Saturday, April 22, 2006

24hrs of Rouen Costils

Les résultats
1. Alain Costils (KM 520, Barneville) 207,350 km ; 2. Philippe Vit
(Torcy) 180,525 km ; 3. Peter Bennett (Australie) 176,175 km ; 4.
Eric Boufflert (Harfleur) 160,950 km ; 5. Jean-Claude Courcy (Vernon)
155,875 km ; 6. Mlle Dorit Attias (USA) 151,525 km ; 7. Violette
Bourillon (Vernon) 141,375 km ; 8. Micheline Année (Vernon), 135,575
km ; 9. Chrisitan Guérinier (Vernon) 131,950 km ; 10. Raymond Année
(Vernon) 128,325 km.

WALK 24 hours of Rouen Costils from beginning to end The 37e edition
24 Hour old of Rouen which was held for the first time this weekend
on the quays of right bank, around hangars 9 and 10, was marked by
terrible climatic conditions "I never knew such such an unfavourable
context for the walkers since 1971 when it had fallen from snow the
Easter Day", remembers Francis Hébert the organizer the
demonstration. On the forty competitors, of ten different nations,
having taken the departure of this infernal round Saturday with 5
p.m., half of them gave up after five hours of race because of a
ceaseless rain, a violent wind and an icy cold. Party quickly without
being concerned with time, Alain Costils took the direction of the
operations quickly. The last winner of Paris-Colmar buckled 47,125 km
per fifth hour of race. Preceding Francilien Philippe Saw (44,225)
and the Australian Peter Bennett (41,325). The advance of Norman did
not cease growing with the wire of the loop of 725 meters. After
sixteen hours of race the three men of head maintained their
variations respective on the remainder of the group from where
American Dorit Attias emerged however come straight of the New
Jersey. Blow of bar While traversing to final the 207,350 km, Alain
Costils beat his own record established last year with 205,500 km
crossing the arrival almost as fresh as a sportsman of
Sunday "Sincerely I did not suffer from the wind nor of the rain. I
simply had a light blow of bar between 9 a.m. and 11 H this morning.
But after all returned in the order and I set out again on the basis
of the twelve turns per hour " Victorious in 2004, 2005 and 2006,
that which is laid off with club km 520 of Barneville in the Eure
will take share in next Paris-Colmar of May 31 at June 3, at a
distance of 450 km. No matter what it arrives, it already promised to
the organizers to be present the next year. Quellles that are the
atmospheric conditions.

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