Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Needed info from Ultrarunning Magazine

Needed: info from UltraRunning magazine, 1996

Gary Wang and I have almost finished compiling results
for all editions of the White River 50 from 1993 (the
first year it was held) to the present, and Gary has
put these data into his cool database-driven website, The one thing we're missing is the
first names of finishers of the 1996 race. (Right now
we only have first initials.) If anyone still has
copies of UltraRunning from summer/fall 1996 (the race
was probably in late July) and is willing to dig out
those first names for us, please email me. You could
take what we currently have (see
and add in the first names, or you could just scan in
the relevant results page and email it to me as a PDF
file or whatever....

Thanks very much!

Greg Crowther
(webmaster for White River 50)

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