Monday, January 23, 2006

Thanks Connie for your Help

This is a public THANKYOU to Connie Karras for the help with my Blog over the last few months. Because of the grief and crap, Connie is continually getting from people on the Ultra listserve, she wont be helping with the Blog anymore. Frankly I dont blame her. Thanks people for doing this to a decent human being. (You know who you are) On what I know of Connie, she is one of the most giving people in this sport and I thank her for her help. I appreciate it.

When I started the Blog it was with the purpose of filling the gap that David Blaikie's magnificent web site use to fill. Fortunately, there have been several other World Ultra web sites that have also stepped up to the plate at the same time and are doing a magnificent job. These include and the iau web site. I may now change my focus and just concentrate on articles that take my interest. Ultrawalking, solo walkers and runners and interesting medical and training articles.

See what happens.


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