Monday, April 10, 2006

iditarod trail - in the news
Local tidbits:
Ma Nature served up a good ol' fashioned Alaskan winter for a couple weeks
along the Iditarod.
Here's the daily reports (not as dramatic after the fact, since we know the
outcomes now)
It was snowing sufficiently hard at the start, that all the bikers had to
walk their bikes across the lake - couldn't get enough traction in the
loose snow on top of ice, but apparently were able to ride once they hit
the trail on the far side. All racers - foot, ski, bike - were in view for
a fairly long time at the start, as all the spectators observed. I did a
little snowshoe running about 30 min after the start, and their tracks were
rapidly being buried in snow. I guess it was an omen of things to come. (A
friend of mine builds the fat-tire bikes and was biking the race, but
turned back at the pass. The RD and his wife are members of one of our
local trail groups and made it to McGrath via bike.)
Local news coverage:
You have to be aware of the avalanche danger in Rainy Pass preceding and
during the race.
Local flavor:
(I think you may need to register for the pictures to appear)

The mushers had a rough time of it also, with the sled dogs starting 1 wk
after this race started.
Rosie Pope Swale also had some unintended adventure

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