Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sri Chinmoy 6-10 day race update

From the web site:

Would you believe in small miracles? Rimas Jakelaitis, after taking a 10+ hour hiatus from the race with a badly sore knee, returned Friday and plugged on anew. He ran 102 miles to climb atop the ladder in the Ten Day race again, running throuhout the night without any more pain. Rimas reached 225 miles.
Trishul Cherns ran another consistent, solid, 70 mile day to remain in second with 214 miles. Vladimir Balatsky has now moved into third place at 201 miles.
Nataliya Hluschek continues to impress with a three day total of 212 miles. Sarah Barnett from Australia moved ahead of Pratishruti into second place with 190 miles. The elder Russian remains four miles behind her. A logjam remains at fifth place as three ladies - Karnayati Morison, Stela Doni, and Silva Stradalova are all tied. The cool, crisp, dry air should remain another day or so.

Sahishnu Szczesiul


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