Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Review of "The Runner" DVD

Review of "The Runner" DVD

Last night (Sat., Jan. 21), Jim and I attended Journeyfilm's premiere  
screening of JB Benna's new documentary about David Horton and his  recent record-setting Pacific Crest Trail run. A large crowd showed up in  Lynchburg for the showing. We saw about an hour-twenty of the  film. Jim and I haven't seen the entire DVD, which also includes maps,  stats, more footage that JB took, out takes, etc.

We think JB did a great job on his first long documentary film.  He's been chosen to present it next week at the Park City Film Festival.  (JB sent the schedule of screenings to the ultra list last week.) We  recommend you go see it if you're near Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Los  Angeles when it's shown.

We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, lively music, and interesting content  (including footage of David and his pacers on the trail, and interviews  with David, his crew, friends, and family). JB captures some of the  struggles David faced on his journey, such as difficult snow and  stream conditions in the High Sierras. The film is fast-paced, just like  David!

Congratulations, David, on your epic run. We hope your PCT  record stands for several years. You're an inspiration to anyone  with big dreams..

For more information about the DVD, see _http://www.journeyfilm.com_
(http://www.journeyfilm.com) .

Happy trails,
Sue Norwood (and Jim O'Neil)
Roanoke,  VA

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