Wednesday, January 11, 2006

48hr World Road record for Kouros

According to the IAU web site, the old 48hr WR for road was held by Paul Beckers in Belgium who ran 410.22km in 1998. So well done Yiannis Kouros on another World Record which was set at the Across the Years event in Arizona with 413.5km. (This of course will have to ratified by the IAU yet)


Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 00:17:34 -0700
From: Lynn David Newton
Subject: Kouros record?

ak> I heard that Yiannis Kouros set a record for his
ak> 48 hour split during the race. Can anyone tell
ak> what the new record is? Thanks

Kouros' 48-hour split was 413.5 kilometers (256.937
miles), actually finished at 47:47:25 into the race. I
don't know why he didn't knock off a couple more laps,
when he was averaging about 5:30 laps at that time. (A
moderate walk.) His next crossing after that was not
for another 16 minutes. (Probably wanted to stay out of
the way of the people starting the third day, most of
whom shot out of the chute too fast, especially the
young first-timers.)

I have two or three pretty good pictures of Kouros
crossing that record-breaking lap. I'm working on all
the picture archives now and they will be up on the
site in three or four days.

Meanwhile, you can view the final results and also the
complete lap splits of any runner.

Lynn David Newton
Phoenix, AZ
ATY Webmaster
(also historian and record keeper)

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