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Coburg 24hr Race -22-23 April 06 Preview


BEAUCHAMP, Bill 58 24H Run Has run 213 km in 24 hours. Has been running ultras for nearly 20 years and is a regular at our event. Came 2nd in the 2003 24H run with 171.2km.

BOYCE, Robert 44 24H Run Robert has run 100 km in the very respectable time of 11:23. Has upped the ante and will attempt a 24 hour run at Coburg.

DAVIS, Robyn 61 24H Run Robyn is an experienced ultra runner, having has run 150 km in 24 hours. This will be his first appearance at Coburg.

24H Run Deborah completed 75 km in 12 hours in our 2003 event . She went on to
become the first woman to walk around Australia (15,669 kms in 343 days),
setting multiple world records along the way. Soon after the completion of
this momentous event, she completed the 2004 Colac 6 day event, walking
448.17 km in the allotted time. She is back this year to compete in the 24
Hour Run event

14 FICKEL, Bob 54 24H Run One of the legends of Australian ultra running and a finisher in the
gruelling Westfield Sydney-Melbourrne run (1990). Has been running
ultras since 1987 and still going strong. Bob has a best of 208 km (1994).
His last appearance at Coburg was in 1991 and he is back again this year
as a warm up for a 24H 'Run for Cancer' event only 2 weeks after our
event. Now that's enthusiasm!
Check out Bob's website at

19 GRAY, Peter 41 24H Run Has a best of 230 km in 24 hours, set in our 1991 event. Youngest ever
Westfield Sydney-Melbourne finisher. Has completed a record 18
consecutive finishes in this event. Has run 188 ultras and 44 24 hour events.
A running machine. He wears number 19 this year to mark his 19th entry in
our event.

15 LADYMAN, Rodney 49 24H Run Has run 59 km in 6 hours and 107 km in 12 hours. I think this may be his first time over the 24H distance in our event.

16 MARSH, Ken 50 24H Run Started off with the 6H run and has worked his way up nicely. Competed in our 2004 24 hour run with a distance of 116 km. Won our 12H Run last
year with 107 km. Is back to attack the 24H distance this year and I think
we can expect a good performance.

17 MARSH, Trevor 44 24H Run Completed in the 6 hour event in 2003 and then moved up to the 24 hour event in 2004 and won the Gordon Burrowes Trophy for his gutsy
performance in covering 125.8 km for 10th place. He also completed the
Colac 6 day championship in November 2004 with a distance of 556 km.
Improved to run 162.8 km in last year's Coburg event. Has developed
rapidly into a very good ultra distance runner.

18 MATCHETT, Ken 84 24H Run Completed a remarkable 130.5km in 24 hours in 2004 at 82 years of age to
set a whole range of M80 world records. Last year he completed 121 km in
our event and then backed up later in the year to finish a wonderful Colac 6
day event , setting more M80 world ultra records. At 84 years of age, he will
be without doubt our oldest competitor and will still finish mid field!

21 KINSHOFER, Rudolf 52 24H Run This SA based runner has run 100 km in 8:01 and 232 km in 24 hours (in our 1991 event here at Coburg) . He won the 24H Run in 2004 with a fine
distance of 187.434 km and won the 2005 event with 192.909 km. He is
back again to try for a third straight title.

22 McCORMICK,Richard 39 24H Run Came second in the 12H run last year with 90.4 km. Is upping the ante this year and doing his first 24 Hour track event although he did successfully
compete in the Glasshouse 100 mile trail run last year so knows what it is all

23 OHLENROTT, Bruce 41 24H Run Moving up to the 24 H Run category afer competing in the 12H Run last year (in fact, after running 3 6H events and 3 12H events, it is about time he
moved up!). Has a best of 88 km in 12 hours so should achieve a good
distance in the longer event.

24 STAPLES, Alan 56 24H Run Alan competed successfully in the 2003 and 2004 24 Hour run events and has a best of 171.6 km. Returns again this year.

25 TIMMS, John 63 24H Run Very experienced runner at all distances from 24 hours to 1000 miles! Best 24 Hour run of 170.7 km (1994). Regular Colac 6 Day runner and a
regular supporter of our Coburg event.

26 WISE, Garry 59 24H Run Garry ran 10:52 for the 100 km in 2005 and is extending himself to try the 24 hour event in 2006.


28 EARLE, Lee 43 12H Run Another first timer and attempting the 12 hours.

29 HARTLEY, Ernest 56 12H Run Came third in the 2005 12 Hour run with 86 km. Is back again this year to improve on that performance.


32 BENNETTS, Karen 44 6H Run A This is Karen's first ultra so we welcome her to our event and wish her all the best.

33 BROWN, Sue 40 6H Run A This is Sue's first ultra so we welcome her to our event and wish her all the best.

34 CARSON, Max 52 6H Run A Max has best times of 72 km (6 hours) and 116 km (12 hours) so will be very serious contender for the 6 Hour Run

35 DUFFELL, Geoff 55 6H Run A Geoff advises he has no recent performances and that this will be his first ultra run for a number of years. Good luck Geoff.

36 DYER, Bill 45 6H Run B Bill completed the 100 mile walk in 22:50:33 in 1977 as a 16 year old. Nearly 30 years later, he remains the youngest person ever to cover 100
miles within 24 hours. This year he is doing the 6 hour run and should be
competitive, having recently run a half marathon in 87:02

37 MARSHALL, Diana ? 6H Run B Canberra first time ultra runner.

38 PARRIS, Dawn 53 6H Run A One of the legends of ultra running, Dawn has a best of 202.65 km in 24 hours, set in 1989. Last year she won the 6 hour run event with 49.33 km
and is back again for the same event this year.

39 YOUNG, Shirley 76 6H Run A A multiple age group world record holder. Ran 176 km in 24 hours in our 2000 event at age 70. Now content to run the shorter distances! A marvel!


43 ATTIAS, Dorit 44 24H Walk Dorit has come very close to the centurion walk milestone, having completed 150 km within 24 hours in USA in 2000 and having completed
99 miles in 24 hours in Malaysia last year. Her Coburg race should see her
finally achieve her goal.

44 BAKER, Fred 73 24H Walk A former secretary of the British Centurions, Fred has completed their 24H walk distance of 100 miles on a record 20 occasions. This is a chance to see
one of the all time greats in action.

45 BENNETT, Peter 50 24H Walk Peter has completed 100 mile Centurion walks in Australia, NZ and Malaysia and has a best time of 19:42:54. He also holds the Australian
Open 100 km walking record of 10:51:25 and the 12 Hour Open walking
record with over 108 km. We are excited that Peter has joined our event this

46 BILLETT, David 35 24H Walk David is an experienced ultra runner and walker. He came 4th in the 2004 Coburg 24 Hour run category with a fine distance of 163.8 km (just over
100 miles). He has since improved that to 172 km. In 2004 he returned to
Coburg as a walker and achieved Centurion status with a distance of
161.887 km. Then he completed his first Colac 6 day event with a fine 602
km. An ultra runner/walker on the rise!

47 BOLLEN, Karyn 51 24H Walk Successfully walked 100 miles in 24 hours in our 2002 event. Walked the 12 hour event in 2003, ran 141 km in 2004 and walked 132 km in 2005. Is
back for the walk again this year.

48 BORELLO, Jens 58 24H Walk Already a triple centurion - Continental (C317 22:15:34 2004), British (C1026 23:17:36 2005) and American (C62 23:21;14 2006). He will be
trying for his fourth Centurion badge at Coburg and should comfortably
make the requisite 100 miles.

49 CUMMINS, Louis 56 24H Walk Louis will be attempting his first ultra. He has completed a marathon in 3h 56m and is making the big jump to the 24 hour event. We wish him all the
51 FISHER, Patrick 58 24H Walk Pat walked 87.8 km in the Gosford 12 Hour in January and is now going for the 24 Hour! Must be seen as a very serious contender.

52 HAIN, Geoff 59 24H Walk Geoff is Australian Centurion 49 and has completed 3 100 mile qualifiers in the last 16 months (including one in NZ). He won the male 24H walk in our
Coburg event last year. This is a new career for Geoff who was an
accomplished ultra runner for many years before making the switch.

53 HOWORTH, Sandra 43 24H Walk Sandra started with 6 hour events a couple of years ago, worked her way up to the 12 Hour event at Gosford and then completed 102.55 km in the
24 hour walk at our 2005 event. Is hoping to increase on that distance this

54 JEMMESON, Sean 37 24H Walk A first time ultra entrant.

55 MISKIN, Stan 80 24H Walk Very experienced ultra runner and walker. Regular competitor in our event
and still going strong at 80 years of age. Holds Australian M75 & M80
run and walk records and World M80 records for various ultra distances.
Has a career best of 187 km in 24 hours, set in 1984. Contested his 4th
and completed his 2nd Colac 6 day event last November. Will have a great
battle with Ken Matchett.

56 O'NEILL, Terry 50 24H Walk Terry is Australian Centurion 11, having completed his 100 mile walk in 21:13:08 in 1979. Amazingly, this is his first ultra since then but he is fit
and may surprise. Welcome back to Terry.

57 SKRUCANY, Rudolf 50 24h Walk Rudolf is competing in his first ultra. He crewed at the Colac 6 Day event and now wants to have a go himself. Well done.

58 SKINNER, Deryck 73 24H Walk Deryck became Australian Centurion 51 with an astonishing walk in the
2005 Sri Chinmoy. Aged 72 years, he completed the 100 miles in 22:39:55
to set a whole swag of new Australian M70 running and walking records.
Don't be surprised to see him improve on that performance this year.

61 CARTER, Ken 53 12H Walk This Coburg athlete is a regular competitor in the walk, winning the 2005 12 Hour Walk and coming second in the same event in 2004.
62 CHOMYN, Sharon 47 12H Walk Sharon is a relative new comer to ultra distance events, having a best distance of 40 km in 6 hours. This year she will up the ante and contest the
24 hour walk and hopes to achieve a distance of 100 km.

63 JACK, Clarrie 60 12H Walk Clarrie is one of Australia's most experienced ultra distance walkers, being Australian Centurion No 4 (1971 – 20:39:45). He also holds the Australian
Open Record for the 50 mile walk with a time of 7:57:57, set in 1979.

64 JACKSON, Ross 46 12H Walk Ross completed the 100 k walk in the 2000 Australian Centurion event in an excellent time of 13:21:3. He is back after a 5 year break and doing the
12 Hour walk this time. He will be hard to beat.

65 TURNER, Gary 52 12H Walk First time ultra competitor. Has run 38 km in 6 hours and has walked a marathon. A major jump for our event as Gary tries himself out over the 12
hour timeframe.


68 BAIRD, Carol 57 6H Walk A A regular in this event, Carol is class act. Holds all Australian Open Ultra walk records. Holds various Ultra age group running records. Has a large
number of big 24H totals to her credit both running and walking. Is doing
the 6H walk this year and then crewing for the other Canberra based

69 JORDAN, Stephen 49 6H Walk B First time competitor in 2005 when he won the 6 Hour Walk with 43.6 km. Back again in 2006.

71 MISKIN, Ellwyn 76 6H Walk A A regular in the 6H walk. Ellwyn will walk with Stan for the first 6 hours and then support him for the remainder of the 24 hours. Now that takes

72 PROUDFOOT,Gordon 62 6H Walk B A stalwart of the Coburg club and a regular runner, Gordon will be attempting his first ultra with a 6 Hour walk

73 WHYTE, Robin 64 6H Walk A Robin is a three times Australian centurion (1996, 1999, 2000) and a holder of a whole swathe of age group walking records. Has walked the
100 miles in 20:37:12. Is having a well earned rest this year and just doing
the 6 hour walk.

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