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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New World Ultra News website location

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Vermont 100

I have heard that the Vermont 100 ultra is still not full yet. For those who may be interested.

Norwegian Ultra Site

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ultras in Germany

Crewing at Badwater

Denise Jones and Theresa Daus-Weber (who between them have a combined total
of 22 times crewing, planning, and/or pacing Death Valley ultra events
including two double crossings, multiple solo Death Valley crossings, and crewing
and pacing the record 160-mile south to north crossing of the Death Valley
National Park) have written a book: "Death Valley Ultras: The Complete Crewing
Guide." It is the only book ever written on the subject. I thoroughly
recommend it to any ultra runner. As an ultra runner, even if you are just curious
about Badwater or Death Valley, you will enjoy their book. It gives you a
completely different perspective on the experience.

But if you are running or crewing Badwater this year, you really "must" get
the book. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you'd be foolish not to get it!
Just the idea that an entire book "could" be written on such a seemingly small
subject should tell you that there is a lot more to be learned than meets the
eye. Even if you are a veteran at crewing Badwater, I'm sure there's a lot
in the book that you haven't thought of. It is available at for only
$19.99. I know if I was running Badwater again, I'd want my crew to know
everything in the book.

I feel a little foolish saying so, but I have no financial interest in the
book. How could I? Can you imagine the kickback, after expenses, from a $20
book that only has a potential of a few hundred copies! That's another reason
for buying the book... to support these two people whose only real reason for
writing the book is to contribute to our sport.

I also have a free 30-page booklet that I wrote last year, called "Running
Badwater." There is also a section in it on crewing and, surprisingly, there
is very little overlap with the above book. So, if you are running or crewing
Badwater this year, you really should get both, their's and mine. If you want
me to email a Microsoft Word version of my booklet to you, just ask me for
it by email at
-Mike Henebry

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2006 Massanutten Mountain 100

2006 Massanutten Mountain 100

Geoff Hains

Dear Phil,
Just a few lines on Geoff Hain at the Isle of Wight
in August,Geoff will be attempting to become the first
Australian to finish the British Centurion 100 mile walk in under 24 Hours and in doing so will hold centurion badges in 3 Countries.

Fred Brooks

New front page for World Ultra News

Go to to see the new front page for World Ultra News. This blog has been an excellant way to impart information on ultrarunning and ultrawalking from around the world, but very soon it's going to use up it's article quota and I will have to start deleting articles.

All of the information will still be on this blog for now, but over the coming months you will see more and more at the new location. Sorry about the advertising on the new site, but I think it's a small price to pay for the services it will be able to provide.

Any feedback is appreciated to myself at (this includes the template, as I will be varying it slightly in the next few days to see what works and what doesnt).