Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Russell B Cheney 50Km

Russell B. Cheney 50K+.  It's an easy trail loop around a lake in the Killian Pondus Mountains of Downstate Delaware.  There are handrails on 89% of the course with Guide Dogs assigned to all entrants for the other 11%.  This makes it impossible to be lost; and leads to some incredibly fast times.   This is posolutely and absitively THE "Easiest" fifty kilometer run in the First State, and probably on the entire Delmarva Peninsula.  All this, and it's Just 3,000 miles from Southern California.  We already have 2 Californians, 2 Texans, a Coloradian and a Nashvillian registered.  Why would these souls come that far to run a 50K?  Well, come and find out.  But hurry, this year we're limiting the entrants to 20 (twenty) and we have 14 confirmed.  An application can be found at & as always the race is guaranteed.

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