Sunday, March 05, 2006

McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race

Hi!  The McNaughton trail races are just 6 short weeks
away and, though I am recovering from last weekend's
Houston Ultra 24 hour event, I went out and got about
9 miles on the trails.  The trail is slick in spots,
due to the earth unfreezing.

I took my digital camera and got some shots of the
trail and placed them along with the trail description

Note that Andy, the race director, has gone soft on us
and is putting in a HUGE bridge at what used to be
stream crossing number two.  The 13 uphills per loop
are still there though.

If any local (central Illinois) types would be up for
a night run this coming Friday (10 March) starting
between 6 and 7 pm works for me.  I could be talked
into doing either the full 10 mile race loop or
perhaps the 7.5 miles that are part of the red trail.

Speaking of the Houston race, I've compiled several
personal race reports at the following link.  Most of
the stories are of the 24 hour walkers, but I've also
included a link to a runner who ran a sub 7 hour 100
km (that is 10 sub-42 minute 10K's, back to back!)  If
any  who get this have a Houston Ultra report to tell
and want it either placed in this page or linked to
from this page, let me know.

It is amazing how much extra time one has on their
hands when one skips their usual long workout...:-)


ollie nanyes
peoria, Illinois

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