Thursday, January 26, 2006

Changes to Western States Course

The changes can be seen on the
WS100 website here:

Here's a description of the course changes from the website:

1.  One mile has been removed from the route of the climb from Squaw
Valley to the Escarpment Aid Station.

2.  After arriving at the Red Star Aid Station, runners will cross the Forest Service Road and continue along the spine of Red Star Ridge. The distance from Red Star to Robinson Flat using the Duncan Canyon route is 13.7 miles. With a difference of 6.1 miles, the mid-pack runner will arrive at Robinson Flat approximately 90 minutes later than last year. You will climb 2,823 feet and descend 2,458 feet using the new route, for a total gain of 365 feet.

3.  The Duncan Canyon aid station will be back in operation for 2006.
It is 7.8 miles from Red Star to the Duncan Canyon aid station and
another 5.9 miles to Robinson Flat.

4.  Upon departing the Robinson Flat aid station, you will climb a new trail to the top of Little Bald Mountain and down the other side to a new aid station, Sierra View Mine. This single-track trail avoids the use of fire roads and presents some stunning views along the way. The trail distance from Robinson Flat to Sierra View Aid Station is 4.7 miles. You will climb 850 feet and descend about 1100 feet using this section of trail.

5.  After leaving the Sierra View Aid Station,you will follow a Forest Service road (FR 43) for 7/10 miles before turning right onto a single-track trail for the remaining 2.9 miles to Dusty Corners. There, the trail rejoins the WS course leading past Pucker Point and onward to the Last Chance Aid Station. When you arrive at Dusty Corners Aid Station, you will have completed all of the 2006 mileage adjustments.

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