Monday, April 17, 2006

North Pole Marathon Results

Widely Acclaimed Author wins 2006 North Pole Marathon
On Saturday 8 April, Irish novelist Michael Collins led home a record
54-person international race field to win the 2006 North Pole Marathon.

The certified 26.2-mile (42km) event, dubbed the world’s coolest marathon,
took place at a temporary Russian North Pole camp in the high Arctic Ocean
at the Geographic North Pole. Despite extremely challenging underfoot
conditions, comprising soft snow and hillocks of ice, as well as
temperatures that dipped to –23C, all fifty-four participants successfully
completed the event
In the men’s division, Collins and Carsten Kolle (Germany) forced the pace
at the outset, crunching through the hushed indomitable surroundings and
matching each other stride for stride over the initial 10km. A polar bear
was spotted but fortunately it was one of the other competitors donning a
costume. Despite the scare, Collins was relentless in his efforts and went
on to win by a comfortable margin in a time of 4.28.35 on the toughest ever
terrain for the race.
Meanwhile, in a perfectly judged effort, Marcel Kasumovich (Canada)
overhauled the German for second place with France’s Philippe Moreau and
Herve Taquet finishing together in 4th position.
The women’s race saw Alison Hamlett (England) set a new world record for the
event, finishing ahead of 2006 Antarctic Ice Marathon winner, Wendy
MacKinnon (Scotland), with Ireland’s Caitriona Strain in third place.
Hamlett’s time of 5.52.56 was good enough for sixth place overall.
This amazing race – operated at the top of the world and run on the ice
floes that overlay 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean - attracts a diverse range of
participants each year. While some were attempting to join the Marathon
Grand Slam club by running a marathon on all seven continents and the North
Pole, others were making their marathon debut. Hundreds of thousands of euro
were also raised for various charities through participants’ heroic efforts
in completing the race.
To find out more about the North Pole marathon, or to register for next
year’s event, log on to Places are limited due to
aircraft capacity constraints.

1. Michael Collins, Ireland 4.28.35
2. Marcel Kasumovich, Canada 5.00.26
3. Carsten Kolle, Germany 5.06.54
4. Philippe Moreau, France 5.51.50
4. Herve Taquet, France 5.51.50
6. Brent Weigner, USA 6.13.15
7. Henri Alain D'Andria, France 6.18.26
8. Mark Tointon, England 6.18.47
9. Johnny Donnelly, Ireland 6.40.30
10. Hal Salveson, Scotland 6.41.35
=10. Mark Howe, England 6.41.35
12. Neil Rhodes, England 6.49.57
13. Stephen Murphy, England 7.00.50
14. Brendan Smith, Australia 7.13.40
15. Jim Montgomerie, Scotland 7.14.10
16. Tony Copp, England 7.31.05
17. Gareth Hughes, Wales 7.41.54
18. Stuart Codling, England 7.43.04
=18. Will Knight, England 7.43.04
=18. Harvey Smyth, England 7.43.04
21. Nigel Haigh, England 7.50.59
22. Simon Pinchin, England 7.57.48
23. Johan Soderstrom, Sweden 8.07.03
24. Simon Chester, England 8.17.38
25. Clyde Shank, USA 8.17.40
26. James Sams, England 8.23.31
27. Peter McGarry, Ireland 8.29.36
28. Phil Murray, England 8.35.26
29. Huw Jones, England 8.36.36
=29. Mark Sinclair, England 8.36.36
31. Giles Griffiths, England 8.37.20
=31. Jim Summers, England 8.37.20
33. Roobik Eskandari, England 8.49.50
34. Chris Jonns, England 8.50.43
35. David Donnell-Jones, England 8.56.33
=35. Mark Clifford, England 8.56.33
37. Vir K. Nanda, USA 9.16.29
38. Osy Waye, England 10.06.42
39. Paul O'Dwyer, Ireland 10.33.01
40. Gary Baron, Canada 11.39.40
41. David Justin Ross, USA 12.14.57
42. James Falconer Ross, USA 12.14.57
43. Jim Lawrence, USA 12.26.20
1. Alison Hamlett, England 5.52.56
2. Wendy MacKinnon, Scotland 6.36.28
3. Caitriona Strain, Ireland 7.41.47
4. Kate Charles, England 7.45.06
5. Colleen Antrobus, New Zealand 9.03.02
=5. Joanne Gowing, England 9.03.32
7. Kenwynne Barber, Wales 10.31.50
8. Kimi Puntillo, USA 10.41.35
9. Evelyn Haran, England 11.12.58
10. Terri Straiton, Canada 11.39.40
11. Ginny Turner, USA 12.26.20

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Brent Weigner, Race Director
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