Monday, January 30, 2006

Arun Bhardwaj completed over 500km

Dear friends,
After starting from Delhi on 24th Jan at 1.45 PM , I have arrived here in Lucknow at Kendriya Bhavan, Aliganj at 9.45AM after covering about 515 km. Inspector General of Lucknow presided the reception gathering. The back legofthe run is scheduled to start at today.
I am totally injury free.As for hip and knee (left) pain it is the part of it and I am enjoying the run. I walked a lot during the first leg . Now my spirit says that I can cover 160 km on the first day.
Suman will keep you informed . (our one phone was stolen during the way in a mechanic shop) and other was not working because there was no power throughout the all way to chargethe batteries. This time we are taking some extra batteries and will be able to givethe information to Suman on regular basis.
- Arun

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