Sunday, May 07, 2006

Australian Double at New York

Congratulations to Sarah and Dipali


From web page:

Day 10

The Eleventh Annual Self-Transcendence Ten Day race was won by Rimas Jakelaitis,51, from Brooklyn,NY. with 665 miles, his fifth win of the Ten in the history of the race. Hard-charging Vladimir Balatsky took secnd place honors with 653 miles, the farthest he has ever run. Canadian veteran Trishul Cherns placed third with 640 miles.

For the women, Sarah Barnett from Adelaide,Australia won with 611 miles. Defending champion Nataliya Hlushchuk finished second with 600 miles. Fifty-nine year old Karnayati Morison eked out third place by one minute over Pratishruti Khisamoutdinova,62, from Russia with 543 miles.

The 21 runners who stayed for the duration of the race were blessed with good weather which helped performances. Only one runner did not reach at least 400 miles.

Day 6-Six Day

Dipali Cunningham,47, from Melbourne,Australia won the ninth Annual Self-Transcendence Six Day Race overall, with a 458 mile effort. Kaneenika Janakova,36, from Bratislava,Slovakia finished second overall with 422 miles, her personal best and a new national record for women. Friederike Makowka from Geneva,Switzerland took third place with 354 miles.

In the men’s race, Glen Turner,46, from Boulder,Colorado led with 421 miles, followed by Bob Oberkehr with 403 miles, and third place went to Mark Dorion,46, from El Paso,Texas who reached 383 miles, another personal best.

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