Friday, May 12, 2006

Heels on Fire

Ever thought what it would be like to run over 600 km in a month through the Indian state of Kerala that the National Geographic describes as one of the ten paradises on earth? The chronicles of an insane plan and the adventures of Peter Dulvy - a runner, Desmond Roberts - a photographer and Rahul Noble Singh - a writer. They are giving themselves 30 days to complete the route. Peter on his feet and the others capturing the adventure and life along the way through images and words.

1 comment:

mannmahee said...

i know how it feels about running through this paradise on earth. i do that every morning.
but your insane plan sounds great. So who's the craziest of you all, the runner, the shutterbug or the writer? really your heels are on fire. ALL MY BEST WISHES FOR THE RUN UNDER OUR SCORCHING SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!