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McDonald Forest 50K

McDonald Forest 50K Results - Corvallis, Oregon

Mac Forest 50K - 11 Years, 22 Different Winners            
Ken Ward, Rookie RD

The tradition continues.  For the eleven McDonald Forest 50K's held in
Corvallis, Oregon, the course has never been the same twice.  We like to say there are 22 course records.  Likewise, no man or woman has ever won the race more than once.  This year, John Ticer, 49, from Eugene, and Penny McDermott, 31 of Corvallis were added to the long list of winners.  The infamously muddy Mac course was tame this year, completely dry under a beautiful 70 degree bright Northwest sun.  The flowers were spectacular, the snowy Three Sisters were viewed,
and everybody was having good fun.

This was the first year the Mac had to be put on without the infinite wisdom of the founder Clem LaCava.  Father Clem retired after last year's race nearly did him in, and we tried to carry on Clem's race as best we could.  The good news was that Clem got to run his race again, and see the enthusiastic high school volunteers around the course.  Even though you can take the director out of the race, you can't take the race out of the director.  In the weeks before the race, Clem again devoted countless hours to helping us try to take this on.  As the 16th largest ultra in the US last year, it probably was a poor race
to choose for a first time director.  Clem made that so much easier.

In the men's race, John Ticer was unbelievable.  Dustin Gilbert of Seattle, and Matt Daniels of Corvallis, had a several minute lead at mile 20.  The wily veteran Ticer just laid back cooly to let the boys have their fun.  At mile 27, John took it up a notch, passing the leader Dustin like he was strolling along.  Dustin later said, "since I'd been resting a little before John went by, I decided to tuck in behind him for awhile and see if he'd tire out.  Then I looked at my heart rate and it was 180.  That was a little too much to maintain."  On overhearing this, John Ticer just said "Ken, if my heart rate was 180 I'd be dead."  I said, "But John, your legs would still be flying."  If anyone thought John would be slowing down, they don't know John too well.  In just those last five miles, John ended up winning by almost five minutes.

In the women's race, Maine transplant and new Corvallisite Penny McDermott won in just her second ultra.  She also passed the front runner, Vaia Errett of Bozeman, Montana, with a few miles to go and won by just 45 seconds, coming in 14th overall.  Although the course was easier than last year's monster, the 6,500 feet of elevation gain still makes a very challenging 50K, as shown by the 4:29 winning time in an extremely competitive Northwest ultra field.  This year the Mac had it's first 70+ year old finisher, Bill Robbins of Corvallis,
who finished in a fantastic time of 6:54, well up at 109th in the field of 153 finishers.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a great time out there.  As always, the volunteers were awesome.  Montrail, Hammer and Sporthill provided great sponsorship.  At the finish, the homemade soup and pottery awards seemed appreciated, and the bluegrass band started a party that didn't stop until Clem's house
late at night with Big Steve Loitz cracking lawyer jokes like usual. The race is a benefit for local high school cross country teams, who have been given well over $20,000 by "Clem's Sultry Ultra".  Hope to see you all next year in sunny Oregon in early May for all our annual traditions at the Mac!

McDonald Forest 50K Preliminary Results    
Corvallis, Oregon
May 13, 2006
1.  John Ticer, 49                                             4:29:43
2.  Dustin Gilbert, 36, WA                                4:34:08
3.  Neil Olsen, 38                                             4:35:02
4.  Sean  Meissner, 32                                      4:36:22
5.  Tom Moritz, 36                                           4:40:07
6.  William Emerson, 42                                    4:47:35
7.  David Terry, 44                                           4:47:47
8.  Scott McCoubrey, 43, WA                         4:57:26
9.  Jason Hawthorne, 35                                   4:59:02
10.  Steve Smucker, 52                                    4:59:50
11.  Craig Ralstin, 47, WA                               5:03:36
12.  Cameron Hanes, 38                                   5:07:34
13.  Jason Moyer, 32                                       5:07:46
14.  Penny McDermott, 31                               5:09:45
15.  Mike Burke, 55                                         5:10:17
16.  Vaia Errett, 31, MT                                   5:10:27
17.  James Varner, 28, WA                              5:11:49
18.  Andrew Bryenton, 24                                5:16:16
19.  Art Renda, 44                                           5:16:58
20.  Tia Gabalita, 37                                         5:17:31

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