Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sri Chinmoy multi-day race update


Day 8 -10 day

With only 48 hours remaining, the final outcome of the race still has a little uncertainty to it. Rimas leads with 540 miles over tough-minded competitor Trishul Cherns, who tallied 527 miles. Both men should go over the 1000km mark(621+ miles) before the race ends.Tagging along in third is Vladimir Balatsky, who ran 674 miles to lead the men for Day 8.

Nataliya Hlushchek is 13 miles head of Sarah Barnett on the distaff side. Karnayati Morison from Canada has moved into third position ever-so-slightly ahead of Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova from Russia. The white-haired Russian has had stomach problems for the last three days or so.

Day 4 - Six Day

Dipali fashioned another 70 mile day to solidify her lead overall in the Six Day race. She has 320 miles to lead all runners. Kaneenika has come within one mile of second place overall, with a solid 65 miles.

Glen Turner has assumed control of the men’s race with a 66 mile day, totalling 287 miles. Bob Oberkehr held on for second place for the men at 266 miles. It rained last night for the first time in the race, a shower lasting about two hours. Warmer weather has moved in, with highs in the 70’s, and breezes have become placid in the park that was a wind tunnel for 6 or 7 days.

Sahishnu Szczesiul

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