Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New CR at Stevens Creek 50km

New CR at Stevens Creek 50K

On a day when a rain-engorged Stevens Creek had to be slowly forded at mid-thigh (previous 20 years were ankle deep at worst), Kensington's Lon Freeman set a new course record by eight  minutes with a fine 4:27:25, and Bev Anderson-Abbs became the first repeat winner, edging out Beth Vitalis despite a wrong turn. Adam Ray, Joe Swenson, and Georgia Gibbon rounded out the top three in the Stevens Creek 50K on Saturday.

DNFs took their highest toll in the history of the race, but six runners  - Andy Black, Wally Hesseltine, Jim Magill, Dave Wright, Kap'n Kirk Boisseree, and R.D. Steve Patt - became five time finishers in this fifth running of the race. Kirk did have to start the race 24 hours late in order to accomplish that after mismarking his calendar; fortunately he encountered an understanding R.D.

Full results are here:

Steve Patt, R.D.

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