Tuesday, February 28, 2006

25 years on the road

To friends and Family
In early March 1981 I spotted an article in the local paper for a fun run on
March 15th. I got out my Badminton shoes and decided to have a go. Since
then in training and events I have covered nearly 139,000 kilometres (87,000
miles). Incidentally I gave up Badminton and bought some joggers, and if you
didn't know a jogger is somebody that runs slower than you do.
All this means that next week I will have completed 25 years of running and
Race Walking (Heel Toe stuff). To celebrate those 25 years I am going to
compete in the Bunbury 24 hour event as a Race Walker. As always I have a
target and for this event I hope to walk over 80 kilometres (50 miles) in
those 12 hours. It is on grass which means it will not be easy but if I can
achieve my target I will train to compete as a walker in the November 2006
Colac 6 Day Race. The Bunbury event Starts at 5pm Saturday March 4th and I
will have as my Crew my wife Christine who has looked after me for 45 years
so has had plenty of training.
Will let you know how I go
George Audley

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