Monday, April 24, 2006

Double Chubb 25/50k

Another superb job done by race director Victoria White putting on the
Double Chubb 25/50k in St. Louis, MO on yesterday.

Thanks to all the wonderful aid station volunteers for staying out on the
course for the endurance of a hot day. The volunteers were absolutely
excellent in the execution of their jobs. This is the second year that I've
had the pleasure of being served by these wonderful people.

I cannot praise Victoria enough for the hard work that she did in taking
care of the runners and putting on another great year of Double Chubb.
If you haven't experienced the Double Chubb, what are you waiting for?
Thanks again, Victoria and volunteers.

Check out the Berryman Marathon/50 Trail Runs on May 27th. Directed by the
husband of Victoria, David White. Another well done race with excellent aid
stations. You don't want to wait around and miss out on this one.
Murfreesboro, TN

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