Wednesday, April 26, 2006

50km Ultras in Southern California

Check for a list of ultras in Southern California.  As for difficulty, check out the course descriptions on the various websites.  Of the ones with which I'm familiar (in chronological order),
  - Orange Curtain 50k (I'm the RD so I have financial interest) - low elevation, very flat, choice of asphalt or dirt surface, 2006 was first year, designed to be fast
  - Lake Hodges 50k - low elevation, pretty flat, mostly dirt surface, 2004 was first year, designed to be easy, course has changed each year
  - Bishop High Sierra - medium to high elevation, long steady climb followed by similar descent, dirt to rocky surface, many years in operation
  - Holcomb Valley (33 mile) - high altitude, some climbs/some flat, dirt trails/roads/some racks, many years in operation
  - Baldy Peaks (32 mile) - medium to (mostly) high altitude, long very steep climbs followed by longer merely steep descents (except for the very steep descent sections), mostly rocky surface with a few (4?) miles of asphalt, been around for a while but is cancelled for 2006, designed to be tough and is
  - High Desert - medium altitude, some gradual climbs but fairly flat, forgiving and mostly not too sandy surface (fast course), many years in operation, a big favorite of a lot of So Cal runners
  Jay Anderson

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