Saturday, February 04, 2006

Arun Bhardwaj completes 1000km Solo

My dear friends,
I am Arun here on Suman's computer.
Run is finished at 4.40 PM.
Thank you very much from all your support throughout the Run. It was a fantastic Run. You all were giving energy to me. The great share of this Run goes to my experience gained during Australian Six Days Race 2005, and running with Yiannis and seeing him. The only reason to run in that race was to see Yiannis running with a world record and how he does it. That was a learning class for me. Also Vlastik's running was also in my mind during tough stretches.
I will try to write a few lines on this Run and send to you.
With regards,
- Arun Kumar Bhardwaj, who appreciates you very much

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