Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moving on from AURA Vice Presidency role

Dear All,
Please be advised that wef tonight, I have decided not to stand for the AURA Vice Presidency role at the AURA AGM which is being held tonight.
I believe that I can better serve the sport by being a "worker bee" than acting in my current position which has involved me making quite a few decisions in the past 12 months which sometimes I haven’t been comfortable with. I also believe that I couldn’t serve very well in the role due to the limited number of ultras that I can attend each year.
I will still be producing my web site, which I believe is a great benefit to the sport and I will still help the Colac 6-day race  with publicity and their web site when I can.

I will also be helping the multi-day race in India to get off the ground and hopefully increasing my walking miles so that I can compete in Ultras again!  When I finish my degree in 12-15 months time, there could be another Ultra book in the pipeline.
AURA is in very good hands now and I believe will continue to play it's part in the development of our sport in Australia.

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