Monday, April 24, 2006

Rosie's Walk Around the World

Excerpt from the Webpage
21/4/6 Hi, have just had a long chat with Rosie earlier today. She is just about to set off from Manley Hot Springs a small village where she has been staying at for the last few days. Manley Hot Springs is a small village of around fifty people. Everyone has been extremely friendly and kind to Rosie, Earlier in the day Rosie had given a talk at the local school, that she enjoyed very much. Rosie has been staying with a lovely couple called Carole and Bunny. she would like to thank them for there hospitality and help with her equipment. Now Rosie is on the road networks, the sled 'Sprit of America' is no longer suitable. It has been a wonderful aid to her and it is being sent back to its owner Denis Douglas with thanks.

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