Friday, January 27, 2006

The Kuts Run series

Hey all,

     March 25, June 10, and Nov 11 are fast approaching.
Only have about 20 entries for KUTS (March 25):
so might be a few short of the 100 suggested limit.
Sugar & Spice (June 10) for the women still has no entries
and should be small and special again:
Got the first entry for Arches (Nov 11) without officially
announcing the run. Expect there will be 70 (cutoff) by
this summer:

     If you've never run any of these ultras I host,
then KUTS has 30ish and 50ish mile options (best guesstimates
of the distances), probably will be on muddy trails, each year
the course changes, trying to make this one the muddiest this
time, noone sets a PR here. Sugar & Spice is only for women,
so I'm sexist; get over it, it was wonderfully fun last year.
Then there is Arches, would you like to get lost, run about
34 miles, see some of the most spectacular part of KY, have
frog legs at the buffet the night before, and more. Don't
come to any of these runs to race. Everybody gets the same
for running. The chance to run and experience here.
     I host all of these runs and have a financial interest
in them that breaking even and any extra is donated for some
cause. You're running helps. You might enjoy these "runs"

Always KY Bluegrass (we don't smoke it),

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