Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Peter Rietveld runs 25 Marathons in 25 Days

Peter Rietveld runs 25 marathons in 25 days.
Form Bregenz ro Bratislava.
For the benefit of people in acute need.
Join him on part of the route.

„I run for lives. Join me“

1. Run with Peter Rietveld
Any runner can join Peter on part of the route

2. Organise your own RUN FOR LIVES
Anywhere in Austria a runner can organise
his/her own RUN FOR LIVES.
Alone or with others. Or simply join an existing run
and dedicate it to RUN FOR LIVES.
Any kilometre run-wherever- can be dedicated and counts.

3. RUN FOR LIVES- Look for sponsors
Any runner looks for sponsors who are willing to spend
one Euro foe each km that he/she runs. The sponsors can
be found in their social surrounding.
(Family, friends, work, clibs etc.)

The registered male nurse Peter Rietveld is since 1994 with Doctors without Borders.
His missions took him eg, to Albania and Liberia, into the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Colombia, Afghanistan and Nepal. He has been running marathons for years.

Every kilometre is a contribution,,,, to the missions of Doctors without Borders
The more runners accompany Peter Rietveld – or run by themselves – and the more sponsors support them with one Euro per kilometre, the more people Doctors without Borders can treat and thus save from death.
Every Euro saves lives.
Already one Euro ensures a full daily ration for a malnourished child or enables the treatment of a child against malaria

Start of the RUN FOR LIVES is 15ht April 2006 in Bregenz. Passing Innsbruck, Zell am See, Salzburg, linz and St.Pöltenthe run will lead to Vienna.
Highlight of the run is the participation in the Vienna City Marathon the 7th May 2006.
Finish of the run is the 9th May in Bratislava.

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