik** (NORWAY) 111h 39'27 (10.389 km/h)

3 Bernard Constant* (France) 113h 22'03 (10.232 km/h)

4 Jan Ondrus** (CZEK REPUBLIC) 114h 37'41 (10.120km/h)

5 Hiroko Okiyama* (JAPON) 116h 43'48 (9.937 km/h) 1=E8reF=E9minine

6 Sebastia=F5 Ferreira da Guia* (BRASIL) 121h38'24 (9.536 km/h)

7 Laurent Brueyre* (France) 124h 32'52 (9.314 km/h)

8 Fabrice Rosa* (France) 130h 36'49 (8.881 km/h)

>9 Roger Warenghem* (France) 131h 47'14 (8.802 km/h)

10 Daniel Muller**** (France) 136h 55'20 (8.472 km/h)

11 Russell Secker* (ENGLAND) 137h 28'50 (8.438 km/h)

12 Don Winkley**** (USA) 141h 40'50 (8.187 km/h)

13 Christophe Midelet* (France) 143h 12'59 (8.100km/h)

13 Alain Lemarchand* (France) 143h 12'59 (8.100 km/h)

15 G=E9rard Bertin* (France) 143h 29'03 (8.085 km/h)

16 Fabrice Viaud* (France) 145h 37'07 (7.966 km/h)

17 Mattias Bramst=E5ng* (SWEDEN) 148h 28'05 (7.813 km/h)

18 Patrick Bonnot* (MAYOTTE ISLAND) 148h 51'11 (7.793km/h)

19 Marcel Milin* (France) 149h 00'51 (7.784 km/h)

20 Eric Martin* (France) 149h 07'08 (7.779 km/h)

21 Jean-Pierre Durmier* (France) 152h 42'50 (7.596km/h)

22 G=E9rard Denis* (France) 157h 28'32 (7.366 km/h)

23 Jean-Herv=E9 Duchesne* (France) 164h 11'32 (7.065km/h)

24 Sigrid Eichner** (GERMANY) 183h 53'29 (6.308 km/h)2=E8 F=E9minine

(24 entrants)
* Finisher 1 Transe Gaule
** Finisher 2 Transe Gaule
**** Finisher 4 Transe Gaule

Jean-Beno=EEt Jaouen
Kerlosquet 29250 St-Pol-de-L=E9on - FRANCE

Bob Brown - Portugal to Ural Mtns (was USSR)

For anyone keen to follow Bob's progress, he is doing it tough at 40 to 50+
miles per day.
Bob has previously run the Trans America race (2004) and Trans Australia (2001).
A great guy.

The best link to his diary here is:

His homepage is here: