Thursday, January 12, 2006

LOUTRAKI 7-day race

Loutraki is an excellent small town build-up by the sea-side 80KM from Athens . The municipality of Loutraki is willing to cover all expenses for the participating runners (including hotel for four nights and two dinners; breakfast is also included). Mineral water, istotonic drinks, food etc. during the race (plus medical stuff) will be also covered.

Arrival date will be March 31 and transport to Loutraki will take place 16.00 on the same day from Panathinaikon stadium by private cars. On Saturday, April 1 at 19.00 we shall begin the race which will be terminated on Saturday, April 8. Next day, on Sunday April 9, in the evening we shall have the usual ceremony for the first three winners and finishers (cups and medals respectively) followed by a special meal.

Every athlete has to perform minimum 60Km per day. We speculate for maximum 15 runners to participate which will fulfil the expectations of such a race. Τ he event will be electronically controlled by microchips which will automatically count each athlete's rounds. There will be also international transmition via Internet. The race will be recognized by the International Association of Ultra Runners.

The Athlets may bring their own tents. 2-3 hot-meals will be provided per day. Deadline for application is: January 15 2006.

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