Sunday, March 05, 2006

Common ground - Volunteers

Common ground - volunteers

Hey all,

    Seem to have a lappup rather than a laptop or lap dancer now.
Sojourn and these posts remind me of how especial volunteers
are for ultras. You don't abuse a pup and you don't abuse a
volunteer. You tell them over and over how special they are. You
listen when they chew on your finger or  bend your ear. You give
them the best.
    One thing I've found about volunteers, especially the new ones,
is that they enjoy being out there seeing and helping the runners.
They seem to not suffer if the conditions are less than ideal; instead
they are fascinated by some of the runners who take time to say
thanks and talk. Maybe I'm lucky to find a few people who enjoy
being out there. They don't owe me anything, but are there in
friendship and enjoying being part. They enjoy giving and always
seem to have fond stories to tell about how the runners were so
kind and fun...

* The best volunteers are the ones who enjoy being there.
* The best way to thank a volunteer is to make them feel special.
* Explain to them that ultrarunning is different and fun.
* The volunteers will enjoy if they get to meet the runners who are so
* Make sure they have everything so the day doesn't suck.
* Simply don't allow any runner to abuse a volunteer.
* Volunteering more make them more likely to run more.
* They do have their lives, and are sacrificing their time. Make sure
you acknowledge that and work with them to not use them. You owe
them, and not vice versa.
* If you want to show gratitude and respect to the volunteers, then
give them your complete support, listen to them, and make them
know your "Thank you" is sincere.
* At a supported run, there isn't anything more important than the

Herb Hedgecock

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