Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Run to reduce Stigma

Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run to Reduce Stigma

Due to time and other contraints, what was intended as a group run hasn't materialized as a group run, yet. Trained and undaunted though, The Mississippi to Lake Michigan Run (190 miles in 4 days) to Reduce Stigma will take place May 25th-28th, as a solo run if need be.

The purpose of ther run is to raise awareness to the stigma associated with mental illnesses, how that stigma not only prevents people from seeking assistance but also access to assistance. Many people with Mental illnesses are denied the same services as others.

Literature will also be distributed about Whitney's Walk/CC Run, a suicide prevention event taking place in Jubilee Park in Brimfiled, Illinois on Saturday July 29th.

Your participation would improve awareness and initiate discussion about stigma and through open discussion, understanding of all people with disabilities.

When I began this, I truly intended to attrract many other runners, high school cross-country athletes and other like-minded people. And perhaps I will.

But that really doesn't matter anymore. I'm also not really that interested in raising money so why would I do this?

I do this for all the parents who know the feeling of tears welling in their eyes when they hope and pray for their child each day. I do this for all the kids who have no one who cares enough to shed a tear for them. I do this for my son Ben who I think is courageous by going to school every day knowing that the next bully he runs into may be the one who teases him to the point where tears run down his cheeks.

I do this because regardless of whether you have Autism, Aids or Arthritis, you deserve equal access and respect.

I do it because if reading this benefits one person, the journey was not in vain.

God Bless Us For All of Our Differences!

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