Saturday, October 01, 2005

Everest - great commentary

Follow link to commentary from a couple climbers currently on Everest ,
different sport with magnitudes of difficulty foreign to ours.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Help needed for Jesper Olsen with the Final Leg (England)

Dear Running Friends ,

Over the past two years I have been helping Jesper Olsen ( with his run around the world. On the 17th of October he will be arriving in Liverpool (from a week running in Ireland ) to start his finishing stretch to London. Im thinking he could aim for a finish in London by the 25th October.

Im needing help in various areas. These include planning a proper daily schedule, help finding a crew for Jesper, help finding lodgings anywhere on the route and any other suggestions or ideas.

Jesper is the real deal. He is a genuine ultra runner and I believe he has run every step of the way in his 25,000km plus journey. He has been a Great Ambassador for the sport and I hope the English Ultra running scene can help get him to the Finish Line.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions ?


Look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Essam

Centurion USA 2005

The applications for Centurion USA 2005 are ready. The race will be held as part of the Ultracentric 24 hour running race near Dallas, Texas (Addison) on November 26-27, 2005.

The event will be held on a relatively new 400 meter track.

Applications for the Ultracentric 24 hour race and the Centruion walk are here: