Wednesday, April 19, 2006

150 mile race for Illinois

2007 will bring a 150 Mile Race to IL


This weekend has brought the conclusion of the 2006 McNaughton Park
Trail Runs. We have heard many stories and applaud everyone's efforts.
This race is turning into a world-class event.=20

Is it time to discuss the 2007 event? It will take place April 14-15 in
Pekin, IL. The 30-miler is no longer an option. To fill this void, Andy
Weinberg (the RD) has agreed to add a 150-mile option as part of the
race. The entries for the 150 miler are unlimited. The race will be held during the same 36 hours that the 50 and 100 Milers are run and on the same course. (If you don't know this is a 10-mile looped course.)

Andy has also stated that he would open the course Friday evening, April13 to allow 48 hours to complete the 150 miles if anyone wanted.

The entry fee will be $150.  The webpage will be ready mid May:

All the Best-
Ryan Dexter
Madison, WI

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